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25 Furniture Ideas for Tall People

A giraffe in the living room.

I’m a tall person (6′ 3″) so finding furnishings that are comfortable for me is not easy. But I’m short compared to the world’s tallest person, who is 8′ 3″ tall.

How tall is “tall”?

There is no set answer. Is it “above average” globally? Above average within a country or region? The fact is average height varies by country, which may mean a tall height arguably varies by country or region. A tall person in India would not be considered a tall person in the Netherlands (tallest average height in the world). Moreover, average height has increased in recent decades. Check out the following global average height chart:

One’s height is something to consider when choosing furniture pieces. When you’re over six feet tall, chances are you’re accustomed to bumping your knees over the edges of coffee tables, straining your back over a desk or sleeping in fetal position on couches.

It’s a common sight for tall people who live with furnishings designed for the average lot — but also a problem that’s unnecessary. If you know what to look for in furniture pieces for your height, then you don’t need to live uncomfortably anymore, break your back or even break the bank just for custom work.

Living Room

Sofas (deep-seated)

Here’s an example of a deep-seated sofa:

Deep seated sofa

Buy this sofa

Just because you need a sofa to work for the tall members of your family doesn’t mean you want it to stick out as being specially designed for taller people. While some sofas, especially those upholstered with bright fabric or with ornate designs, are more obviously made for taller people, if you want a great sofa that will anchor your room and fit with any aesthetics you have for your home, look for a sofa that is deeper than normal ones. These will allow the tall members of your family or your guests to sit comfortably all of the way back in the sofa, with their legs reaching the floor without having their knees bent at unnatural and uncomfortable angles. Pair the sofa with some supportive pillows, and the other members of your family will still have a great place to sit even though their legs are a bit shorter. Deeper sofas will also mean you don’t have to have an ottoman in front for taller users and that you can place them closer to other pieces of furniture without worrying about legroom.

Sectional Sofas

Sectional sofa for tall people

Source: Hayneedle

I love sectionals because they do accommodate tall people well. Sectional sofas are a great way to make sure that anyone who is a little taller will be comfortable when sitting on the furniture. When choosing the right sectional, it’s a good idea to look for one that has a chaise included, as this will instantly provide all of the support and comfort you need. Being able to stretch out your legs at the end of a long day is a blessing, and the right sectional sofa will be deep enough and supportive enough that you can do just that. It can be a little trickier with sectional sofas to find one that offers the support that you want, since they are designed to be taken apart with the pieces moved around, so you will really need to make sure the sectional sofa you choose has a solid frame. Otherwise, it’s common for the sofa to not provide enough support to the user since it doesn’t have the larger frame of a regular sofa. By choosing one with a solid wood frame and a chaise, you can make sure you have enough great seating for taller people. While it may be tempting to opt for a sectional that breaks apart in many smaller pieces, do make sure that at least one section of the sofa is large enough to offer full support to a taller guest or family member.


Armchair for tall people

Deep-seated arm chair. Source: Houzz

While smaller armchairs may be all the rage right now, they are not a great choice if you are catering to taller people. No matter how cute the chair looks, if it is not comfortable, you will not want to sit in it. The problem with armchairs that are smaller or have shorter seats is that it is very difficult to sit in them and relax, as taller people will find that their legs are bunched up and that they have to push back to hold themselves onto the seat. You can eliminate this problem completely by choosing an armchair that is deeper. Another great way to improve the comfort of the chair is to choose one that tilts back just a little bit, as this will allow the person sitting in the chair to slide back into it comfortably. Make sure that the armchair you choose has strong enough arms for the user to push themselves up and out of the chair, and that the legs are sturdy enough to offer full support when the person is getting in and out of the seat.

Oversized Club Chair

Iconic Home FAC2691-AN Norwell Retro Wood Herringbone Chenille Modern Trim Detailed Club Grey, Accent Chair, CHARCOAL Grey

Source: Amazon

My favorite living room chairs for tall people are oversized club chairs. I have a huge one (in white) and love it. They’re best with an ottoman.

Recliner Chairs

Recliner chair for tall people

Source: Home Depot (this type of recliner is actually very comfortable for taller people. I don’t have one, but a friend of mine does and I love sitting in it).

