13 Perfectly Small Corner Cabinet Ideas (Kitchen, TV, Curio and More)

Small corner kitchen cabinet with pull-out pot storage

Here's a set of galleries and extensive article setting out 13 small corner cabinets for the kitchen, TV, bar, curio and more. Great examples. Lots of photos.

Corners are great places for storage and cabinet furniture. They end up being deep, take little space and can store plenty of items. Moreover, they can enhance a room’s decor.

There are many different types of corner cabinets. This article sets out small corner cabinet options for the kitchen, TV, curio, mini bar and more so you can find examples of exactly what you’re looking for.

Small cabinets are just another example of many small furniture options.

A. Small Kitchen Corner Cabinets

There are countertop corner cabinets for the kitchen, freestanding, upper built-in corner cabinets and built-in lower cabinets. We feature all 3 in this section. See our selections below.

While the first selection is tall, it’s fairly narrow and so we include it in our small corner cabinet list. Don’t worry, we feature many smaller corner cabinets further down in the article.

Small and narrow blue kitchen corner cabinetSource: Amazon

B. Corner TV Cabinets

Another popular use for corner cabinets are corner TV cabinets. Sometimes placing a television in the corner makes for the best viewing layout in the room or it’s a way to discreetly put the TV to the side so it’s not the focus of the room.

Here are some great small TV corner cabinets:

Small white corner TV cabinet

Source: Amazon

The above is a handsome small corner TV cabinet with storage.

C. Small Corner Curio China Cabinets

Another popular type of corner cabinet are curio cabinets for storing china. These are typically narrow and tall. All of our examples are the narrow and tall variety. These take up very little space yet offer a decent amount of storage and can look really great.

Check them out:

Narrow corner curio cabinet

Source: Amazon

D. Small Corner Bar Cabinets

Not the most popular form of corner cabinets, but they can be a great option for an out-of-the-way mini-bar in the living room or family room. Some are short while others are tall. Some are huge while others small. Our few selections are narrow so they don’t take up much space.

Small corner bar cabinet

Source: Amazon

Surprisingly there aren’t many small corner bar cabinets. The above is a good example of a tall narrow model.

E. 10 More Great Small Corner Cabinets

1. RiverRidge Ashland Collection Corner Cabinet

White corner cabinet with anchors to wall for extra stability.This corner cabinet from RiverRIdge’s Ashland collection has a nice curved design that works well in any bathroom. The white finish looks great against most tile sets although you can also find it in a grey color. That way you’re not restricted to hiding the cabinet in a corner of your bathroom.

There are three open shelves of 23.6 inches wide and 16.7 inches in depth. There’re 9 inches in between each shelf which means you have enough room to store all your bottled bathroom essentials. The bottom shelf is masked by the cabinet doors.

The silver round knobs on the doors give the design just enough detail to make it stand out and not seem boring. You can mount the cabinet on your wall as it only weighs 25 pounds. However, you should consider leaving it on the ground as it is quite stable and it looks better there too.


  • Great for storing bathroom essentials
  • The lightweight cabinet can be placed both on the ground or mounted on the wall
  • Has two finishing options


  • Not too water resistant


This budget-friendly option can add a lot of value to your bathroom. It’s not the most eye-catching model but it makes up for that in storage space. The open shelves give you easy access to toiletries which is pretty much what you need when you’re in a hurry.

Buy at Amazon

2. Bayfield Corner Floor Cabinet

Small corner cabinets with a brown espresso finish.Small corner cabinets with a brown espresso finish can make their way into any room. That’s why this design from Bayfield has the right amount of elegance to cover up an empty space and provide you with some hidden storage space too.

The cabinet is 24.7 inches wide and 17 inches deep from the edge of the shelves towards the middle point in the back. It may not seem like much but the 32-inch height gives it good vertical storage capacity.

You can customize the interior to suit your needs as one shelf is adjustable. The top area can be used to display pictures or you can put a lamp on it for extra lighting. This corner cabinet can also be a good addition to a guest bedroom.


