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25 Different Types of Baby Changing Tables

Types of baby changing tables.

Baby changing tables started out as a solution so parents can operate flexibly outside the house even with their kids in tow. In 1986, a changing table or stations were installed in public spaces such as restaurants, theaters, grocery stores, shopping centers and amusement parks.

Changing tables have also become household furniture as the need for a separate diaper-changing area became apparent. They’re also multifunctional, with storage features for space-saving convenience.



Metal baby changing tables can be very attractive and create a slightly different look in your nursery at your home. While most people opt for wood changing tables, metal ones are just as strong and as sturdy, so you do not have to worry about your baby rolling off of the table and becoming injured.

One of the main benefits of a metal changing table over other options is that they are visually lighter in appearance. This means that if your nursery is small or dark that a metal changing table won’t weigh down the space as much as a wood one will. While solid wood changing tables look great, they are bulky and tend to anchor the room.

For a lighter look that will benefit any nursery, opt for a metal changing table. In addition, it’s also easy to sand down the metal and paint the changing table a new color if you desire, making it easy to pass this changing table on to a friend or a family member or use it for a second child. By updating the changing table with a fresh coat of paint, you can make sure that it stays out of the landfill.

Metal baby changing table.

Source: Hayneedle


These changing tables are not very common and are generally only used for when someone is traveling, as they are easy to fold up and take with you. This makes it easy to stay at any hotel or home without worrying about where you will change the baby while you are there. Because they are not as sturdy or as stable as metal or wood changing tables, it’s important that you are extremely careful when using them so that the baby doesn’t rock and cause the table to tip completely over.

Plastic baby changing table.

Source: Wayfair


Wood changing tables are classic and are what most people choose when they are setting up a nursery. They come in many different colors, styles, and sizes, so you can easily find one that will fit with the rest of the furniture in the room. If you are buying a new changing table, you often will have the choice of buying it as a set with the crib.

This means that it will look very cohesive and the room will appear put-together. Make sure that when you choose a wood changing table that your room is large and light enough to support this heavier piece of furniture. Because of their bulk, they tend to add a lot of visual weight to the room, and not every nursery can support this without looking too small and dark. Lighter woods and ones changing tables that are painted white will help to offset this problem.

Wood baby changing table.

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If you have problems lifting children up to get changed or you work in a place where you are going to be changing a number of children a few times a day, you will probably want to opt for a changing table that comes with stairs. These make it very easy for children to get up and down off of the changing table by themselves and prevent the adult helping them from straining their back. The only problem with these changing tables is that they send to take up a lot more room than traditional changing tables do, as the steps have to pull out in order for the child to be able to safely climb.

Baby changing table with steps.

Source: Wayfair


Save space in your nursery by buying a changing table that will fit into the corner of your room. Instead of having a large piece of furniture up against a wall, by utilizing the corner of your nursery, you can make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the space available.

These changing tables aren’t just great at optimizing space – they also are usually full of shelves and even drawers so you can easily store everything you need right there. While these changing tables are a little harder to find than traditional ones due to their size and the fact that they aren’t as popular, they are worth the investment if you have a smaller nursery and need to make sure that you are using your space as wisely as possible.

Corner baby changing table.

Source: Wayfair


Gone are the days of going on vacation and not having a clean surface where you can change your baby. When you buy a folding changing table, you can easily take it with you, whether that be to a different room in your home or on a cross-country vacation. They fold flat, so they are incredibly easy to store and don’t take up a lot of room, and they are easy to open and to unfold when you need a flat, clean surface to change a baby.

While some families prefer a more permanent piece of furniture in their home for changing their child, if you have a small nursery and do not mind putting away the changing table after each change, then a folding table may be the right choice for you. Unfortunately, they are not nearly as sturdy as other options are, so while it may be tempting to leave the folding table set up in the room, it’s important that you make sure it’s not set up where the child could easily pull it down on themselves.

Folding baby changing table.

Source: Etsy


If you don’t want to have to worry about how you are going to assemble your new changing table by yourself, you will probably want to opt for one that comes already assembled. This will reduce the stress you have when getting a nursery ready for a new baby and is especially useful for people who are not comfortable assembling furniture or do not have the skills or tools necessary to do so. While some companies will charge a little bit of a higher price for an already assembled changing table, the peace of mind you will feel about not having to put it together yourself is worth it for a lot of people.

