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22 Outstanding Recliner Sectional Sofas

Recliner Sectional Sofas Collage

There is something about a living room that makes it the place to be. What is that secret ingredient to a welcoming living room? The concept of comfort and cozy makes it a room you automatically gravitate towards.

The sofa makes a signature statement in your lounging space. Have you been to one of those homes where the sofas look high maintenance and unwelcoming to sit on?

Don’t worry! With reclining sectional sofas (and recliner chairs), you don’t need to worry about a cold reception. Anyone who looks at a recliner wants to immediately jump on board and go to sleep.

Sofa’s that recline gives you the option to be able to relax at different angles and adjust the furniture to your liking.

For those who love design mingling with comfort, your living room needs a beautiful recliner sofa. Lower that back seat and get your feet elevated and watch your favorite shows while reclining.

How do you choose the right recliner?

There’s a flood of sofas out there that can recline and they come in different colors, materials, features and function. We know that you want something that’s super comfy and looks good at the same time.

  • You want to look for something that works for the room you will place it in.
  • Look for various degrees of elevation and reclining. We know you don’t want something that has bare any recline ability. The idea is to lounge all the way!
  • Are you looking for leather or fabric? Each can be equally comfy – depends on the style you’re going after.
  • Do you want a mechanical recliner or one you can control manually?

These are all things you should consider to make sure you get your perfect match. Being lazy never felt this good. Grab a blanket and let’s go hunt for your recliner. Be sure to check out specific sofa recliner reviews here.

I know many people, including myself, feel like my home is a safe space where I can come home and just relax after a long day. One of the best ways to ensure your home is a relaxing space is to fill it with comfort. I make sure my home feels welcoming by including furniture that calls for me to lounge on it.

One of the critical pieces of furniture that can help make your home inviting after a long day is a reclining sectional sofa. Check out this article about the 12 great reclining sectional sofas so you can select the right one for you.

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What is a Reclining Sectional Sofa?

A reclining sectional sofa is a versatile sofa that combines functionality and comfort. Surprisingly, they also tend to make the space in your home appear bigger than it is.

At the most basic level, a reclining sectional sofa is a sofa that has sections, and some or all of them recline. They often have other features such as power reclining, power headrests, and much more. 

12 Great Reclining Sectional Sofas

1. Homedecora Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa

Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa Fabric Upholstery Sofa Set with Foam Filled Seat and Back, Solid Wood Frame with Cup Holders

The Homedecora reclining sectional sofa is comfortable and attractive. This reclining sofa will be a welcome addition to your home. Each seat has a solid wood frame giving you a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Your entire family has room to sit on this spongy and durable sectional.

The Homedecora recliner slides down and not back to have save space and will not hit your walls. You no longer have to worry about marks on your walls. This sectional is a great addition for your family as it is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It provides cup holders and extra storage.


  • It has a manual (not power) reclining option.

2. Hattie Wide Faux Leather Sectional

Hattie Wide Faux Leather Sectional

Source: Wayfair

The Hattie Wide sectional is faux leather but looks like real leather. You will not even know the difference. This sectional provides your family seating for six.

Four of those seats are reclining for your relaxation. This set includes a chaise, loveseat, and armrests throughout the sectional. This is a beautiful and comfortable addition to your family room. 


  • This is large enough for an entire family. 


  • This is only a right-handed facing sectional. 

3. Latitude Run Madelia Faux Leather Symmetrical Reclining Sectional

Latitude Run Madelia Faux Leather Symmetrical Reclining Sectional

Source: Wayfair

The Latitude Run reclining sectional offers a soft and luxurious feel to give you a comfortable place to sit. This sectional includes USB docks on both ends to give you the ultimate convenience. It has a hardwood frame to provide you durable comfort for years.

The stitching on this sectional is the same color as the fabric to provide you a seamless and attractive look. 


  • The storage console can be moved to where it suits you. 
  • Easily assembly as the unit clips together. 


