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23 Celebrity Home Entry Halls and Foyers

Upon entry of the penthouse, you are welcomed by this foyer with a dark round table brightened by tall white walls and a large glass wall on the far side that brings in natural lighting.

Welcome to our site where you will find a gorgeous selection of chic celebrity halls and foyers.  Be sure to scroll through our hand picked interior photos so you can experience what it’s like to have a grand entrance in your home. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.

1. Charming Nashville Entryway

Leaves damask wallpaper sets a gorgeous backdrop to the white framed artwork that's fixed above the mirrored console table topped with sleek table lamps. It is accompanied by a brass pendant light and wicker chair over the rich hardwood flooring.

The entryway of Hayden Panettiere’s Nashville home features dark blue damask wallpaper, which sets a warm and inviting tone for the rest of the home.  Framed artwork hangs above a mirrored console table that is flanked with matching vintage lamps. A woven armchair placed next to the console injects a more natural element to the design. The final touch to this warm design is the gorgeous vintage light pendant hanging from the ceiling. 

2. Bold and Dramatic Hollywood Hills Foyer

A fiddle leaf fig plant brings life to this foyer with an arched entry door and a picture window allowing natural light in. It is decorated with diamond <a class=

The black painted entryway adds a dramatic flare to the entryway of this Hollywood Hills home. A fiddle leaf fig plant brings life to this foyer with an arched entry door and a picture window allowing natural light in. It is decorated with diamond pendant lights and gallery frames mounted on the black walls.

3. Stunning Artistic Tribeca Entryway

Large foyer with herringbone flooring and concrete stairs leading to a spacious space that's filled with dark wood columns and a round table by the full height glazing.

The stunning  foyer of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Tribeca apartment, has rich light & dark wood beams and beautiful architectural details throughout. Herringbone pattern concrete floor leads you downstairs to a spacious room for entertaining. Wood beam columns line both sides of the entryway and modern decorative screens separate each individual space. You’ll notice just a single round table and hanging light pendant adorn the otherwise barren entry space. 

4. Elegant and Spacious Seattle Foyer

A black double door opens to this entry hall with a wooden bench and ornate console tables facing each other. It is illuminated by a classy candle chandelier that hung from the vaulted ceiling.

Tons of natural light streaming through the black double doors of this grand foyer in Ryan Lewis’s Seattle home.  A solid wood bench is placed at the front and ornate console tables flank each side of the hallway. An elaborate chandelier hangs from the ceiling of the foyer, which adds a touch of elegance to the space. I love all the black and white details throughout, especially the decorative stair railing. 

5. Grand Decor in this Los Angeles Foyer

A grand foyer boasting elegant walls, beige tiles floors and a two-storey ceiling. The area has a charming centerpiece table with a stunning chandelier set just above it and a curved staircase.

This ultra grand foyer in Kaley Kuoco’s former home features modern and traditional design elements. Beige travertine flooring and large columns on the upper level have a more traditional feel, while the geometric wallpaper and glass sputnik chandelier lean more towards the modern side.  I like the organic cocktail table centered in the room, but would have liked to see some books or accessories on top and possibly a curved bench or settee against the large wall. 

6. Modern New England Entryway 

The foyer features a straight staircase leading to the home's second floor landing lighted by charming pendant lights.

This incredible foyer featured in an eclectic New England house, is represented by the Whitney Museum of Art, and is run as a part-time museum and home. You are looking at the home’s second floor landing which features built-in tables and shelves on both sides. A solid wood pitched ceiling and modern pendant lights hang down on both sides of the upper room. You can see downstairs there are french doors leading outside which bring in much needed natural light.

7. Rustic Australian Foyer-Mudroom

A mudroom entry foyer with rustic side table, a wooden shoe rack and a hat hanger.

This rustic mudroom-foyer of Olivia Newton-John’s Australian home, showcases the singer’s many hats and love for nature. The room serves not only as the foyer but as a mudroom where outdoor boots and hats are stored. The rustic console table showcases a weathered window as decor and a plant for some indoor greenery. The walls are beautifully textured to represent that old, Tuscan vibe and the weathered wood beam ceiling & front door add incredible depth and warmth to the design. 