Assembled baby changing table.

Source: Wayfair


Anyone who needs to be able to maximize space in their nursery the best they can should consider a crib that is movable. Incredibly strong casters ensure that the changing table won’t be damaged when you are moving it from one location in your home to another, which this allows parents to change up the appearance and the function of the nursery quickly and without any hassle.

If you have a baby and an older child together in the same room, you may want to consider a moveable changing table as you will be able to use the space to the best of your abilities. Instead of getting frustrated over not being able to move the changing table by yourself, when you buy one that has strong casters, you can easily push it to a new location in the room. Make sure that the casters can be locked so that you don’t have to worry about another child moving the changing table, especially when it is in use.

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Movable baby changing table.

Source: Hayneedle

Solid wood

For the ultimate in the strength and security, opt for a changing table that is made from solid wood. While there are many available that have some particle board parts, when you choose a changing table that is completely wood, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or becoming damaged.

Granted, these changing tables are going to be much heavier than ones made of plastic, metal, or with particle board, but they will give you the best peace of mind that nothing could go wrong while you are using the changing table. Additionally, if you want to sell the changing table when you are finished using it, then it’s important to note that solid wood changing tables can often command a higher price than ones made of other materials.

Solid wood baby changing table.

Source: Hayneedle


It can be hard to get all of the supplies and furniture you need for your new baby while still staying environmentally conscious, but it is possible to buy changing tables that are eco-friendly and did not result in the destruction of forests to be made. These changing tables are ideal for anyone who is concerned over protecting the environment the best they can.

Eco-friendly baby changing table.

Source: Wayfair

Removable Tray

At some point, your baby is going to grow up and you are not going to need a changing table anymore. The problem with changing tables that do not come with removable trays is that they are fixed into the purpose that they have. If you want the furniture you buy to last for a long time and to be able to find new life as a dresser, then look for a changing table that has a removable tray.

While these trays will be tightly and carefully secured into the changing table when it is being used for its primary function, you can easily remove them when you are no longer changing diapers. This allows you to continue to use the piece of furniture as a dresser and will help you save money in the long run as you won’t have to buy new furniture as your baby grows up.

You do want to make sure that the removable tray is firmly attached so that your baby is safe when you are changing their diaper, otherwise they are at risk of the tray sliding off of the top of the changing table.

Baby changing table with removable tray.

Source: Houzz

Pad Included

Make outfitting your nursery as fast and as easy as possible when you opt for a changing table that already comes with the pad included. Pads tend to come in various sizes, making it really frustrating for new parents to find one that will perfectly fit with their new changing table. You can eliminate this hassle and frustration by simply buying a changing table that has an included pad. The included pad will fit perfectly with the changing table, and you won’t have to worry about measuring for a pad and finding the right one for your needs.

Baby changing table with pads.

Source: Wayfair

Crib Attached

In order to save space in your nursery, it is possible to buy changing tables that are attached to a crib. This means you only have to find room in your nursery for one piece of furniture, and it also makes it incredibly easy to change diapers in the middle of the night as you only have to lift the baby up out of the crib and then place them on the changing table. While this style isn’t ideal for everyone, if you have a smaller space or want to make sure you have the easiest diaper changes possible, then it’s important for you to consider a crib/changing table combination.

Baby changing table with crib.

Source: Houzz


You are going to have to do a lot of laundry when you have a baby, and instead of carrying dirty laundry with you and placing it in a hamper on the other side of the room, when you opt for a changing table that has an included hamper, you can easily toss soiled clothing and linens into it. This saves you from accidentally dropping the dirty clothing on the floor and makes it easy on laundry day to remove the hamper and take it with you to the washing machine.

Baby changing table with hamper.

Source: Hayneedle

Bathtub Combo

Instead of struggling to give your baby a bath either in the bathtub or in the kitchen sink, when you buy a combination changing table and bathtub, you’ll be able to change your baby at a comfortable height. The plastic top is waterproof so you can give your baby a bath, and once it is dried out and wiped clean, it works perfectly as a changing table. The included safety strap ensures that your baby won’t roll over and get injured during either bath time or during a change.