Reclining in a great chair at the end of the day is one of the best ways to fully relax before bed, but not if the chair isn’t sized correctly for how tall you are. Rather than simply buying the first recliner you come across, you need to make sure you choose one that is made for taller people. These reclining chairs will look like regular reclining chairs, but will be a little bit bigger. They will also have stronger mechanisms in them for reclining so that the user doesn’t have any problems either pushing back to recline or sitting up. It can be difficult for some taller people to get comfortable in reclining chairs, so make sure you buy one that has an ottoman. While fixed ottomans look great, ones that can rock are a much better choice, as they will provide a little more wiggle room for the user to get extremely comfortable in the chair. Additionally, since the chair is going to be reclining, you also need to make sure that the structure is supportive and will keep the person in an ergonomic position when in use.

Rocking Chair

POLYWOOD R100BL Presidential Outdoor Rocking Chair, Black

Source: Amazon

While some people want to sit in a recliner at the end of the day, others greatly prefer a rocking chair, as it allows them some movement. Whether you are going to be reading, working on knitting, or simply holding a baby to calm them down before they go to sleep, you want to be as comfortable as possible in your new rocker. Wooden rockers are great for this, as they offer strength as well as comfort, and you can always add a pillow if necessary to make the chair even more comfortable. Look for a rocking chair that has a very deep seat so that taller members of the family can sit back into the chair without feeling like their legs are extended out too far into the room. If you can find a rocking chair that has a seat that tilts back at an angle, then the user will be even more comfortable, as this position will take a lot of stress and weight off of the person and allow them to really relax. Make sure the rockers are long enough to allow enough rocking movement, as otherwise the user will feel like they are simply going back and forth too quickly.

Dining Room

Dining Chairs

Kitchen Rustic Distressed Dining Room Chair with Arm Rests (Beige)

A great dining room chair for tall people is one with a high back, deep seat and arms. We have a set similar to the one above and they are super comfortable.

Stick with the theme of having deeper chairs than you would normally buy when looking for great dining chairs that will be comfortable for taller users. Remember that people who are shorter can still easily use these chairs either by sitting forward on the seat or by propping a pillow behind their back for a little extra support, but taller people will not be nearly as comfortable in a chair with a shorter seat. Keeping the legs simple on these chairs ensures you can rest your feet and your legs wherever you want to without worrying about the legs of the chairs taking up too much room under the table and making it uncomfortable to sit. Also make sure that when choosing dining room chairs that the seat itself is wide enough, as people who are significantly taller often need a little more support when they are sitting. A wider seat cushion will ensure that there is enough support through even the longest dinner party.

Dining Tables

Merax Antique Style Rectangular Dining Table with Metal Legs (Distressed Black)

Source: Amazon

The key for a dining table for tall people is that there’s no drop-down ledge and nothing under the table to tangle feet such as a brace. The wider, the better as well.

Simple is best when you are in the market for a dining room table that will be comfortable for your taller guests or family members to use. You want to be able to stretch your legs out under the table, and one that has ornate legs or is on a pedestal will make this very difficult. While pedestal tables are incredibly popular and attractive, the center post of the table takes up so much room that it is almost impossible for the people eating to find enough space for their legs and feet. This is a minor inconvenience for some people, but a major problem for those who are taller than average. Knowing this, it makes sense to look for a dining table that has four slim legs. Make sure there aren’t any cross bars under the table, as this will remove some of the leg room that you need when sitting, and think about positioning the tallest person dining with you on a long side of the table. This will ensure they have the most room to spread out and to extend their legs without worrying about kicking a table leg.

Bar Stools

LSSBOUGHT Nailhead Barstools with Solid Wood Legs, Set of 2 (Gray)

The best bar stools for tall people have a square, deep seat with sturdy back just like the ones above (available at Amazon).

Bar stools are a fun seating alternative when you have guests over or want to sit and enjoy a drinking with your family, but you have to make sure they are tall when you are buying with taller users in mind. While shorter bar stools can be used by taller guests, it’s important to remember that they won’t be nearly as comfortable as a taller stool. This is because the feet of the person using them will either rest on the floor or on the lower footrest, but the knees will be bent and the legs will be at an awkward angle. You can reduce the risk of this happening simply by buying taller bar stools. This ensures that they are tall enough to keep your taller users comfortable, and shorter ones can use them as well without any issues. Kids, of course, will have their legs hanging freely on taller bar stools, but adults can use the foot rest to find a comfortable position. These stools look great at a built-in bar or with a bar or pub table in your man cave. Choose ones with a back to offer plenty of support to the person using them, because while backless stools are trendy, they are not comfortable for taller users to sit on for extended periods of time and may cause your party to get cut short.

