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17 Lovely Small Accent Table Picks

Compact wood corner accent table.

Accent tables, both big and small accent tables, offer both aesthetic and functional benefits to a room. They help fill a space while offering a place to put a plant, books, vase or other decorative items.

What’s the difference between an accent table and end table?

An end table is placed at the end of or beside seating furniture such as a sofa or chair.

An accent table, on the other hand, can be placed anywhere for many purposes, not specifically for adjacent to some form of seating. For example, they can be placed against the wall, in a corner, next to a bookshelf… really anywhere that looks good.

Is a compact accent table worth getting?

A small accent table can often be better than a large one because usually there’s a small space that needs something and this type of small furniture is a perfect option to fill the empty space.

There are so many great options to choose from. Below we set out 11 very different examples for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms (but in reality they can be used in any room).

1. Small White Accent Table

Below is an example of a simple white square small accent table with 2 shelves plus the top for storing items.

White square accent table with shevles

Source: Wayfair

2. Compact Black Accent Table

Here’s a photo of an elegant round compact black accent table.

Small black round accent table.

Source: Hayneedle

3. Gold Table Idea

Go ornate with gold. Below are example of gold accent tables which can add some glam to your room.

Small gold round accent table.

Source: Wayfair

4. Round Example

Round is a very popular shape for accent tables as you’ll see through our many collections on this page. Here’s a decorative round example made of wood.

Elegant round wooden accent table.

Source: Hayneedle

5. Square

I like square tables because they sit flush against a wall but can also look good butted up against pretty much anything.

Small square accent table with drawer.

Source: Wayfair

6. Rectangle Accent Table

A long rectangle accent table soon becomes a console table. Smaller models make for great end or accent tables in the living room, family room, bedroom or even dining room.

Compact rectangle accent table.

Source: Hayneedle

7. Half-Moon

The half-moon accent table is a great pick because it blends nicely into a room by sitting flush against a wall. These are particularly good as foyer tables. The only downside is they must sit flush against something such as a wall or end of a chair/sofa. They don’t look good on their own in the middle of the room.

Small half-moon accent table with drawers.

Source: Wayfair

8. Metal

Metal offers intricate design as you can see from the example below.

Compact metal accent table

Source: Hayneedle

9. Wood

Wood is the most commonly used material for these decorative tables. Check out the unique designs below to see what’s possible.

Custom small wood accent table

Source: Wayfair

10. Glass-Topped Accent Table

I’m not too fond of glass-topped tables of any kind, but many people are. Here are some examples.

Mini glass-topped accent table.

Source: Hayneedle

11. Small Accent Table with a Drawer

Small drawers offer additional storage and they look great.

Small square accent table with a drawer

Source: Wayfair

12. Corner Design

The corner accent table is a great way to dress up an empty corner in the room. I like these space-saving types of furniture.

Small corner accent table with a drawer and lower shelf.

Source: Hayneedle

13. Accent Table with Storage

Some offer more than just a drawer or shelf. Some are storage units.

Small round accent table with storage

Source: Wayfair

14. Pedestal Design

The most common bases are 4 legs and pedestal bases. Here’s a collection of small accent tables with a pedestal base.

Small round pedestal accent table

Source: Wayfair

15. Small Living Room Accent Table

Go2Buy Wood Accent Side End Table

Small wood square accent table for the living roomThis stylish piece of furniture is only 24 inches in height. That makes it a great pairing for almost any sofa. The accent table leaves enough room on top for a lamp. You can also display your recent book purchases on top of the table.

Although it’s more of a decorative piece, this one comes with a bottom shelf too. The low bottom shelf is 11.8 by 11.8 inches and it’s great if you want to showcase a vase.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The top board holds up to 22lb and the bottom shelf holds 11lb


  • Only comes in espresso finish

The side end table from Go2Buy is one of those small accent tables that have a simplistic design. It’s the simplicity that makes it a fitting addition to any modern living room. Although it’s small, the two boards give it impressive storage and display capacity.

Buy at Amazon

Alcott Hill Riley Round Accent Table

Small round wood accent table for the living room.The Alcott Hill Riley accent table has a beautiful hexagonal pattern in the middle of the top board. This makes the table blend in with vintage furniture. You don’t even have to place anything on top if you don’t want to hide the design.


