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14 Terrific Small Side Table Options for Your Living Room

Check out these 14 small side table picks for your living room. Square and round options. White, wood and more. Best of the best in our opinion.

Ashley furniture signature design breegin rectangular chair side end table with nickel-tone hardware and dark finish.

Aaaargh. I do not like it when I do not have a place to put drinks, books or my phone within arms reach when relaxing comfortably in a living room. I don’t need much… a small side table will do. Just something so I don’t have to get up to put something down or retrieve something.

I’m not alone.

There’s a reason most living rooms have at least one, and often multiple ends or side tables. They offer huge convenience for little cost.

In fact, you can do better than just get a convenient surface to put something on. You can get options that offer additional storage such as a shelf, shelves and/or a drawer.

Most placements for these types of tables are small – besides a chair or flanking a sofa. Therefore, it’s no surprise many people are looking for compact side tables.

And that’s what we have for you here… a terrific gallery showcasing some of our favorite side tables for the living room, family room or even bedroom.

A. Small Square Side Table Options

1. eHomeProducts X-Design Chair Side End Table

Wooden white X-design chair side end table with 3-level shelf.

Bring some light into your living room with this white-finish side table by eHomeProducts. The “X-Design” naming comes from the two large X’s running from top to bottom on its sides, not unlike the X’s on Professor X’s wheelchair.

But don’t be fooled by the description; the table has a sober look and is very pleasant to the eye. Its narrow design will fit most living rooms, with only 17 inches in width and 16 inches in depth. A height of 24 inches means it has sufficient room for storage, and that room is used very well, with two shelves beneath the top one that you can use to place books or other items.

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Assembly of the table is required, but it is pretty straightforward. Its compact design and sturdy feel make it a solid choice among other small end/side tables out there.


  • Good height for a small end side table
  • A few minutes to assemble it


  • Has a chemical smell

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2. Simpli Home Warm Shaker End Side Table

Simpli home warm shaker solid wood end side table with tobacco brown finish and bottom drawer.

Return to the 90s with this vintage-looking table from Simpli Home! The dark “tobacco brown” tone is sure to take you a few years back. And if it doesn’t, the classic design driven by its straight lines is sure to.

Dimension-wise, it is one of the shortest small end/side tables, with a height of only 19.5 inches. This can make it suitable for use as a bedside table. It is 20 inches wide and 18 inches deep. This is enough to fit a shelf below the table top, as well as a drawer with a sleek-looking knob.

You will need to assemble the table yourself, but don’t worry, because the instructions are pretty clear. But the wood is delicate, so be sure not to bump into it often and keep your cat’s claws away from it. You wouldn’t want to scratch this beauty.


  • Small and simple design
  • Real wood (solid)


  • The surface warps easily

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3. Ashley Signature Design Breegin Chair Side End Table

Ashley furniture signature design breegin rectangular chair side end table with nickel-tone hardware and dark finish.

If you’re looking for one of those small end/side tables that can fit into a narrow space in a corner of your living room, then look no further. This signature design table by Ashley lives up to its name, with incredibly sleek lines. The design is rectangular and quite narrow, with only 13 inches in width. The height and depth are 23 and 22 inches, respectively.

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Its small square drawer sitting right below the tabletop looks just like a small vault door. But the surprises don’t end there. The table features a removable tray that sits on top of the drawer, giving you an additional surface to rest your glass or cup of coffee.

Apart from the drawer, it has only one shelf, resting just above the ground. Then again, you’re not buying this for its huge storage capabilities, but for the elegant and compact design.


  • Handy drawer to store your keys or TV remote and a small display shelf
  • East to assemble; just attach the legs and it is good to go


  • The surface is not solid wood

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4. Loon Peak Newdale End Table

Loon Peak Newdale End Table with protective finish on the legs.
We stay in the compact end of small end/side tables with this sturdy piece designed by Loon Peak. Being approximately 24 inches high, 22 inches deep and merely 14 inches wide, it is sure to fit in even the most cramped of divisions. With metal reinforcements placed in some strategic spots, everything about this table feels solid.

Well, in fact, not everything. There is a retractable, drawer-type shelf just below the tabletop. This is a really nice detail that expands the table’s surface, but it doesn’t feel like it could withstand great forces. Below this drawer is an open shelf that should be enough for placing a couple of books.

