15 Sofa Arm Styles (Illustrated Guide)

Sofa arm styles illustrated infographic

Curious about the different types of sofa arm styles? Check out this illustrated guide showcasing the 15 different arms for couches, sofas and chairs.

Sofa shopping is FUN. I love it.

But it can be daunting with so many styles, colors, sizes and materials out there.

Actually, there are more variables than that.

Which brings me to the topic here – sofa arm styles. Specifically, arm styles for couches, sofas and accent chairs. Did you know there are many different types of arms for couches and chairs?

There are (sorry to further complicate the furniture buying process).

However, our purpose with the illustrated guide below is to help you by setting out your arm styles in an organized way so you actually know what to look for.

Here’s our illustrated furniture arm styles guide for sofas, couches and chairs.

Panel Sofa Arm Style

Panel sofa arm style

2. Pleated

Pleated couch arm style

3. Sock Style

Sock sofa arm style

4. Saddle Sofa Arm StyleSaddle sofa arm style

5. RuchedRuched sofa arm style

6. PadPad sofa arm style

7. Paris ClubParis club sofa arm style

8. Modern English Sofa Arm StyleModern English sofa arm style

9. KeyKey sofa arm style

10. ShelterShelter sofa arm style

11. TrackTrack sofa arm style

12. Track with NailsTrack with nails sofa arm style

13. Modern TuxedoModern tuxedo sofa arm style

14. Modern Slope

Modern slope couch arm style

15. Modern scroll couch arm style

Modern scroll couch arm style




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