  • The combination of dark brown finish and chrome-colored hardware is eye-catching
  • Has an adjustable shelf for interior cabinet customization


  • While the espresso finish is popular, it does limit the cabinet’s blending ability to certain living areas


If you don’t have room for nightstands, this tiny unit provides enough storage space for a guest and doesn’t take up much space.

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3. Bayfield Corner Bathroom Cabinet

White floor storage cabinet for bathrooms.Bayfield brings their brand of elegance to the bathroom too. All their small corner cabinets are crafted with style and designed for maximum utility. Their bathroom corner cabinet is all-white finished wood and has chrome-finished knob and hinges.

This model is 32 inches high and just 15 inches wide. It also goes around 13 inches in depth so that you have plenty of room for towels. You can store your toiletries on two shelves, one of which is adjustable. That way you can create enough space to stack bulkier items.


  • Has a door magnet to keep the door in place and prevent wobbling
  • The interior middle shelf is adjustable
  • Has good storage capacity especially when stacking up items


  • Although the white finish is easy to blend into many decors, the cabinet is simple so it won’t stand out if that’s what you’re looking for.


Since this corner cabinet was designed for the floor, you don’t have to worry about its stability as long as it is rested against the walls. The cabinet door has an interesting shutter door pattern even though it opens to the side. Nonetheless, it gives the cabinet enough detail to make it look more appealing.

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4. Charlton Home Whitaker 2-Door Corner Cabinet

Wooden cabinet in an intelligent geometric corner-fit design.Charlton Home is no stranger to small corner cabinets. They offer a wide array of furniture units including small pieces that can make your rooms seem complete. This vintage-style corner cabinet has both the looks and the storage capacity to be useful in small homes.

While the door is made of MDF, the cabinet’s base is solid oak. Of course, because of the even light oak finish applied, no one will be able to tell the difference except under close inspection. The sturdy base is necessary to make it stable as the cabinet doesn’t come with anchoring points.

Once placed in a free corner of your house you can benefit from its three storage areas. The first small shelf is behind a door that opens downwards. The bottom two shelves are bigger and their doors open out and to the sides.


  • It is taller than the average 30-inch corner cabinets
  • Has a nice vintage light oak finish that makes the MDF more appealing
  • The solid oak base offers great stability
  • Has a weight limit of 50 pounds


  • Doesn’t come with wall restraints
  • The cabinet weighs 40 pounds empty so it can be hard to move around from room to room to see how it fits in with the décor


The unit is 34 inches tall which means that anything you need fast access to can be easily put on display on top of the cabinet or on the top shelf. It’s easy to reach and extra hard to tip over. The dark handles also raise its appeal without adding to the price tag.

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5. Astoria Grand Farnham Corner Cabinet

Corner table with a built-in cabinet in a walnut finish.Small corner cabinets have been around for a long time. That seems to be the point that Astoria Grand is trying to make with this design. The combination of iron hardware against the walnut finish makes a great-looking antique corner cabinet.

The cabinet has two doors that open to the sides and a small slide-in drawer at the top. This design allowed Astoria Grand to fit the cabinet with a knob for the drawer and handles for the doors. The bronze finish of these combined with everything else make for a very intricate-looking corner cabinet.


  • Looks pricier than it actually is
  • The tin hardware has a nice iron stain that complements the walnut finish


  • The door handles are small and not as easy to grab as the drawer’s knob


To the untrained eye it may seem like a piece of history. To experts it looks like a well-finished wood and MDF corner cabinet. Either way, it’s small and has a good storage capacity which is what you want from a unit like this.

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6. Beachcrest Home Southard Corner Cabinet

White corner cabinet with a convenient storage and a charming interface.Beachcrest Home makes the most out of their small corner cabinets. This is why their Southard model comes with two drawers and a large storage capacity on the lower shelf. This model also uses two doors that open to the sides making it less space-consuming.

The entire cabinet is 30 inches high and 23.5 inches wide from end to end. Keep in mind it is a corner cabinet so the interior gets narrower as it gets closer to the back panel. The light weight of the Scots pinewood and the fact that it comes pre-assembled make the Southard corner cabinet a breeze to set up.