The best thing about the Newdale is the cabinet-style compartment with a sturdy-looking knob that gives you plenty of room to store items more discreetly.

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  • Protective finish on the legs so it doesn’t scratch your floors
  • Sliding shelf is convenient


  • Terrible instructions

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5. Andover Mills Adaline End Table

The Andover Mills Adaline End Table is sturdy and narrow enough for small areas.

Add some accent to your decor with this timeless piece of furniture designed by Andover Mills. The color is adequately named antique white, as this is one of the small end/side tables that could easily have come out of an antique shop. Its round legs make a beautiful contrast with the otherwise straight lines.

The Adaline table is compact, 14 by 14 inch, but it sits pretty high, at 28 inches. Still, you should have no problem finding a space for it, unless you have a low ceiling.

Storage-wise, you have a drawer with a black knob, and a shelf a few inches above the ground. All of it looks simply great.


  • Very narrow which is perfect for any small room
  • Sturdy enough for your lamp, phone, and keys


  • Wood is not a good quality

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6. Beachcrest Home Stoneford End Table

Easy to install and compact Beachcrest Home Stoneford End Table.

If you liked the X’s from the eHomeProducts X-Design, but it seemed too bulky for you, there is a slightly smaller alternative. We present to you The Stoneford end table by Beachcrest Home.

As we’ve said, the dimensions are on the compact side of small end/side tables. It is roughly 23 inches high, and 15 inches wide as well as deep.

It also has two shelves beneath the tabletop, very convenient for storing books or magazines. Its square, straight design is nothing too exotic, making it a great piece for many different living rooms. The white color will keep your room light and bright.

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  • Floor protectors are great if you have wooden floors
  • It is a breeze to put together


  • Comes with cheap stickers which are intended to hide the screws

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7. Finley Home Galassia Faux Marble End Table

Finley home galassia faux marble end table square-shaped with dark finish.

Add a deluxe feel to your home with this stunning end table by Finley Home. The black faux marble tabletop is sturdy and looks great, putting this table in the premium category of small end/side tables.

The Galassia has generous measurements, with a height of 22 inches, and an equal width and depth of 20 inches. This means that this table is somewhat space-hungry, but then again, you wouldn’t want a faux marble table to be crammed between several pieces of furniture.

The same could be said storage-wise. This table does not feature any shelves or drawers beside the tabletop. We feel it doesn’t need any, as it would spoil its classy look.


  • Very lightweight
  • Has a buffer if you have wooden floors so it won’t slip around


  • A bit wobbly

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8. Home Styles Furniture Modern Craftsman End Table


Home styles furniture modern craftsman end table with one storage drawer and an open storage shelf.

This table brings wood and metal together in an attempt to recreate the American Craftsman style. We’d say that the attempt was successful, especially the distressed oak wood, which makes it feel rustic and traditional.

Regarding storage, the Craftsman is similar to most small end/side tables. It has a drawer right below the tabletop with a nice metal drop handle. The shelf below the drawer consists of a barred metal surface, instead of a solid one. We feel this choice was right on, as it goes along with the other metal details of the table.

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Finally, let’s talk size. The Craftsman is 24 inches high, with a square surface of 22 by 22 inches. You should pick it if you have some room to make it stand out.


  • Nice metal finish
  • About 15 minutes to put together


  • Difficult to get the metal legs inserted

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9. Haussmann Twist Wood End Table


Haussmann twist wood end table with a wallnut oil finish.

Looking for something different? This table literally brings a modern twist to the field of small end/side tables. If you want to add a wow factor to your bedroom or living room, you should definitely go for the Haussmann Twist end table.

The piece does not have any drawers or storage space apart from the top, but who cares? You’ll spend your time admiring this artwork instead. It feels like someone took a straight table and twisted the top 90 degrees as if it were made of paper.

The Twist is quite compact, although we would say that it should be placed in a large room, so it can be properly appreciated. It is 20 inches high, and is as wide as it is deep, at 15 inches. All of this is accomplished in a sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing process.


  • Hand carved, looks eye-catching
  • Very sturdy design


  • No negatives to point out

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10. Standard Furniture Melrose Square Glass-Top End Table


Standard furniture melrose square glass-top end table with stylish sweeping lines and geometric forms.

