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24 Types of Coffee Tables with a Lift-Up Top (Adjustable Height)

Traditional coffee table

A month ago my wife, two kids and I were going through a furniture store when I noticed a really cool coffee table which had a table top that swivelled upwards to create a quasi desk type table. I thought it was brilliant. Amazingly I hadn’t seen this before. I realized it’s a great furniture concept for using laptops in the family room or living room.

They’re still decorative but with the added bonus of a hidden extra storage. Check out the different types of lift-up coffee tables with adjustable table top surfaces below.

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Round coffee table with surface that lifts up

Source: Wayfair

This round coffee table has a top that easily lifts up and becomes a table. The four ottomans around the coffee table fit perfectly in place to create a solid piece of furniture when the top is not lifted up, although they can be pulled away from the table to provide extra seating or places to rest magazines and snacks. Additionally, when the coffee table top is lifted up, the ottomans work perfectly to provide seating, allowing the piece of furniture to transform into a table where you can share a meal.


Rectangular coffee table

Source: Etsy

Many people like having rectangular coffee tables in their homes as they tend to fit well into the space and provide enough room where you can store magazines, remotes, or snacks and drinks while watching TV. If you have enough room in your living room, a rectangular coffee table looks very impressive. The top will lift up on these to reveal plenty of storage space that you never knew that you had and allow you to quickly hide anything out of sight when company is coming.


Square coffee table

Source: Home Depot

Square coffee tables are a very modern look and instantly will update the overall appearance of your family or living room. These tables have tops that lift up to not only show the storage space but also to create a higher workspace. When positioned correctly, they are ideal for kids to sit on the sofa and be able to reach the table to do their homework. The lid can also be used for storage pieces of a craft or project that someone is working on as the pieces will be lifted up and brought closer to the user.


Oval coffee table

Source: Houzz

Oval coffee tables are very sleek to begin with but having one that has a lift top will instantly update and improve your space. While oval coffee tables may seem a little dated, depending on your space and the way that you decorate, there is nothing outdated about one that has a lift top. If you love the way that oval coffee tables look but need something that will work for your family, then you are in luck as this coffee table is sure to meet your needs and please your senses.


Free-form coffee table

Source: Wayfair

The design of your coffee table will play a huge role in the overall appearance of your home and if you have more of an eclectic house, then you will want to make sure that your coffee table is as interesting as the rest of your furnishings. You don’t have to settle for regular-shaped furniture any more, as this free-form coffee table proves, but you can still have the job and function that comes with a coffee table that has the lift top ability. You don’t have to sacrifice style when you opt for this interesting lift-up coffee table.


Triangle coffee table

Source: Hayneedle

While most coffee tables are made to be in the center of the room, if you need the function and design of a great piece of furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be used in tighter quarters, then opt for a triangular piece. These can easily be pushed into the corner of your room or wedged between two pieces of furniture without losing their style or the benefit that you will gain from a great lift-up coffee table. Make sure that if you do put it into the corner of your room, there is enough space for the lid to be able to lift up as you do not want to lose the function of this great piece of furniture.

Top Material


Wooden coffee table

Source: Etsy

Wood has long been a popular choice for coffee tables, and for many reasons. It’s very inviting and as long as you protect it from wet glasses and markets, it will last for a very long time. If you do accidentally damage your wood top on your coffee table, you can easily sand it down and refinish it. Wood is also fairly light, making it easy for everyone in your family to use the lift-up function of the table.


Glass coffee table

Source: Hayneedle

While you will be hard-pressed to find a lift-up coffee table that has a top that is made only of glass, ones that have some glass included in the top are very beautiful and will add interest and light to your room. While all-wood coffee tables can appear a little heavy, opting for one that has glass inlays will ensure that there is enough light around the piece to keep it from visually weighing down the room.


Metal coffee table

Source: Wayfair

Keep it interesting and a little industrial in your home with a metal-topped coffee table. This are going to naturally draw the eye of anyone who comes into your home so make sure that you choose one that has interesting lines and interesting details so that it will really stand out. Because of the visual interest that it will provide, you may want to try to keep the top clear of items so that you can really see the beauty of the piece.


Marble coffee table

Source: Houzz

You can have a gorgeous coffee table with a lift-up top when you opt for one that has marble. These coffee tables are going to be a little heavier than some of their other counterparts but the additional beauty is worth the weight. You have to be very careful when lifting up the top on these as it is so heavy.


Stone coffee table

Source: Houzz

If you want a lift-up coffee table that is going to appear very solid and won’t be out of place in a cabin, then look for one that has stone set into the lid. These tables are incredibly durable and won’t ever tip when they are opened. The stone adds interest to the coffee table and keeps it from being just another piece of furniture in your home, while the beautiful wood surrounding it ensures that the furniture is functional and can be moved to a new location if desired.



