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What’s better than the ultimate reclining chair? Answer: the ultimate reclining sofa. How’s that for furniture humor?  Yeah, I know, not funny. Besides my meager attempt at humor is a bit simplistic because chairs definitely serve a purpose.  However, something larger with ultra comfort features such as a recliner is hard to beat for your casual […]

How to use corner shelves to make your rooms attractive  Space is at a premium these days and stylish storage is often one of the first things to be abandoned. In a desperate bid to clear clutter, homeowners sacrifice design in favour of pure functionality. However, there is an alternative. Corner shelving can be both […]

What is a toy organizer? It’s a storage solution with more than one compartment so that you can separate kids’ play things in any fashion you like so you kids can find what they’re looking for.  For parents, it helps keep the room tidy… at least that’s the plan. Some are a series of same-sized […]

Do furniture forms influence our emotions? According to existing literature, design provides rich interactions. Emotions such as astonishment, surprise, satisfaction, doubt, etc in design furniture follow the dichotomy rectilinear vs curvilinear forms. Studies show that rounded furniture elicits more positive feelings than squared shapes. Strong connection between furniture design and emotional intelligence therefore has, or […]

We recently purchased a small propane-fueled fire pit.  We went with a small portable version for camping so we can have fires during wood-fire burning bans. However, if you wish to enjoy a fire pit in your backyard and want an easy-start, non-smoke emitting option, propane-fueled patio fire pits are an ideal solution. In fact, […]

If you work from home in any capacity, a home office filing cabinet is essential. However, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed with the many options available for what is essentially a simple piece of furniture. Before committing to any home office filing cabinet, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of […]

Welcome to our gallery of beautiful, comfortable sofas by Celebrity Furnishings. Celebrity Furnishings makes custom sofas to fit a variety of customer needs, and they excel in comfort and quality. Custom sofas are the new trend in design. The popularity of pre-made sofas has fallen by the wayside and many sofa shops have begun offering customization […]

Chaise lounges are intrinsically indulgent, conjuring glamorous images of a bygone era. With the support of a chair and the comfort of a couch, they present the best of both worlds, providing the ultimate in both form and function. Widely popular in the 19th century, these loungers were once reserved for the rich and famous. […]

Welcome to our gallery featuring a wide array of incredible industrial lighting ideas for your home! The basis of industrial design involves utilitarian surfaces, stripped back architecture, and salvaged objects. Industrial style has exploded in popularity over the past decade, mostly due to its affordability. Industrial style can be based in DIY projects that take […]

Adding a corner cabinet to a room can instantly save you space and also spice up your decor. The other benefits of having a corner cabinet as storage is: You can store blankets, books, china, linens and other home accessories and be better organized. Instantly save space without spending a ton of money. We’ve compiled […]

Whether you use them for books, magazines, or for displaying your favorite sculptures or knick-knacks, a bookcase is something that every home needs. Luckily, bookcases come in tons of different styles, colors, and materials that will suit anyone’s sense of style. Our featured bookcase is a lovely light maple shelf available in three, four, or five […]

Coffee tables, in their wide galaxy of styles and materials, are often the centerpiece  of a beautiful living room. Search any furniture website, and you’re bound to discover thousands of models in hundreds of styles and configurations, from rustic wood blocks to post-modern glass sculptures. Sometimes though, a more traditional table is the best choice for anchoring […]

The living room’s role as the social center of the home means that you want it filled with the most appealing furniture in your home. We’re here today to prove that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the perfect visuals. When shopping for the best furniture possible, the countless options available can be overwhelming. To […]

One of the most common elements you’ll find in homes across the globe is the good old fashioned wood dining table. Since it’s the one place everyone gathers, every family deserves one. We’ve created this gallery to showcase affordable dining room tables, with every model coming in under $500. When setting out to gather affordable dining room tables, […]

Welcome to today’s featured gallery, a two-fold guide for anyone looking to purchase a new lamp. We will break down the various designs of both table top and floor standing lamps, giving examples of multiple style options for each category. Our top featured lamp, pictured above, is an elegant modern floor lamp with chrome finish and […]

Welcome to our gallery showcasing the unique EverBlock™ by EverBlock Systems. What is EverBlock™? It’s a fantastic building block for people of all ages, allowing you to unleash your creative ambitions in a fun and practical way. These blocks have been built to let you craft real, usable pieces of furniture that can be reconfigured on a whim. […]

Welcome to our special gallery featuring a wide range of beautiful, stylish vanity designs from WETSTYLE and W2 by WETSTYLE. The Canadian luxury brand WETSTYLE is renowned for their sleek, luxurious modern designs. W2 by WETSTYLE is a more accessible, but no less luxurious alternative available at a lower price point, and typically available in […]