Bar Table

Bar table for tall people

Source: Home Depot

The right bar or pub table can take sharing a drink or appetizers with your friends from something normal to an exciting evening spent with great company. There’s something about a great bar table to make a get together feel a whole lot more exciting, but because you want everyone to be very comfortable, you have to be a little careful when choosing the right table. Just like you were picky when choosing a dining room table to make sure there was enough room for your taller dinner guests, you want to be just as picky when looking for a bar table. Any sort of pedestal or thicker legs will get in the way of the people trying to enjoy a drink and each other’s company. If your guests can’t find room for their legs, they will not want to stay very long, so look for a table that has smaller, yet strong legs. Anything ornate will take away the useable space underneath that taller people need to stretch out, as will any decorative crossbars under the table. The table you choose should be strong enough to stand by itself without any supportive crossbars.

Folding Tables and Chairs

Flash Furniture 5 Piece Black Folding Card Table and Chair Set

While folding tables and chairs aren’t really the best furniture option for tall people, often it’s always a good idea to have extra seating and tables in your home in case you are hosting a large party and need a little extra space for guests. While it may be tempting to opt for smaller tables and chairs as they will be easier to store and to move, when you take into consideration making your taller guests feel comfortable, you will want to make sure you buy pieces that will work with their longer legs without making them feel cramped or uncomfortable. Buy folding tables that have individual legs that will pop down and lock open without being connected to other legs by bars. While these connecting bars do tend to make the table a little more sturdy and stable, they take up a lot of room that could be used for leg room, making it difficult for taller people to sit comfortably at these tables. Chairs are easier to buy, but do make sure that they have a back, the seat has a padded cushion, and that there isn’t a footrest on the front legs that will get in the way for a taller person. While these footrests are great for kids and shorter people to use, they make it difficult for a taller user to sit with their legs close to their body.



Modern Computer Desk 47" Simple Style PC Laptop Sturdy Wooden Study Office Training Meeting Desk for Home Office School, White + Black Leg

A good desk for tall people is one without a keyboard tray or drop-down drawers where legs go. As a tall person, I find these desks are bad because my legs don’t fit underneath. The above is an example of a good desk for taller people.

Drafting Tables

Drafting table for tall people

Source: Wayfair

The right drafting table can make working on plans a breeze, but only if it is comfortable enough to use. While some people prefer drafting tables that appear to be a little more solid and have decorative elements to them, there is a major problem with that if you are taller than average and want to be able to use your drafting table comfortably. While decorative bars across the back legs of the table can give the piece of furniture more visible weight and make it seem a bit more substantial, these will remove any space that was there that you could have used for your legroom. Make sure when choosing a drafting table that there is not a solid base on the table, as you will not be able to stretch out, and that the legs are open and free of any clutter or embellishments. For the most part, drafting tables offer the same sort of tilt and locking mechanisms, meaning you will mostly be focused on the level of comfort you will enjoy when using this table.

Desk Chairs

Desk chair for tall people

Source: Houzz

Like all chairs for tall people, a deep seat and high back are best.

The right desk chair can make working long hours bearable, but only if the chair has been designed for your body type and shape. This is why, when searching for a desk chair that will be comfortable for taller users, you want to consider a few things. Make sure the chair is on casters, as this will make it very easy to pull into the desk and to push back if you can’t seem to get your legs to stretch out comfortably. Additionally, make sure that the chair you choose also has a number of adjustable knobs that are easy to use, as you will want to customize exactly how the chair is positioned so that you won’t cramp up when you are using the chair. One with armrests will allow you to push up out of the chair if you have been sitting for a long period of time and find that you’re very uncomfortable. Look for a deeper seat and a chair that offers lumbar support. While lighter-framed desk chairs and ones with a lot of mesh are quite popular and may be cooler to sit in, they don’t offer all of the support you need to sit for long periods of time, especially if you are taller.

Standing Tables

Pneumatic Adjustable Height Standing Desk (48", White Frame / Birch Top)

Source: Amazon

An adjustable desk/table is ideal so you can get the height you want. I’m saving up for such a desk (I want the motor-powered adjustable Herman Miller desk).

Sometimes the best way to stretch out while working is to use a standing table or desk, as this will remove a lot of the pressure on your lower body that you feel when you are cramped up behind a desk that may be too small for you. When looking for a great standing desk, you will want to be sure it has the ability to adjust to a high height so that you aren’t crouched over when using it, or you are sure to experience major back pain within a very short period of time of beginning your work. Great standing tables or adjustable desks are large enough to allow you to spread out so that your work isn’t piled up on top of itself, which can be frustrating and cause you to want to go back to a traditional desk. Look for one that has locking casters so you can move the desk to a new location if you want but so that you don’t have to worry about it shifting position while you are working. When you do buy a standing table, you will want to also invest in an ergonomic mat so your feet and legs do not get tired while working.



