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9 Excellent Small Bedside Tables

Primary bedroom with small bedside table.

While a small bedside table isn’t a necessity, it’s sure nice to have one for glasses, a clock, lamp, watch, a place for book and/or devices and other items one may place before sleeping.

What you may not know is that there are 3 main different types of bedside tables:  bedside chests, cabinets, and nightstands.

This gallery showcases several of each type offering a variety of materials, storage options, and shapes to give you an idea about each possible type you can buy.

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A. Small Bedside Chests

1. Lark Manor Corbeil 2-Drawer Nightstand

Lark manor corbeil 2-drawer nightstand with decorative molding and light oak color.

Small bedside tables make for perfect bedroom storage elements. The rectangle 2-drawer Corbeil from Lark Manor has plenty of surface space for a lamp and other knick-knacks. It also has enough hidden storage space for you to keep your gadgets, toiletries and anything else you don’t want on display. This handsome piece is also a bedside table with drawers.

The drawers are 13 inches wide, 12.5 inches deep and 4 inches tall. That gives you sufficient storage for a nightstand. The metallic handles complement the classic wood finish really well.

The one downside to this model is the unfinished back of the nightstand. Although there’s almost no reason why you would that area on display, it is worth mentioning. It certainly won’t work against glass walls.

Overall the combination of classic French design and numerous available finishes make for a fine bedroom addition. It works just as great in a modern décor as in an antique type setting.


  • No assembly required
  • Cherrywood (not particle board)


  • Fairly overpriced considering the small size

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2. Picket House Furnishings Channing 2-Drawer Nightstand

Cherry-colored picket house furnishings channing 2-drawer nightstand with solid pine and engineered wood construction.

This design is more focused on storage than anything else. Its dimensions of 28 by 17 by 28 inches still make it a small dresser. Even so, almost all of that space is used for the drawers.

You don’t have enough room to keep sheets inside, but it is enough for pajamas, underwear and anything else you might need close by. On top of the nightstand, you have just enough space to keep your favorite book, a warm beverage, and your daily gadgets.

The 28-inch height also makes the dresser a good spot for reading light. The multiple uses and strong wood frame of this design result in a great overall small dresser. The warm cherry finish just gives it the extra zing it needs to fit in classic bedroom décor.


  • Solid wood and very sturdy
  • Elegant wood grain


  • Strange smell; goes away after a while

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3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Juararo Nightstand

Ashley furniture signature design juararo nightstand rectangular-shaped with dark brown color.

The 2-drawer Juararo from Ashley is a sturdy piece of furniture with a warm, rustic finish. It complements any vintage bedroom décor, but it can make its way into a modern bedroom too.

As it is with most small bedside tables, this one comes pre-assembled. All you have to do on your own is to attach the handles. What’s cool about the design is that it allows you to change the standard handles with new ones without modification.

It is almost 30 inches in height which makes it a great nightstand for king-size beds. The drawers are different in size. The top drawer is smaller and most suited for amenities and gadgets. The bottom drawer, the one with two handles, can hold clothes, underwear and even sheets because it has more room.


  • Fully assembled; just have to screw in handles
  • Solid construction


  • Drawers don’t slide too easily

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B. Compact Bedside Cabinets

1. Verdugo Gift Co Nantucket Storage Cabinet Nightstand

White-colored verdugo bift co. nantucket storage cabinet nightstand perfect for small corner of the room.

Although it takes a few minutes to assemble, this white nightstand is worth the extra work. It looks simplistic which helps it blend into almost any room. It has open storage and closed storage space which allows it to hold different items.

You can place a lamp on top of the nightstand. There is room for your favorite gadgets on the open shelf for easy access. Your favorite cat can fit inside too. The closed cabinet is sectioned into three shelves which can hold your undergarments, toiletries, or that secret magazine stash.

The beauty of this piece of furniture is that it is truly part of the small bedside tables. Its 13 inches width may not be enough of a spread for all your daily accessories, but it is more than enough for a guest. You can easily fit this nightstand in a spare bedroom and load it up with a few amenities or put it in a child’s room.


  • Built for small spaces
  • Easy to assemble


  • Quite flimsy

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2. Beachcrest Home Gallinas 1-Drawer Nightstand

Beachcrest Home Gallinas 1-Drawer Nightstand with stylish silver knob and beautiful finish.

This cabinet and drawer combo has the looks and the storage space to be one of the best small bedside tables. The rich wood veneer catches your eye instantly and the silver knobs help keep the design simple. It’s what makes it a good fit for almost any room in the house.

What’s cool about the hardware is that it is easy to change. The knobs are screwed in, so you can replace them at any point. However, if you want to make changes, try to keep it true to its classic design. Don’t mix and match with your handles.

The top surface is not too wide, but it will hold at least a lamp or a vase with some room to spare. If you want to use it in the hallway, it’s a good place to keep your keys, mail, and a phone charger. The top drawer slides easily and it can hold all your gadgets.