  • The sectional may be larger than you expect.

4. Freesnooze Living Room Sofa Set

Living Room Sofa Set, Premium Foam Filling Soft Fabrics Top Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa w/Cup Holder and Coffee Holder Console(Fabric Grey)

The Freesnooze reclining sectional provides you with a classic look. If a traditional style is your thing, this is the sectional for you. This sectional uses high-end fabric to wrap you in velvety comfort.

This sectional also provides function and convenience. It is complete with four cup holders and two storage box consoles, and two recliners. This sectional gives you a traditional look with all the modern aspects you crave.


  • It has a strong structure for long life. 
  • It offers plenty of storage options.


  • It has a manual (not power) reclining option.

5. Jocestyl Reclining Sofa Set

The Jocestyl recliner is a seven-piece sofa set the provides you a unique look for your living room. It is a light gray synthetic material that has the look and softness of the leather. The metal and artificial wood frame provide strength and stability.

The embedded springs provide a comfortable seat for the entire family. The sectional provides transitional streamlined reclining giving you the most comfort and style while relaxing. 


  • It provides sufficient storage space for remotes, cups, and other items. 


  • Assembly is required. 

6. Toranado Leather Sectional with Power Foot Rest

Toranado Leather Sectional with Power Foot Rest

Source: Apt2B

The Toranado leather sofa sectional is sophisticated yet comfortable. This sectional has button-tufted details completing the classic look. The genuine leather gives you comfort and durability.

It has power footrests to provide you maximum comfort. The footrests are hidden when not in use to enhance the stylish look. It has a low profile design to make your increase the size of your living space.

The armrests are a modern design to balance out the traditional look. 


  • The seat and back cushions are removable.
  • Streamlined design.


  • It does not provide substantial back support. 

7. Toranado Sectional with Power Foot Rest

Toranado Sectional with Power Foot Rest

Source: Apt2B

The Toranado sectional sofa is chic and sophisticated. It has a sturdy wood frame and woven upholstery. It is completed with a button-tufted design.

It has track arms to give you a taste of modern styling. It has a low profile design to provide you more space in your home. The spring cushions prevent them from sagging over time.

This classic sectional is functional and stylish. It has power footrests that are hidden from view when not in use. 


  • The seat and back cushions are removable.
  • Streamlined design.


  • It has a high price. 

8. Freesnooze Multifunctional Ultra-Soft Leather Upholstery Reclining Sectional Couch

Multifunctional Ultra-Soft Leather Upholstery Reclining Sectional Couch, Living Room Corner Sofa Set with Chaise Lounge

The Freesnooze sectional is upholstered with high-grade breathable leather. This new material for sofas is comfortable even on the hottest summer day. It has a smooth reclining mechanism that is as durable the hundredth time as it is the first.

This is a high-end sofa which is clear in the marksmanship used to manufacture it. It has the option of two recliners or a recliner and a chaise. 


  • Easy assembly.
  • Plenty of storage space. 


  • Unique design may not appeal to everyone.

9. Pannow Symmetrical Reclining Sectional Sofa

Pannow Symmertrical Reclining Sectional Sofa Sectional Sofa Power Motion Sofa Living Room Sofa Corner Sectional Sofa with Cup Holder, Grey Leather

The Pannow reclining sectional has the exact design you have come to expect from a sectional recliner. It has foam-filled back cushions giving it a puffy look and a hardwood frame wrapped in leather.

It has a recliner on either end with armrest and storage consoles next to the recliners. This sectional provides two recliners with streamlined transitional reclining. 


  • Heavy and durable sectional.


  • Some assembly is required. 

10. Homedecora Manual Leather Reclining Sectional Sofa

Manual Reclining Sectional Sofa Sofa Set with Storage and Cup Holder Solid Wood Frame Living Room Furniture

The Homedecora leather reclining sectional sofa is comfortable and attractive. This reclining sofa will be a welcome addition to your home. Each seat has a solid wood frame that is wrapped in leather, giving you a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Your entire family has room to sit on this spongy and durable sectional. The Homedecora recliner slides down and not back to have save space and will not hit your walls. You no longer have to worry about marks on your walls.