Hillary and Scottsdale Contemporary California King Bookcase Bed with Underbed Storage Drawers

If you want a bed for a tall person, get a California king or regular king bed. The one above is a California king. Check out our bed size chart here.

There are few thing more frustrating than not being able to really stretch out when you are in your bed, so make sure you find a bed that will be long enough for you. When you aren’t able to really stretch out while sleeping, it is normal to wake up with leg cramps or to toss and turn all night long. While it is much easier to find extra-long twin beds, buying a queen or double bed will give you enough space to the side of your body that if you are going to sleep on your side you can still stretch out your legs a little. Another thing to consider when looking for a bed that will be comfortable for taller people is the height of the bed, as taller ones will be easier to get on and off of. While lower beds are very popular, they are often so low to the ground that they are very difficult to use, especially for people who suffer from leg pain. Making sure you choose a taller bed will also make it easier for the person to sit on the edge and put on their shoes in the morning.


Gliders for tall people

Source: Wayfair

A glider is a great piece of furniture to have in any bedroom, especially if you have small children you are going to be rocking to sleep on a regular basis, as it is comfortable, supportive, and creates a very relaxing movement when you are using the chair. No matter how large or small your bedroom is, you will want to make sure that the glider you choose is deep enough to offer enough comfort and support. While it can be very difficult to find a glider that taller people will be able to curl up in, just as it is hard to find a seat that is large enough to accommodate their legs, you can find one that will be comfortable for stretching out. Some gliders will recline, but the best option is one that comes with a matching and gliding ottoman. This will allow you to place the ottoman at a distance from the glider that is the most comfortable and will ensure that everyone in the family can use this piece of furniture. Look for one that has a tall back so you can lean back when using it without worrying about cramps or having a sore back later.

Makeup Vanity

SONGMICS Vanity Set Tri-folding Mirror Make-up Dressing Table Cushioned Stool 5 Drawers White URDT108M

Notice how the middle section in the vanity above from Amazon doesn’t drop own as low as the side drawers? This is great for taller people because it offers room for legs.

The right place to sit and put on makeup can make getting ready in the morning not only easier when you are too tired to stand in the bathroom, but also more fun and luxurious, which is why many people look for makeup vanities to put in their bedroom. When you are in the market for one of these pieces of furniture you will want to make sure it is tall and deep enough to accommodate longer legs. These are generally placed up against the wall since the tall mirror would otherwise block the view across the room, and knowing that, you will want to find one that is deep enough for you to place your legs without hitting them against the wall. Look for a makeup vanity that has very simple and straight legs so they don’t take up a lot of room under the piece of furniture and skip any that have decorative or supportive bars where you will be placing your feet, as they will simply limit the amount of room you have under the piece.


Chaise for tall people

Source: Houzz

An extra-long chaise is a great piece of furniture to have in your bedroom and allows the tallest users to still be completely supported while they are reclining. While there are shorter chaises that are great for smaller rooms, if you have the space in your bedroom, you will want to opt for the longest one that you can to offer enough full-body support to the tallest users who want to recline. Look for a chaise that is ergonomically designed so that it will offer head-to-toe support, and choose one that has firm cushions as well. Anything that is too soft will allow the person to sink into it, and it will not be comfortable for a long period of time. As a general rule, chaises are fairly low to the ground, which can sometimes cause problems for taller users to get on and off of them, but as long as the chaise has a higher point in the middle that will allow the person to sit down and swing their legs onto the furniture, it can be comfortable for even the tallest users.


Deck Chairs

Deck chair for tall people

Source: Wayfair

Adirondack chairs are a great option when you are in the market for deck chairs that will be comfortable for taller people to use. While cloth deck chairs that have a single piece of fabric sling between the foot and the head of the chair are very popular, these are not a great choice if you are taller than average, as they will not allow the body to sink back into the chair and the user will always feel like they are about to be pushed or fall out of the chair. When you buy a deeper wooden chair, there will be enough room on the seat of the chair that the user can sit back into the chair and feel supported and safe. Of course, these will also be a little more difficult to get out of, which is why you always want to buy ones that have armrests. Anything without arms will be almost impossible to get out of easily, as it will not provide the support the user needs to push themselves up and out of their seated position.

Patio Swings

Coral Coast Soho Wicker Porch Swing with Free

Most patio swings are pretty flimsy. You want one that is sturdy and suspended by chains so that it accommodates you. The one above is an example of a patio swing for tall people that I would like.