  • Has two boards for storage
  • Made of high quality wood
  • Doesn’t require assembly


  • The second board is too small to fit anything much bigger than a cell-phone

Small accent tables can be very useful despite their compact designs. This Alcott Hill model offers you enough room to keep your phone, keys and maybe some pictures. It’s a stylish table on which you can set down a picture of your in-laws, should they come visiting unannounced.

Buy at Wayfair

Zipcode Design Rita Round Accent Table

Colorful yellow compact round accent table for the living room.This 22.5-inch tall accent table brings joy to a living room. Its yellow finish brightens up a room and makes it more inviting. Although it seems childish to some, it is sturdy considering it’s made out of rubberwood and supports up to 25lb.

The diameter of the top board is almost 20 inches which is enough room for books, magazines or your coffee mug and after dinner sweets. If your room is decorated in bright colors, make sure to tell your guests it’s an accent table and not a chair.


  • Sturdy and playful design
  • Fits modern living rooms and children’s bedrooms


  • Doesn’t have a secondary board for storing small trinkets

Not all small accent tables have to look like out of the Godfather movies. This yellow glossy accent table is a great choice for anyone with a fun and outgoing personality and a living room that matches it.

Buy at Wayfair

Monarch Specialties Accent Table with Chrome Base

Modern white and chrome rectangle accent tableSmall accent tables rarely come more durable than this one. While a chrome base may not fit in just any living room, it does make the product more long-lasting. The gloss white table top complements the chrome and turns the accent table into a stylish contemporary piece of furniture.

The 18 by 10 inches table top offers sufficient space for a couple of glasses during a party. If you want to be fancier, you can place your cheese sample plates and a wine bottle on it. The table is 25 inches tall which means the average person doesn’t have to bend too much to reach it.


  • Durable chrome base
  • Functional and highly versatile


  • Assembly is required
  • The design doesn’t go with a wide range of living room décors

The stability that comes from the chrome base also makes this accent table a neat place for cats to hang out. The dimensions will fit most lazy housecats. Just keep in mind that the table top is not scratch-free.

Buy at Houzz

East at Main Kenton Teakwood Round Accent Table

Small round rustic accent tableYou can’t get a more natural look than this handcrafted teakwood accent table. It looks rugged and yet it’s polished. It makes you feel like you’re outside, perhaps in a forest.

Its 20-inch height makes it a good side table. The round table top is 14 by 14 inches which is enough room for your TV guide, drink and remote. It also supports quite a few pounds which means you can place coasters under your drink too.


  • Made from natural teakwood
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • There is a bit of contrast between the table top color and the legs

This accent table really has a unique look. It has the ability to turn your living room into a more inviting place. If that doesn’t work, you can always use it on the patio or in the garden.

Buy at Amazon

16. Small Dining Room Accent Table

Small Accent Table by Coaster Fine Furniture

Elegant round compact accent table with glass top and wooden pedestal baseSometimes small accent tables are a pain to clean. If you plan on using one in the dining area, then tea and coffee are bound to spill on the table top from time to time. The glass top on this model will save you a lot of time in the long-run.

The 15.75” by 15.75” top surface will let you entertain one or two guests in your small dining area. It’s enough to hold three cups or mugs comfortably. The table is also easy to reach given that it’s 21.25 inches tall.


  • Easier to clean than wooden top small accent tables
  • Stylish cappuccino colored base
  • Fits in any small room


  • As simple as it may be, it still requires assembly
  • Not as durable as an all-wood accent table

The chic cappuccino color makes this table look pricier than it is. This is great if you want to up the status of your tiny dining area. Most importantly though, the table is practical and due to its size, it fits in any home.

Buy at Houzz

Leick Corner Accent Table

Corner compact wood accent table with small drawer and lower shelfOften time small accent tables have the ability to provide multiple uses despite their size. A good example of this is the Leick corner accent table. The design of this hardwood corner table offers you three storage options.

You have a top board, a bottom shelf and a small drawer underneath the top board. The whole table is 16 by 16 inches and features a right-angled design. Because it’s made to fit in unused corners the table is slightly taller than other models at a little over 30 inches in height.


  • The solid wood design makes the table highly durable
  • Has a nice vintage finish
  • Has extra storage space thanks to the bottom shelf and the drawer


  • Only works well in corners
  • You have to manually attach the legs to the table top

Corners make it hard for regular accent tables to fit. If you don’t want to put a tall lamp in a corner or grow a spider colony, you might want to consider this auburn finish corner table from Leick Furniture.

