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16 Furniture Leg Styles (Table, Chair & Sofa Legs)

Collage photo of furniture leg styles for tables, chair, and sofas.

Welcome to our furniture leg styles article where we describe and illustrate 16 common types of furniture legs for tables, chairs and sofas.

Check out each style below that includes an illustration and write up. Below our list is a full graphic setting out all the styles in an infographic. Pin anything on this page.

1. Adam Leg Style

Designed by Robert Adam (1760-1795). A classic Adam leg design includes reeded and tapered effects.

Adam furniture leg style

2. Double Scroll

The double scroll is identified by the rolled the two “rolled” design elements on the leg.

Double Scroll furniture leg

3. Double Twist

As the name implies, the ornate double twist furniture leg style makes the wood appear as if two strands are twisted together.

Double Twist leg style

4. Cabriole Leg Styles

I liken the cabriole leg style to a horse’s rear legs. The upper arc is convex (outward) and the lower is concave (inward).

Cabriole leg style 1Cabriole furniture leg style 2Cabriole leg style 3

5. Fluted Leg Style

A classic element of the fluted furniture leg is the concave reeded design which makes the legs look like Greek architectural columns.

Fluted leg style

6. Marlborough

The Marlborough leg is plain and square. Some taper while some designs are straight.

Marlborough leg style

7. Reeded

Reeded table legs include vertical lines created either by raised reeds or concave reeds. Reeds are often combined with other leg styles.

Reeded leg style

8. Reverse Scroll

The reverse scroll is a table leg or chair leg with 2 rolled elements but on opposite sides of the leg.

Reversed scroll furniture leg style

9. Saber Leg Style

You gotta love the name… “saber leg”, which is aptly named for the saber like shape akin to the the curved fangs of a tiger or curved sword.

saber furniture leg style

10. Sheraton Tapered

Sheraton furniture legs date at end of 18th and beginning of 19th centuries. The most common type is the square tapered leg.

Sheraton Tapered furniture leg style

11. Spade

The spade leg is in reference to the foot which widens like a spade.

Spade leg style

12. Straight

Straight leg style

13. Tapered

Tapered furniture legs are found on tables, chairs and sofas. This design element is often combined with other leg designs.

Tapered leg style

14. Turned Flute

Turned flute leg style

15. Turned Twist

Wood design giving a twisted appearance… but just a single twist compared to the double twist above.

Turned Twist furniture leg style

16. Walnut Period

Walnut Period furniture leg style

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