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Widow Clicquot by Zimenko

Widow Clicquot by Zimenko

The design project, entitled “Widow Clicquot,” was developed by Ukrainian Design Studio Yuri Zimenko for a young girl from the Fashion industry.

The apartments of this project are located in the center of Kiev – LCD “Chicago Central House”, where the view from the windows dictated to do something unusual and a little crazy!

We gladly began to work on this project. Inspired by the Milan Fashion Show 2019, we came up with the idea to create a similar interior that would not look like more than one interior made earlier that would be in tune with our customer.

The client was ready for any experiments and the only wish was – a love of gold and designer furniture. What we happily helped her with – says designer Yuri Zimenko.

In these apartments, we tried to include the maximum number of authoring developments and techniques in the construction of the space.

Having proposed the concept of apartments to our customer, she accepted the project without corrections and even fell in love with it.

All existing furniture in this design project is the author’s development of interior designer Yuri Zimenko, who, in his spare time, is engaged in the development of furniture for furniture factories of the world.

Interior Design: Yuriy Zimenko
Designer: Yuri Zimenko
Visualizer: Vlad Yukhimchuk
Start of development: March 2019
End of implementation: February 2021
Location: LCD Chicago Central House
Property Area: 220 m2

About Yuriy Zimenko

Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko was organized by designer Yuriy Zimenko more than fifteen years ago in Kiev.

  • We work in the following directions:
  • interior design;
  • architectural projecting;
  • the decorative design of interior;
  • creation of custom’s object design;
  • best practice and assistance in the selection of art objects in the interior

The studio is distinguished by prestigious awards:

  • 2015, the Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko won in an international competition – International Property Award – one of the most respected and prestigious in the sphere of real estate. Having sidestepped a lot of worthy rivals, Ukrainian studio won the highest award of the International Property Award – «Five stars» – in the segment «BEST INTERIOR DESIGN APARTMENT».
  • 2015 and 2013 – Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko won in ART SPACE competition. – 2016, the prestigious international publishing house ART POWER published a book DESIGN ART OF VILLA 4, which includes works of architecture and design studios from thirty countries. Design Studio of Yuriy Zimenko joined his rank with its object “Walnut and gray”, to which was devoted a record number of pages in the book – ten spreads!
  • 2018 Participation in the British interior competition SBID, where he entered the top ten best modern interiors.
  • 2019 presented in the international arena in Paris – the author’s furniture “Op-Art”
  • 2019 jury member of the Ukrainian interior contest ART SPACE.
    Yuriy Zimenko is a member of the jury of the international competition Get to the Top, organized by the International Association of British design SBID.
  • 2019 Member of the jury of ELLE Decoration International Design Awards Ukraine 2019. Where the works of both Ukrainian and foreign designers will be considered! The competition is attended by architectural bureaus, interior design studios, designers of subject design.
  • 2019 created a personal line of designer carpets for the Swedish company Vandra Rugs. Carpets will be presented in New York at an exhibition of furniture and design. This collection of carpets from a design studio is sold worldwide.