  • Plenty of additional storage space.


  • Larger than expected, be sure to check measurements. 

11. Baxton Studio SaBabette Sectional Sofa

Baxton Studio SaBabette Sectional Sofa, gray

The Baxton Studio sectional brings a modern contemporary look to your living room. This sectional has a right and a left recliner, two consoles, and a corner section.

This is a seven-piece section sure to provide plenty of room for your family. This sofa is dark grey with light grey piping to give it a stylish look that is sure to please. 


  • It provides plenty of storage space. 


  • Must pull a plastic handle to recline.

12. Themagichome Sectional Sofa

themagichome Sectional Sofa Symmetrical Reclining Sectional Sofa PU Modern Sectional Sofa Couch Power Motion Sofa Living Room Sofa Corner Sectional Sofa with Cup Holder-Black Leather

This sectional sofa gives you a modern design that is sure to fit in any living room. It has a durable wood frame and quality foam to provide comfortable seating. It has a power reclining ability making it a breeze to recline or sit up.

It has a recliner on either end and consoles with plenty of storage. 


  • Easy to operate.
  • Classic styling. 


  • Some assembly is required.

Our Previous List of Favorite Recliner Sectional Sofas

1. The Ultimate Reclining Sectional

Large reclining black leather sectional sofa

Source: Wayfair

I absolutely love this reclining sofa. It’s not just me. Over 200 people who bought it rate it very, very highly. As someone who spends a lot of time researching furniture, I can tell you that 200+ positive reviews for a single item is very rare.

Seating up to 5 people, you have the luxury of faux leather and cup holders to help you fully relax and recline. Measuring about 40.5 in height x 223 long (or wide) x 37″ deep, you may need some help to lift some of the pieces, but once in place, 5 people will be very, very comfortable.

With unique style and comfort such as the white stitching against the black leather, this sofa recliner will look great in many interior design styles including a modern TV room, traditional or other.

The soft cushions give you great support along with the perfect color that adds a touch of sophistication to your living room.

2. Polyester Blend

Polyester blend recliner sectional sofa

Source: Wayfair

The plush texture of this polyester blend sofa makes it a joy to sit on. It’s warm and plush. Moreover, the customer reviews for this is off the chart.

A lot of people have purchased this sofa and then took the time to review it. We firmly believe that once you kick your feet back, you will instantly fall asleep and miss all your afternoon appointments. The visual charm is one that is cozy and not at all intimidating in a living room.

With sectional seating, this couch is a charmer when you add friends or family to the mix. The overall comfy look is one that is well padded making it excellent for comfort. With a footrest and the rounded edges, this recliner puts you face to face with your close family or friends.

3. Small Recliner Sectional


Source: Wayfair

If you love coming home to sink into plush pillows, this black recliner was made just for you. With easy to unfold rests for your feet, you have the perfect partner for rest and relaxation.

If you’re a single person or have a family and so forth, this recliner is big enough to allow someone to sleep while others are sitting – so go ahead and doze off on that Sunday afternoon. What about video-game players? You’ll have a hard time getting up once you sit back into the plush comfort of the backrest as  you battle your friend for the win.

The fact that it’s simple to assemble and easy to recline is icing on the cake once you get it home. Made with material that’s easy to clean, this sectional recliner is made with bonded leather upholstery that endures.

For the ultimate comfort? How about the fact that the seats are fully stuffed with durable foam!

4. Modern (Space Age Style)

Ultra modern brown and cream reclining sectional sofa

Source: Wayfair

Now look at this wicked design! Obviously this won’t work in every interior design, but if you have a minimalist or modern home, this could really make a statement. It’s phenomonally comfortable too.