The final table in the square piece category is another delightful composition, a pearl among small end/side tables. But instead of a rustic look, the Melrose has a modern chic styling, with an elegant combination of wood, metal, and glass.

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As you would expect, a creation such as this was not made with storage in mind, but with looks instead. It also does not have any shelves or drawers, although you can place items on top of its wooden base.

The nicest features are the curved metal legs, with nice metal orb details, and the center-glass tabletop. This work of art is also great dimension-wise, with an area of 26 by 26 inches and a height of 24 inches.


  • Casters are hidden for easy mobility
  • Top is made with tempered glass for extra protection


  • No negatives to point out

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B. Compact Round End Table Picks

11. Belham Living Allen Reclaimed Wood Drum Side Table
Belham Living Allen Reclaimed Wood Drum Side Table with robust steel frame.

This side table by Belham Living has some interesting things going on. Its designers must have given it some thought, as they put in just enough details to make it look more than ordinary, but not so many that you can’t understand what’s going on.

With no storage space apart from the top, this table has “Drum” in its name for a reason. The reclaimed wood tabletop encased in a metal surrounding makes you want to grab the drumsticks and start jamming away. The rest of the design features a not-so-simple leg pattern that really catches your eye.

Another great thing about the Allen drum side table is that it fits tight spaces, with a width and depth of only 16 inches. The drum-like top sits 24 inches above the ground.


  • Small and not bulky
  • Finished in a robust steel frame
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  • No negatives to point out

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12. Finley Home Webster Round End Table

Finley home webster round end table with 5mm tempered beveled glass top and espresso finish.

A nice combination of wood and glass, the Finley Home Webster round end table is somewhat different to the other round end tables we’ve seen here, in that it does not have any round feature on the bottom.

Instead, the tabletop is supported by an intricate pattern of wooden legs, resembling a spider web, whether the naming was intentional or not. The tabletop itself is beautifully designed, with a wooden edge encasing a glass center.

Like the other round small end/side tables we’ve seen so far, the Webster does not comprise any storage. Its dimensions are on the larger end, with 23 inches of height, and equal depth and width of 22 inches.


  • Sturdy and great craftsmanship
  • Inexpensive


  • Quite complicated to put together

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13. Finley Home Eaton End Table

Finley home eaton end table with a solid wood frame and a clear glass top along with a handsome espresso-black finish.

Another table designed by Finley Home, but the Eaton end table has a much more classic look. Like the Webster, it has a wood and glass design, and the tabletop consists of a glass core with an outer ring of wood.

But below the top, the Eaton has much simpler lines. 4 legs go from top to bottom, with a tiny curve at the end that is just enough to make it more than an ordinary table. As a bonus, the Eaton features a shelf on the bottom for you to place one or more small items.


  • It is definitely a space saver
  • Attractive design that will fit in any room
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  • Table wobbles a bit

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14. Bassett Mirror Co. Patinoire Round End Table


Bassett mirror co. patinoire round end table with a beautiful polished chrome color.

If you were hoping to find a round end table with some bling to it, then you’ve found it. The polished look of the Patinoire makes it stand out from the tables we’ve seen so far. With its glass and chrome features, it gives a room some glow, which looks great if you like it.

The structure and legs are made of chrome-plated metal, and the tabletop and shelf are glass surfaces. Yes, it also has a shelf for you to place some books or magazines.

Its dimensions are 22 by 22 inches, with a height of 25 inches. Not the most compact table, but it needs some room to shine. Literally.


  • Steady and doesn’t wobble
  • Sturdy construction


  • No negatives to point out


Buy at Hayneedle


Small end/side tables can be great additions to your bedroom or living room if you don’t have enough space for larger pieces of furniture. They can add that extra bit of storage, make do as bedside tables, or you could simply get one to accentuate to your home.

And that is exactly what was shown here. We’ve seen that there are side tables for every taste: some are square, some are round, and some are rectangular. Some provide value mainly as a work of art, others as a storage piece, and some as both.

Think about where you would like to place your new side table and consider its dimensions. Some may not fit in your room. After that, it’s mainly a matter of taste.

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