Look for a patio swing that is deep enough so that the people using it can really settle back into a comfortable position, as this will make this piece of furniture a lot more comfortable to use. Additionally, if you can find a patio swing that has a seat that is slightly tilted back at a gentle angle, you will find that you have a much easier time settling into the seat. This is especially important for people who are taller than average, as they generally have a much more difficult time getting comfortable on a seat, especially on a swing, as it may make them feel like they are going to fall off. While 3-person patio swings are becoming more and more popular, they are difficult for taller people to use if they are in the middle seat. Without an armrest to brace against, it can be very difficult for people to keep their balance and feel like they are firmly on the seat of the swing. Buying a patio swing that is made for just 2 people will eliminate this problem and frustration.

Patio Sofas

Suncrown Outdoor Furniture Sectional Sofa Set (7-Piece Set) All-Weather Brown Wicker with Brown Washable Seat Cushions & Modern Glass Coffee Table | Patio, Backyard, Pool | Incl. Waterproof Cover

Don’t mess around; get a deep patio sectional. These are exceptionally comfortable for tall people. I was just at a barbecue where the hosts had patio sectional which was amazingly comfortable.

You want to be as comfortable as possible no matter where you are going to be sitting, so make sure your outside furniture is just as supportive and deep as the furniture inside your home. Extra deep patio sofas are a great option for spending time outside with your family and friends, and they will offer ample support, no matter how tall you or your family members are. When looking for the right patio furniture, try to choose something that is a little taller than the rest, as it can be very difficult to get down and off of lower sofas, especially at the end of a long day when you are relaxing. Additionally, make sure the foam cushions and pillows are really high-quality. Lower quality foam will begin to degrade rather quickly outside, and this means you won’t get the necessary support from it for very long. While you can replace this foam, this gets to be rather expensive. It’s a better idea to buy higher quality outdoor sofas so you can enjoy them without worrying about their quality. Also look for a sofa that comes with an outdoor ottoman, as it will allow the user to lean back and put up their feet, as patio sofas do not normally come with an option to recline.

Patio Glider Benches

Outdoor Loveseat Glider Bench with 2 Cushions and 2 Decorative Pillows, Seats 2 in Red

The above example from Amazon is a great for tall people because it’s sturdy with high back (for a glider bench).

A great glider is a nice way to spend some time relaxing after a long day at work, and for the most part they can be used comfortably by people who are taller than average. When you want to make sure that you, your family member, or your guests are able to use the glider without pain or feel like they are going to fall off due to their height, then you have to choose a deeper glider with a tall back, and make sure you don’t place any other furniture too close to the front of it. When you make sure there is enough leg room in the front of the glider, the user will be able to stretch out their legs without bumping into anything, and this will ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. For taller people, there are few things more frustrating than not being able to fully stretch out, but the right patio glider, when placed in the right position, will give them all of the support and room they need.

Folding Lawn Chair

Folding lawn chair for tall people

Source: Etsy

Folding lawn chairs are a great way to lay out in the sun and catch some rays, but only if you are going to feel comfortable and supported. Shorter folding lawn chairs may be easier to move and take up less space when they are in storage, but the benefits end there, especially when you want to make sure taller users will be comfortable in them. When looking for a folding lawn chair, you will have to make sure that it is full-length, as this will offer all of the leg support taller users need in order to feel comfortable when they are relaxing. Without this longer length, the person’s legs will fall to the ground and it can be very difficult to find a comfortable position. Longer chairs offer support all of the way down the body, keeping the lower body in line with the upper body and offering a more ergonomic and comfortable experience. The materials of the folding chair matter, as well, as you will want something strong enough to stand up to the weight of a taller person, but something that will be comfortable for them to use as well.


Hammock for tall people

Double hammock which is great for one person (it’s much bigger than it looks above). Source: Houzz

A hammock is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take a nap while still feeling supported. A great hammock can be hung between two trees, posts on the porch, or even suspended over a strong wood or metal frame. No matter what kind of hammock you choose to buy for your patio or deck, you will want to make sure it is wide and long enough for the tallest user to rest in it comfortably without feeling cramped up or like they don’t have enough space to move. This is very important in a hammock, as any jerky movements can cause the person to fall out of it, especially if the hammock only has two attachment points to hold it up. When looking for a hammock that will be comfortable and supportive for taller users, try to find one that is extra-long. Barring that, a hammock that is designed to hold two people will give the user more room to spread out without feeling like their legs are going to cramp. Also opt for a hammock that has four attachment points, as this provides a lot more support to the person using the hammock and makes it safer. A strong frame will support the hammock and ensure that the person has ample time to get in and out without the hammock threatening to flip over.