The cabinet itself takes up about three-quarters of the total storage space. This makes it spacious enough to store whatever it is you want to be hidden from sight. All in all, it has all the features required of good small bedside tables.


  • Don’t even have to read the manual; super easy to put together
  • Very sturdy for a small bedside nightstand


  • Drawers are tight to open (rub some soap on the railings)

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3. Alexandra Nightstand by Winston Porter

Alexandra nightstand by winston porter with a convenient open shelf for books perfect for bedrooms or living rooms.

Small bedside tables made of manufactured wood and laminate are sturdy too. A good example of this is the light Alexandra nightstand from Winston Porter. At just 18lb this model can support quite a lot and it’s not easy to tip over.

The square legs give it its stability. The raised cabinet is almost as big as the open shelf. This means you have just as much room for display as you do for storage. Or it means that you have more easy-access storage space.

The top surface is about 17 by 14 inches. That doesn’t leave much room to play with but whatever doesn’t fit on top you can put on display on the shelf. Yes, there is room for a couple of bestsellers.

The cabinet has a square silver knob which can be replaced. It is quite small and doesn’t provide enough grip. At the same time, it’s hard to imagine anything bigger would blend in well with the overall design.


  • Fits perfectly in smaller spaces
  • Reasonably priced


  • Instructions not clear on how to assemble it

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C. Small Nightstands

1. Sauder 418176 Nightstand

Sauder 418176 nightstand with easy-glide drawer and open shelf along with crafstman oak finish.

Sometimes small bedside tables look simple yet still manage to compartmentalize storage space. This design from Sauder offers a large open shelf and a gliding drawer with safety stops. While the drawer doesn’t hold much, it’s still enough for some jewelry and other small accessories.

The open shelf is great for keeping your favorite books close by. You can also keep your chargers and gadgets there if books are too old-school for you. The oak finish works great with both paper and plastic. If anything, it might look even better in contrast with high-tech devices.

The nightstand is 16.5 inches in width, 20.3 inches in depth and 24.5 inches in height. While it clearly fits in almost any small room it might lose its appeal in large rooms. If you want to draw attention to it, don’t let it disappear in the background.


  • Easy to install; less than an hour to assemble
  • Sturdy and the finish is high quality


  • Cheap railings on the drawers

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2. Prepac Sonoma 2-Drawer Nightstand

Prepac sonoma 2-drawer nightstand detailed with profiled top edges, an arched kickplate and solid brushed nickel knobs.

A warm cherry laminate often brightens up a bedroom. As far as small bedside tables go, the Sonoma is more than just looks and clever construction. Sure, hiding the screws plays a big part in its appeal but there’s more to it than that.

This nightstand has display space on top and in an open shelf. Whatever doesn’t fit next to your lamp can go underneath and you still have easy access. The nightstand also has plenty of storage space in the two slide drawers.

Both drawers are fitted with safety stops. The metallic knobs are the only non-wood components that show. However, the choice of silver works really well and complements the cherry finish. It’s not a timeless piece of furniture but it accomplishes a lot in such a small package.


  • Solid build
  • Less than 30 minutes to assemble


  • Satin black finish can easily scratch

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3. Homestar Central Park 1-Drawer Nightstand

Homestar central park 1-drawer nightstand with a full panel headboard and twin bookcase headboard offering a storage shelving and a gallery top.

Nothing says contemporary like using metal handles on wood furniture. Well maybe there are other things too but the sleek handles on the Central Park nightstand do make a point. The 22.4-inch tall nightstand has some interesting storage options and safety features.

This narrow bedside table design comes with a drawer on top and an open shelf at the bottom, both roughly the same size. That way you can store anything you need on a regular basis in the drawer. It keeps items close yet protected from dust, kids, and pets.

The cool factor is the extended edges on top of the nightstand. They are raised on the sides and in the back and provide protection against tipping anything over by accident. There is no safeguard in the front so that you have easy access.


  • Attractive design
  • Draws slide smoothly


  • Prone to nicks and scratches

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4. Andress 1-Drawer Nightstand by Charlton Home

Andress 1-drawer nightstand by charlton home with a unique 4-ports USB charging station that allows easy access to powering up cell phones, digital cameras, personal media players, and more at night.

Most nightstands come with a drawer and some display space or open storage. Few of them, however, come with an aired-out design like the Andress nightstand. The solid wood construction gives it durability and the lack of closed-up sides helps it blend with any décor.

The low open shelf is nice and you can stack up plenty of books, but it’s not anything you haven’t seen before. What is impressive is the way this solid wood nightstand integrates technology. It has a 4-port USB charging station with easy access from the top.

The nightstand doesn’t require assembly and comes with its own power cord. The integration of the USB charging station turns this simple nightstand into a must-have piece of furniture. The top surface is 17.5 inches wide and 14 inches deep which means you can leave at least three devices to charge without stacking them.