  • Doesn’t take much time to assemble
  • Takes up less space when opened due to its design with two doors
  • The two drawers make it easy to split the storage between two people


  • The drawers and the cabinet doors show some empty space around the edges


The straight grain from the Scots pine gives the corner cabinet a simple yet even look. The white finish helps the unit blend in with bright-colored furniture or with the bathroom interior of most households.

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7. Passport Corner Cabinet

Crafted corner cabinet in a warm walnut finish.Some small corner cabinets don’t require any assembly. That’s part of the beauty of the Passport corner cabinet. This model is delivered with all screws in place so all you have to do is rest it against the wall.

The cabinet is 22 by 16 inches in width and depth and 30 inches in height. That leaves enough room for a bottom cabinet and a small top drawer. Both the cabinet doors and the drawer are fitted with tin paneling for an extra layer of antique detail. The knob, hinges and door handles are also iron-stained.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • The walnut finish lets it blend in with most traditional and modern living rooms


  • Requires extra maintenance to help the patina on the hardware last longer


The material is MDF except for the top and base. You might be a wood person but few will notice the difference because of the warm walnut finish. It looks very natural and works great against vintage or antique furniture.

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8. Elegant Home Fashions Madison Corner Floor Cabinet

Easy-to-clean corner floor cabinet in a sleek white finish.No one said that small corner cabinets are used for storing away junk no one wants to see. The elegant design of the Madison corner cabinet allows you to put on display your prized possessions for everyone to stare at. If you don’t like it when people touch your belongings then the glass door on the cabinet should be self-explanatory to guests.

The interior is separated into storage and display areas by a middle shelf. You can adjust its position if you want to play with its appeal. The white finish on the MDF construction gives you the freedom of choice in regard to placement.


  • It is a lightweight corner cabinet
  • Has a clear glass door perfect for displaying items


  • White finishing requires frequent cleaning and you also have to be extra careful around it


The 32-inch tall cabinet can fit just as well in a modern living room or in the corner of your bathroom. It only weighs 18 pounds so you can easily move it from room to room until you’re satisfied with the location.

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9. RiverRidge Kids 2 Door Corner Cabinet

Wooden cabinet in a clean white finish.Small corner cabinets can come in handy for storing toys too. This particular model is part of a children’s room set but it can work just as well in combination with other white furniture designs. Its main purpose is to add storage value to an empty corner and it does that very well.

If you want it for your kid’s room, the cabinet can hold quite a few Legos inside. It has two doors for concealed storage and they are easy to open too. The top shelf is open and can be used to hold this week’s choice of toys or whatever else a kid needs on a daily basis.


  • Blends easily in more than one setting
  • Durable and hard to tip over


  • The design is quite basic
  • A white finish in a kid’s room can require constant cleaning


With so much storage capacity and its rather impressive height of 36 inches, this corner cabinet can be used in the bathroom too. If you already have too many shelves on the wall then this little unit can offer you some storage space on the ground. The white finish makes it rather versatile when it comes to placement and the weight of 36 pounds makes it a sturdy and stable cabinet.

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Small corner cabinets should be judged on utility more than looks. It is nice to have a piece that draws attention and makes you look like you have a keen eye for interior decorating but you don’t want to waste space in a small apartment or house. Sometimes extra space, even in a corner, can make your room look better.

That is why you should aim to get the most out of any small corner cabinets that find their way into your home. This means that if they offer a good amount of storage space, they are usually worth the purchase. Storage can be tricky in small rooms, so packing what you can inside a tiny corner cabinet can be a good alternative to the traditional wall-to-wall or ceiling high cabinets.

Where most of the small corner cabinets come in handy is in kid’s rooms and in the bathroom. Kids need an easy to reach cabinet so they won’t be tempted to climb them. As far as bathrooms are concerned, if you don’t like shelves above your head then a corner cabinet might offer you the storage capacity you need on the ground.

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