Baby changing table with bathtub.

Source: Houzz


Open Shelves

Having storage at your changing table is important as it will allow you to keep a hand on your baby at all times to ensure that they are safe. Open shelves are really popular for changing tables as it allows you to place anything you want inside. While some people love the idea of open shelves but hate the clutter, you can easily find baskets that will fit on the shelves to create a more streamlined look. Another reason to consider open shelves is that you can display baby pictures or other keepsakes to create a cozy and loving nursery that your child will love.

Baby changing table with open shelves.

Source: Houzz


Streamline the look of your changing table and keep diapers, creams, and wipes hidden from view with baskets. These are a great way to divide up all of the items you need to take care of your baby and handle diaper changes, but still have them close by for when you need them. One of the biggest perks of using baskets is that they can be removed and then washed if they begin to get dirty, allowing you to have a changing table that looks clean and is sanitary.

Baby changing table with basket.

Source: Wayfair


Another way to keep all of the necessary clutter of your changing table hidden from view is to buy one that has drawers. These are often deep, extending all of the way back to the back of the changing table, so you have plenty of room for everything you need to store. Drawers make it incredibly easy to clean up the room so that you do not have any clutter out, but they are harder to clean than removable baskets are.

Baby changing table with drawers.

Source: Hayneedle


A door that swings out and reveals shelves is a great way to keep your changing table looking neat and put together all of the time, no matter how messy it is behind the closed door. Unlike drawers, which can sometimes get stuck and cause problems when trying to open and close them, cabinet doors are easy to swing out and do not get stuck. This means you’ll never have a problem trying to get your changing table in order or trying to get out the items you need to change your baby.

Baby changing table with cabinet.

Source: Wayfair



For a changing table that will look great in most any room but give a traditional feel to the nursery, opt for one in this style. These changing tables are not nearly as bulky or heavy in appearance as some other styles are, and the turned legs and details make the whole piece very visually appealing as well as interesting. Since they have more open space and are lighter to look at, they won’t weigh down the room as much as a bulkier piece of furniture will.

Traditional baby changing

Source: Houzz


Straight lines, trendy knobs, and neutral colors all make a changing table look very modern. These look great in updated nurseries, especially when paired with other modern touches and furniture, such as a plush throw rug and gold accent pieces. Just as sturdy as other styles, modern changing tables do tend to be a little heavier and more solidly built, so take their size into consideration before buying one.

Modern baby changing table.

Source: Hayneedle


If you love the look of mid-century furniture and want to decorate and outfit the nursery in the same style then there are a few elements that you will need to look for. Thin, pin legs are popular, and tend to turn out some rather than being directly vertical under the piece. In addition, also look for bold, stark colors, such as white and brown together, or gold and bare wood. The right touches can make a changing table instantly recognizable as mid-century in style.

Midcentury baby changing table.

Source: Houzz


While it can be a little bit harder to find cribs that are industrial in appearance, it’s not impossible. Look for a metal crib that has straight lines and very little decoration. Barring being able to find a simple metal crib, a wooden one that has a lot of empty space and thin pieces of wood is a great choice. Make sure it is painted a darker color to mimic the appearance of metal and carefully choose the items you have on display and the changing pad itself, as steel gray or even black will make the changing table appear more industrial.

Industrial baby changing table.

Source: Hayneedle


Perfect for a farmhouse, if you want a rustic changing table, you will want to keep an eye out for one that has bare wood showing. Distressed paint is also a great way to ensure your changing table appears rustic, especially if the paint is lighter and the darker wood is allowed to show through. Since this piece is going to be in a nursery, you want to make sure that all of the edges are smooth so your baby doesn’t get injured on splinters or sharp corners.

Rustic baby changing table.

Source: Etsy


For a very simple, attractive, and clean look, opt for a changing table that is Scandinavian in style. These are going to feature bare wood combined with white and all of the lines are going to be very simple and straight. While some people think this means the changing table will be boring or dull in appearance, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Scandinavian changing tables instantly update the nursery and brighten up the whole space without making it feel closed off and dark.

Scandinavian baby changing tables.

Source: Houzz