  • Small for limited spaces
  • Includes a USB charging port station


  • Scratches easily (add a coat of varnish for extra protection)

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5. Revere 1-Drawer Nightstand by Andover Mills

Revere 1-drawer nightstand by andover mills with a large open bookshelf and a metal drawer runners with safety stops.

This white bedside table nightstand is a simple wood and pressed wood combination. It comes in multiple finishing options which make it an easy model to fit next to your bed. The rectangular features and the single round knob are a timeless pairing for any décor.

The drawer is 12 by 12 inches and 4 inches in height. It’s not a lot of room but it can hold your wallet, glasses, phone and anything else you don’t want falling off the nightstand. The open shelf is more spacious. It makes for a perfect book storage space.

There is some assembly involved but the instructions are more than enough. What makes it lose a bit of its appeal is the unfinished back. That shouldn’t be a problem unless you place it on the wrong side of the bed.


  • Traditional style, but very sturdy
  • The small surface area which is also great for the kid’s room


  • Comes in a lot of different pieces which is not that easy to assemble

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6. Coaster Furniture Miranda 2-Drawer Nightstand

Coaster furniture miranda 2-drawer nightstand with white finish and 2 storage drawers and hidden jewelry tray.

It’s great when small bedside tables look smaller than they actually are. The Miranda has a slim design with a 26 inch width and 16.5 inches depth. It doesn’t hold too much but it makes up for that with its classic white finish and above average height of 26 inches.

Although there’s not a lot of room in either drawer, there is a cool storage feature you can’t see up front. This tiny nightstand hides a secret jewelry compartment. It may not seem like much, but it has quite the appeal with the female customer base.

The metal handles are also jazzed up and give the nightstand a fun yet stylish look. Maybe it’s not the most unisex model but it is functional and can be a great addition to the right type of bedroom.


  • The secret drawer is a great addition
  • Elegant with white details and a metallic finish


  • No negatives to point out

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7. Home Styles Furniture Arts and Crafts Nightstand

Home styles furniture arts and crafts nightstand with a beautiful scratch and stain resistant finish on the top of the hidden pull-out tray.

If you just finished art school and don’t have time to decorate your bedroom, the Arts and Crafts nightstand just screams art major. It looks a bit unconventional, but all accessories are where they are for a reason.

There’s a pull-out tray that extends a few inches from the top. The tray is stain-resistant, so you can keep your beverages on it with no worries. You also have a small slide drawer with a horizontal fence-type pattern and a square knob. Underneath it, you have an open shelf, roughly three times the size of the drawer.

The nightstand looks mostly rectangular, but it does have some rounded accents. They are most noticeable above and around the drawer and at the legs. These little details make it a fun piece of furniture to look at.


  • Fits perfectly in small rooms
  • Draws slide out easily


  • Nothing is preassembled, so about 25 pieces to put together

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8. Casual Home Night Owl Nightstand

Casual Home night owl nightstand with a built in 4 port USB charger and a warm brown finish.

Occasionally small bedside tables integrate technology in classic wooden designs. The four USB port charging station that comes with the Night Owl nightstand is a good example of classics made for the modern age.

The nightstand still fulfills its original role by providing a small slide drawer and an open shelf. The shelf has open sides which make it better suited as a display than actual storage space. The cherry on top of this brown-finished nightstand is of course in the technology department.

The charging station comes with its own power cord and a 3-in-1 USB cable. This lets you charge everything simultaneously. Even better, it also supports Apple devices.


  • Four-port USB charger built-in
  • Instructions are clear to assemble
  • Solid wood finish


  • The USB cover is flimsy

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9. Winsome Curved Nightstand

Contemporary white winsome curved nightstand with a solid wood material and a single drawer.

What looks like a square but isn’t? The curved nightstand from Winsome is a well-rounded design. It has nice curvatures on the table top, the drawer face and the shelf. The legs are square and straight with good stability.

The nightstand weighs around 20lb which is a lot given that the open shelf has no sides to it. This speaks to the quality of the wood. The contemporary design will make it work in most bedrooms.

The lack of sides on the open shelf helps the nightstand find a purpose outside of the bedroom also. It can act as a great placeholder in a hallway or a dual vase display in the living room.


  • Sturdy and functional
  • Fits perfectly in an area with a limited space


  • Quite expensive

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Size matters in reverse in the bedroom. How do we know? Because when it comes to picking a nightstand you want it to accomplish a lot while occupying as little space as possible. Hence, you don’t need a giant cabinet next to your bed if there’s a smaller item up for the task.

A combination of closed storage and open storage is usually more eye-catching. It also lets you have easier access to some necessities.

The good news is that small bedside tables tend to come in various finishes. Some are even so carefully designed that they blend in with any décor. It shouldn’t be hard to find a timeless piece of furniture that will grace the head of your bed for a long time.