Top 10 Best Recliner Sofas (2019)

Check out our collection of the top 10 best recliner sofas (sectionals included). Perfect for family, recreation and media rooms.
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There is something about a living room that makes it the place to be. What is that secret ingredient to a welcoming living room? The concept of comfort and cozy makes it a room you automatically gravitate towards.

The sofa makes a signature statement in your lounging space. Have you been to one of those homes where the sofas look high maintenance and unwelcoming to sit on?

Don’t worry! With reclining sectional sofas (and recliner chairs), you don’t need to worry about a cold reception. Anyone who looks at a recliner wants to immediately jump on board and go to sleep.  Sofa’s that recline give you the option to be able to relax at different angles and adjust the furniture to your liking.

For those who love design mingling with comfort, your living room needs a beautiful recliner sofa.

Lower that back seat and get your feet elevated and watch your favorite shows while reclining.

How do you choose the right recliner?

There’s a flood of sofas out there that can recline and they come in different colors, materials, features and function. We know that you want something that’s super comfy and looks good at the same time.

  • You want to look for something that works for the room you will place it in.
  • Look for various degrees of elevation and reclining. We know you don’t want something that has bare any recline ability. The idea is to lounge all the way!
  • Are you looking for leather or fabric? Each can be equally comfy – depends on the style you’re going after.
  • Do you want a mechanical recliner or one you can control manually?

These are all things you should consider to make sure you get your perfect match.

Being lazy never felt this good. Grab a blanket and let’s go hunt for your recliner.  Be sure to check out specific sofa recliner reviews here and price comparisons here.

Curated Gallery of Amazing Reclining Sofas

Below is a large selection of regular and sectional sofas that recline. It’s a carefully selected collection from several leading online furniture stores. Click/tap arrows to scroll through the collection.

Below is our list of top 10.

1. 3 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional Reclining Nail Head Accent Sofa

1Brown-L-shaped sofa recliner

Wayfair / Amazon

Seating up to 5 people, you have the luxury of bonded leather and cup holders to help you fully relax and recline.

Measuring about 95 x 95 x 39 inches, you may need some help to lift some of the pieces, but once in place, you’re able to move it around easily and place it where you want it to go.  With some minor assembling, you will be enroute to relaxation in no time.

With unique style and comfort, this sofa recliner is a place that helps you come back to paradise and doing so with sheer luxury.

The soft cushions give you great support along with the perfect color that adds a touch of sophistication to your living room.

2. Homelegance 9605 Vera Reclining Sectional Sofa



The plush texture of this sofa makes it a beauty to have and to use on the daily.
We firmly believe that once you put down the lever, you will instantly fall asleep and miss all your afternoon appointments. The visual charm is one that is cozy and not at all intimidating in a living room.

With sectional seating, this couch is a charmer when you add friends or family to the mix. The overall comfy look is one that is well padded making it excellent for comfort.

With a foot rest and the rounded edges, this recliner puts you face to face with your close family or friends.

3. Black Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa with Single Recliner



If you love coming home to sink into plush pillows, this black recliner was made just for you.  With easy to unfold rests for your feet, you have the perfect partner for rest and relaxation.

If you’re a single person or have a family and so forth, this recliner is big enough to allow someone to sleep while others are sitting – so go ahead and doze off on that Sunday afternoon.  What about video-game players?  You’ll have a hard time getting up once you sit back into the plush comfort of the backrest as  you battle your friend for the win.

The fact that it’s simple to assemble and easy to recline is icing on the cake once you get it home.

Made with material that’s easy to clean, this sectional recliner is made with bonded leather upholstery that endures.  For the ultimate comfort? How about the fact that the seats are fully stuffed with durable foam!

4. Bonded Leather Sectional Sofa with Recliners



Now look at this wicked design!

This reclining sofa is a sight that needs to be admired. With 2 adjustable footrests, you have the ultimate relaxed sofa that will hold your drinks while inviting an entertaining atmosphere.

Once you see the futuristic design, you’ll be inspired to start thinking “how can I integrate this sofa into my life?” Instantly transform your living room into a view worth coming home to and sink right into the 3 seater space with a book or coffee.

5.  3 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional Reclining Nail Head Accent Sofa


Wayfair | Amazon

Created with bonded leather, the comforts of home and the charms of leather invite you to sink right in and recline immediately.

This unit is a chaise-lounge and recliner combo.  Uber comfortable for 4 but accommodates 5 and maybe 6 people.

The high back is perfect for fully leaning back while reading, chatting or watching the screen.

The bonded leather has a slight aged look giving it a masculine design.

Go on and take a look at this dark brown bonded leather goodness. Yes it has full recline abilities.

6.  Classic Berkshire Dark Brown Leather-Like Fabric Reclining Sofa



You want to buy furniture that you can envision sitting in all day – remember you already sat on a hard seat at work so home should be where the relaxation is.  With a plush seating like this, you have the ability to have padded armrests to help you unwind.  In addition, you have some assembling, but you can do it.

The sectional’s overall measurements are 110″ x 120″.

It has that classic style look and would look great with your interior if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look for your place.

7.   3 Piece Bonded Leather Sectional Reclining Nail Head Accent Sofa



Imagine having a few friends over and having seating room and a movie night with snacks and drinks?  This sectional has that admirable consideration of having put comfort and function all in one place.

The bonded leather section will fully recline with 4 people and still offer you space for your personal needs – you can have the ultimate downtime with the right people with this sectional. You may even want some weekend time alone sitting there reading a book and falling asleep.  With a wood table and center wedges, you have a place for USB ports.

There’s so much to do and all you need is time to try this recliner – make it your go to place for a nice unwinding session.

8.  6 Piece Faux PU Leather Sectional Reclining Sofa



Sitting up to 5 people, you can have the option to have the recliner come with a manual style of operating or a more powered motion.  The substantial size makes this recliner comfy with seats, plush seating, cup holders and lift storage.

With the center wedge unit, you have a few options – you can have a wood top wedge or a plush seat.  With the wedge, you get the option of having drawers for storage and electrical receptacles.

With breathable faux leather, this unit is super easy to clean and helps discourage smells from getting absorbed in the material.

9.  Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Sofa


Wayfair | Amazon

Ah! When you look at this particular sectional, you can’t help but think how you can’t wait till you curl up on top.  With super comfy material and stuffing, this reclining sofa is extra comfy and durable.

With simplicity as it’s design feature, you can have the casual atmosphere you’re looking for and the relaxation you crave.  Remember that comfy factor we mentioned? That’s all due to high density foam and thick padding for support.

Relax into the channeled seat backs, the smooth upholstered sides and the end recliners that have foot-rests.

10. Lane Talon Sectional with Wedge, Double Reclining Sofa

Large light brown L-shaped reclining sectional sofa.

The image doesn’t do this recliner any justice.  With simple style, this sofa is a double hit when it comes to combining comfort and looks.  With thick, plush, pillows, you get exquisite relaxation and superior support.

The best thing is their fast shipping.  So hurry and start scheduling lazy weekends here.