Buy at Amazon

Cotton Craft Jaipur Hand-Carved Accent Coffee Table

Small ornate wooden round accent table.What most small accent tables have in common is that everything you put on them is on display. This hand-carved model from Cotton Craft has four folding panels that let you hide your trinkets.

The leafy shapes on the sides and on the edge of the table top give the table a vintage look. The use of solid mango wood gives the table enough durability to support almost 50 pounds. It’s impressive that a piece of furniture so robust is only 18 by 18 inches.


  • Very durable
  • Provides out-of-sight storage
  • Has a nice antique brown color


  • Requires assembly of the panels
  • It is wider than your average small accent tables

Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. If you want to hide yours from potential guests, the Cotton Craft Jaipur accent table is up to the task.

Buy at Amazon

17. Compact Bedroom Accent Table

Windsome Sasha Round Accent Table

Small contemporary round accent table for the bedroom.If you want to go outside the norm of square nightstands, why not pick out a round accent table? The 20 by 20 inches table top is enough to place your lamp, phone and favorite book. If you’re primary of the remote, you can keep that on it too.

You have extra storage space on the bottom shelf and in the drawer. The cappuccino finish will make your bedroom look classier. The top is easy to reach while lying down seeing as its only 27 inches above the ground.


  • Has a spacious table top
  • Good height to keep your reading lamp at
  • Made to last with solid and composite wood


  • The drawer doesn’t hold much inside

If you don’t have anything to hide, then you won’t mind the open storage space. The bottom shelf can support most of your books. At the same time, the table top offers the surface area you need to keep a lamp, a phone charger, and a tablet.

Buy at Hayneedle

DecMode Round Marble Accent Table

Small round marble-top accent table.The combination of iron and marble makes this table an interesting piece of décor. Unlike most small accent tables this one doesn’t come with additional storage space. On that note, it would be a shame to take away from its beauty by slapping a shelf underneath the table top.

It stands at 23 inches tall. This makes it multi-purpose in the bedroom as you can place it almost anywhere. It can double as a nightstand if you don’t need the storage. You can also place it next to a dresser or have it by the side of your chair.


  • Very durable legs and table top
  • Has an uncommon traditional design
  • The table top is spacious and easy to reach


  • Doesn’t have extra storage space
  • May be hard to fit in a modern bedroom decor

The marble top does look old-fashioned, but it works with the spiraled legs pattern. This is definitely a unique item designed to draw attention. So, you might want to be careful about what you put up for display on top of it.

Buy at Hayneedle

Finley Home Tucker Accent Table

White compact round accent table with lower and upper shelfThe dual display accent table from Finley Home fits in any bedroom. It comes in three different finishes carefully chosen to match the most popular furniture styles. It can be classy, traditional or modern, and the curvy legs give it an eye-catching feature as well.

The top is 18 by 18 inches which is great if you want to place a vase and a few other knick-knacks on it. It can also hold your favorite book and a cup of tea. The bottom shelf can serve as a storage space or as a display.


  • Fits in any small bedroom
  • Very sturdy all-wood design
  • You have three choices of finish


  • It weighs 25lb which makes it harder to move around compared to other small accent tables
  • Doesn’t have a hidden storage compartment

If you’re a fan of curves you will appreciate the design of the Finley Home Tucker accent table. It can last you a lifetime and it blends into almost any bedroom décor.

Buy at Hayneedle


Small accent tables come in many shapes and sizes, and they can serve different purposes depending on the room you pick them for. What is common in their design, regardless of manufacturer, is that they don’t take up much space.

Most of these items are best suited for small rooms. They don’t get in the way of you walking around but they also don’t get lost in the background. A great accent table needs to draw attention to it and whatever you want to display on top. At the very least it should complement your appliances, memorabilia, or whatever else you decide to use it for.

Since most popular accent tables are made of wood, with a few exceptions, you need to provide proper maintenance. The materials are durable, but the finish is easily ruined if you’re not careful. That being said, some of them have amazing designs that give the table more value when uncovered.

The beauty of shopping for an accent table is that they are versatile in utility and placement. Just because you buy one from the bedroom section doesn’t mean it won’t fit just as well in a dining room. The category label on an accent table matters less than your home décor.

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