I like this kind of design as long as it works in the space. It accommodates 5 people very comfortably. There’s a large console section for beverages, clickers and and food.

I think a second console would help, but that would either take up a seat or make it bigger (it’s already big).

This reclining sofa is a sight that needs to be admired. With 2 adjustable footrests, you have the ultimate relaxed sofa that will hold your drinks while inviting an entertaining atmosphere.

Once you see the futuristic design, you’ll be inspired to start thinking “how can I integrate this sofa into my life?” Instantly transform your living room into a view worth coming home to and sink right into the 3-seater space with a book or coffee.

5. Masculine and Spacious

Cadence reclining sectional sofa for 5 people

Source: Wayfair

This faux leather sectional sofa offers a timeless elegance to any TV viewing room. I love the wide, plush seating. I’m not alone. This particular model has some very good reviews.

As you can see, it offers 4 spacious seats, yet isn’t as big as many other options. If you have limited space, this is one to consider. The high back is perfect for fully leaning back while reading, chatting or watching the screen.

The faux leather has a slight aged look giving it a masculine design.

Go on and take a look at this dark brown bonded leather goodness. Yes it has full recline abilities for the main reclining seat and on the other end you have a large ottoman.

6. Classic Plush 6-Seater


Source: Wayfair

You want to buy furniture that you can envision sitting in all day – remember you already sat on a hard seat at work so home should be where the relaxation is. With a plush seating like this, you have the ability to have padded armrests to help you unwind.

This is a modular reclining sectional sofa. It can be one unit or multiple seats, which is super cool, depending on your room arrangement. If split up, there’s a separate recliner chair.

It’s a faux leather upholstery and foam interior. It’s a monster with seating capacity for 6 people. It has that classic style look and would look great with your interior if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look for your place.

7.  7-Seat with Optional Console

Huge recliner sofa with optional console

Source: Wayfair

First off, the customer reviews for this huge recliner sectional are very, very good. Second, check off the seat with an optional console. The flat console table top can fold upward creating another seat.

I love that feature and that feature alone would entice me to buy it. I also love the flat texture instead of sheen you see on other models. The flat, non-ornamental design makes this a great fit in almost any interior design.

Another fabulous feature is small storage areas for remote controls and other items. Notice how the one armrest can rotate upward revealing a storage compartment. While it looks like it’s leather, it’s a polyester blend upholstery.

8. 4-Seat Curve

Compact curved recliner sectional

Source: Wayfair

I like the slight curve and compact size of this reclining sectional. Despite its compact size, it seats 4 people. It includes 2 console areas for beverages and small storage compartments.

The seats are nice and deep, which I love as a tall person. I can’t stand sofas with shallow seats. The slight curving design makes it so everyone has an optimal view of the screen.

Finally, this is a very well rated option by past buyers.

9. Ultra Modern

Ultra modern reclining sectional

Source: Wayfair

Ah! When you look at this particular sectional (with a lot of incredible ratings), you can’t help but think how totally awesome this looks in a modern or contemporary space. This model oozes cool. It also offers 2 reclining opitons, one with a chaise lounge and the other with a kick back recliner.

With simplicity as it’s design feature, you can have the casual atmosphere you’re looking for and the relaxation you crave. Remember that comfy factor we mentioned? That’s all due to high density foam and thick padding for support.

It’s also fairly small but comfortably seats 3 people. You might want to get an ottoman for the middle seat. Notice the deep seats which allows you to really sink in and kick back.

Keep in mind the arms aren’t plush so it’s not ideal for napping unless you toss on a few pillows.

10. Huge Console Table

Cool recliner sectional with huge console table

Source: Wayfair

Check out that awesome middle console table. Yes, you lose a seat, but you gain a large table for stuff, which I love. I also like the simple upholstery style and seating arrangement.

There’s a love seat wing and then two individual recliners. Many people love this model so it’s definitely one worth checking out.