Flamenco House by BZP Architecture

Flamenco House - BZP Architecture

Designed to accommodate a young couple with two kids, Flamenco House, located in the city of São Paulo, integrates the garden to the social area through large aluminum and glass sliding frames that enable transparency, complete exposure of the spaces and the infusion of the tropical green.

Light walnut panels enhance the hallway – which visually connects the front garden to the recreational areas, at the back of the plot, making the spaces integrated and reversible.

Natural materials, such as stone and rustic granite, and the decks, wooden panels, and brise soleils constitute the volumetry and assure privacy and natural ventilation. We use bioclimatic strategies, such as green slabs for landscaping, protective films on glass panels, and photovoltaic panels, absorbing solar energy and converting it into heat, heating up the water from faucets and showerheads. We have built a cross-ventilation system to increase the climatic comfort and to enhance air circulation in the spaces, therefore reducing the use of air conditioners. Water recycling is done through a rainwater collecting cistern used in the irrigation of the garden.

Flamenco House, boasting 1,300 m2 of built area, is divided into three stories: On the first one, the ground floor, you will find the social areas, living room, office, home theater, and the landscape composed of the pool located beside the house, surrounded by several tropical plants. On the second one, the upper floor, you can find the en-suite bedrooms and family rooms covered by brise soleils made of natural wood. The third one, the basement, is where the technical area, laundry room, and the garage are located. The recreational area is concentrated on the shed where there is a toy library, a fitness room and, lastly, a sauna.

Specifications and credits:
Architecture: BZP Architecture
Area: 1,300 m2
Implementation: Fairbanks & Pilnik
Photos: Tuca Reines
Landscape design: Rodrigo Oliveira
Lighting design: Rodrigo Jardim
Structural design: Pedro Telecki
Electrical wiring and hydraulics design: Grau Engenharia
Awards: 1st place in the Abilux Awards 2017, residential

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