Traditional coffee table

Source: Wayfair

Traditional lift-top coffee tables will look great in most any home. They have classic lines and are often in beautiful wood, making them an ideal piece of furniture for most people. Make sure that you have enough room in your living room for this coffee table as they do appear to be a little heavier than others and will definitely command the space.


Contemporary coffee table

Source: Hayneedle

Contemporary coffee tables appear to be fresh and new. They don’t have the straight lines and heavy bulk that is so common in traditional pieces and look great in lofts, updated spaces, and ones that have lots of natural light. While you can use a contemporary coffee table in any home, they are going to look best in homes that are updated and have other contemporary features incorporated as well.


Industrial coffee table

Source: Houzz

Interesting hardware, exposed metal, and oversized casters will all make industrial coffee tables stand out from the rest of the ones you can buy. While many people think of industrial-style furniture as being heavy and dark, these coffee tables have a modern touch to them and are often lighter in appearance than other styles. This is due to exposed strips of metal that can be used for the legs or for the lighter wood that is often used. Of courses, some industrial coffee tables are metal, which is a very different look but one that will add interest to your space as well.


Farmhouse coffee table

Source: Etsy

For the perfect farmhouse coffee table, you will want to buy one that is made from reclaimed wood. Having wood from an old barn in your living room will set your décor apart from the neighbors and a reclaimed lift-up coffee table is a great way to do it. This wood will generally be lighter than other wood options and will likely have scars and marks on it but this tends to only add character to the final piece.

Mid-Century Modern

Midcentury modern coffee table

Source: Wayfair

Bringing in a piece of MCM-inspired furniture in your home will instantly give you a conversation piece when guests come over to visit. There isn’t anything that compares to the fine legs on MCM furniture, the strong lines, and the squared corners. While you may be able to find a modern lift-top coffee table that has some of these same elements, to really enjoy the way that mid-century modern furniture looks, you need to buy the real deal. These pieces are visually very light, thanks to their legs, and their weight is evenly distributed even when the top is open, ensuring that they are very stable and that they always have an interesting look.


Craftsman coffee table

Source: Hayneedle

Whether you love the bare wood look or are thinking about finishing your new coffee table yourself, Craftsman-style furniture is sure to look great in your home. If you buy a lift-up coffee table that is already finished but you still want that Craftsman style in your home, then make sure that you opt for one that has a lighter stain and final color. Anything very dark won’t appear as if it is the Craftsman style and will begin to look a little more modern as they do have a number of similar features.


Scandinavian coffee table

Source: Houzz

Scandinavian design is growing in popularity all over the world, and for good reason. With a lot of attention to the shape and final appearance of the furniture, these pieces stand out in your home for all of the right reasons. Look for one that has metal legs and very straight lines and where the lift mechanism of the top is hidden and not as obvious.


Coastal coffee table

Source: Wayfair

Get that beachy feel in your home that you’ve always loved when you opt for a coastal-inspired lift-up coffee table. These are generally washed with a lighter stain, making them resemble driftwood that has just washed up. They offer all of the function as other styles but the lighter color is refreshing and they will make you feel as though you’re on vacation at the beach in your own home.

Base Design


Coffee table with solid base

Source: Houzz

Any piece of furniture that sits directly on the floor is instantly going to appear heavier and more solid. Being right on the floor will give the piece a lot more visual weight and will make it seem as though it will not be shifting position or going anywhere. If you do opt for a lift-up coffee table that doesn’t have legs, you will want to make sure to choose one that has open shelves or risk the table looking way too heavy for your space. If you do have a very large room with a lot of open space and the furniture isn’t crowded together, then you may be able to use a coffee table with a solid base and no shelving as the room will be able to support the visual weight of the piece.

Four Legs

Coffee table with four legs

Source: Home Depot

Any coffee table that is up on four legs is going to have a lot less visual weight than one that sits directly on the ground. If you love the look of lighter and airy furniture, then buying a lift-up coffee table with legs is a smart move. It’s also important to consider this type of coffee table if you have concerns about how much light is in your home or your living room as the extra space under the coffee table will keep people from feeling as though the piece is too heavy and bulky.



Coffee table with shelf

Source: Wayfair

Shelves in your coffee table are a great way to store items in view. From books and magazines to toys, you’ll be able to easily access your items and have them in plain sight when you put them on built-in shelves.


Coffee table with casters

Source: Houzz

Easily move your coffee table to a new location in your home when you opt for one with casters. While you can choose a table that has very obvious casters, sometimes ones that are hidden are nice as they will keep the fine lines of the furniture without being obvious.


Coffee table with drawers

Source: Hayneedle

We all need to store items out of the way sometimes and drawers are a great way to do that. While part of the table lifts up, the drawers are on the other side, offering easy access to your remote or magazine.

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