8. Incredible Hallway in New York City

An entry hall featuring a long bench seating along with a tall ceiling. The doorway opens up to the home's living space.

The long entryway of Meg Ryan’s New York loft hallway, features a long wooden bench along the window wall and open doors to the grand living space to the right. Unique wall lighting is hung overhead of the wood bench along the wall between each window. You can see a bike and a large clock at the beginning of entrance to the hallway. The exposed piping along the ceiling adds a industrial touch to the overall design.

9. A Grandiose Foyer and Staircase

A main entry foyer of the house boasting a glamorous grand chandelier. The curved staircase is lighted by wall lights.

The former home of Peggy Lee boasts a glamorous grand foyer that features so many amazing architectural details. There is so much goodness to look at, you don’t know where begin. The stone archway surrounding the moroccan style iron front door, has its own incredible moment with a flush chandelier overhead and private side doors. The grand staircase has intricate iron-work and marble steps that lead up to the second floor, showcasing light sconces along the way. An oversized crystal chandelier hangs from the foyer ceiling which features large ornate moulding. 

10. Spacious Texan Entryway

Upon entry of the mansion, you are welcomed by this spacious grand foyer with a high ceiling paired with tall glass walls and glass railings for the indoor balcony.

This spacious mansion has been occupied by numerous celebrities including George W. Bush and Mark Cuban to name a few. Upon entry of the home, you are welcomed by a spacious grand foyer with glass walls and  railings along with a ceiling that never ends. Large light fixtures-installations hang from the entryway and two staircases lead you up to the second floor hallways. A large piece of artwork adorns one of the walls and wood doors open into the main living quarters. 

11. Charming D.C. Foyer

Upon entry of the house, you are welcomed by this charming foyer with elegant beige walls that match the console table on the side topped with a large mirror.

The foyer in Jackie Kennedy’s former D.C. home is adorned with beautiful wallpaper and elegant design details. Upon entering the house, you are welcomed by a charming foyer covered in floral wallpaper and an ornate console table that showcases a large antique mirror. Incredible architectural details in the woodwork and moulding throughout this gorgeous space. I appreciate all the lovely additions like the antique light sconces, settee loveseat and Victorian armchair. 

12. French Artist-Inspired Foyer

Entry foyer featuring gray tiles flooring and a rustic centerpiece table.

I can’t resist the art of Pablo Picasso and who can resist the foyer of his stunning former French home. Large gray tile flooring in the entry and curved plaster staircase creates a blank canvas for your imagination. The gorgeous weathered table in the center of the space, showcases a single vase. The lighting is soft and ambient and adds a touch of mystic to the design, which has you wondering what is beyond the doorway. 

13. Classic & Traditional Entryway

Spacious lovely foyer featuring a brown centerpiece table on top of a classy area rug covering the hardwood flooring.

The design of Angelina Jolie’s spacious foyer is classic and perfectly curated. A large vintage rug centers the room with an Indonesian wood table that showcases a grand bouquet of flowers.  Vintage armchairs flank the doorway and a traditional light sconce adorns the wall. Lots of natural light streams through the french door and the small art on the wall completes the delicate design. 

14. Elegant Connecticut Foyer

Entry foyer with elegant walls and tiles flooring, lighted by a gorgeous chandelier.

This beautiful estate in Connecticut has a charming and tastefully decorated foyer. The walls are covered in beige & white stripe wallpaper paired with marble tiled flooring. A large antique brass mirror hangs over a half-console table that is adorned with elegant accessories. On the opposite side you see an upholstered bench, which can be used for taking off your shoes and a large crystal chandelier for perfect lighting. 

15. Chicago High-Rise Foyer

This is a look at the foyer with black and white checkered flooring that stands out against the dark wooden walls.

The entryway of Vince Vaughn’s Chicago apartment is as cool and unique as the actor himself. Classic black and white tiles on the floor and the white tray-ceiling pops off the dark mahogany wood walls. I love the abstract art on the wall above the wood console table and the black bench with ornate mirrors above add a sense of whimsy to the design. 

16. Modern Newport Beach Entryway

This is the foyer with a set of stairs a few steps from the living room area. Here you can see the unique design of glass railings that make the wooden banisters seem like floating. These match well with the surrounding wooden structures.

This incredible modern foyer is inside the home of John Lautner, which is located in Newport Beach, California.  Covered in solid wood and stone, the foyer features a red Mid-Century swivel chair and side table. You can appreciate the unique design of the glass stair railings, which make the wood banister seem like it’s floating. I can only imagine how cool and interesting the rest of the home is, just from viewing this amazing space.

17. Elegant Dual-Staircase Entryway

Upon entry of the house, you are welcomed by this grand foyer with a spacious hardwood flooring, dual staircase and a large chandelier hanging from a dome ceiling with a mural.

Upon entry of Prestley Blakes’s house, you are wowed by a spacious foyer with a grand dual staircase, which is very reminiscent of the staircase in the Sound of Music. Gorgeous parquet hardwood flooring throughout and a vintage chandelier and light sconces offer spectacular ambience. I love all the frame moulding on the walls and the doorways. The incredible dome ceiling features a painted mural that completes the grandiose design of this space. 

18. Sophisticated California Foyer

Upon entry of the house, you are welcomed by this grand foyer that has a curved staircase, dark hardwood flooring and contrasting bright white walls.

When you enter the home of Wayne Gretzky, you are wowed by the incredible woodwork details throughout and the contrast of dark wood floors and white walls. The   foyer has a grand curved staircase with steps covered in velvet carpet. There is an antique table and console cabinet perfectly positioned in the space and amazing vaulted ceilings that go on for days. 

19. Zen-Inspired Palisades Entryway

Upon entry of the house, you are welcomed by this bright foyer that has a wooden coffered ceiling that matches the wooden frames of the glass door and walls adorned with decorations.

The  entryway of Matt Damon’s former Pacific Palisades home is stunning and very zen-inspired with gorgeous wood coffered ceilings and a large wood and glass framed door.  I love that this foyer illuminates a sense of nature with it’s large potted planters and thick branches, and when you gaze outside you can enjoy all that beautiful greenery outside. The vintage-style rug is inviting and the framed black and white art is the perfect piece to complete this design. 

20. Charming Chinoisoire-Influenced Foyer

This is the foyer that has a large gray area rug on the dark hardwood flooring that matches the dark wooden table and pedestal on the side of the staircase.

This charming foyer in Tommy Hilfiger’s Connecticut home is bursting with style. The first thing you notice is that orange wallpaper along the walls of the staircase and the patterned runner that compliments the wallpaper colors. A wood pedestal is the home of a large gold bald eagle that greets you on your way in. A large diamond print area rug adds warmth to the space and an antique table houses a chinoisoire lamp and book. 

21. Old-World Hollywood Entryway

Upon entry into the house, you are welcomed by this foyer that has a dark wooden intricate main door that matches the tone of the dark flooring tiles contrasted by the bright walls with a small alcove for a bench. Image courtesy of

The foyer of Jean Kerr’s New York home, has old world charm and sophistication. You are greeted by an intricate wood door that has some Moroccan influences and it contrasts with the bright white walls. Brown tiles are installed in a brick-like design to match the exterior of this all-brick home. You can see a stone bench off to one side which matches the stone white walls and there are hooks above so you can hang your coats upon entering.

22. Beverly Hills Manor Foyer

The grand foyer that has dark accents to its wrought-iron railings, console table topped with mirror and the round glass-top table under a large chandelier.

The foyer of this Beverly Hills mansion has decorative wrought-iron railings that lead up the stairs onto the second floor. There is a black console table against the wall with a large round mirror flanked by wall candle sconces. A bronze wagon-wheel chandelier hangs from the ceiling over the round table that is centered in the foyer. I love the intricate carved wood above the entryway to the main seating area, it adds interest to the room design and compliments the black accents. 

23. Museum-Inspired Foyer

Entry foyer featuring a gorgeous staircase and walls with multiple classic movie poster wall decors. The area features large checker tiles flooring and a glamorous chandelier.

There are a load of design details going on in the grand foyer of the late actor Cary Grant. The large classic black and white tiled floor is very vintage old-Hollywood style and all the cool framed movie posters make you feel like you’re inside a museum. The magnificent staircase has a black decorative railing and red carpet to welcome all those Hollywood starlets. It makes me somewhat nostalgic, imagining all the incredible parties that must have been held in this wonderful home. 

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