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Our Top 10 Picks for Arm Chairs

What Kind of Arm Chairs Are Available?

Simply put, an arm chair is just what the term implies—a chair with arms. You’ll find many styles of arm chairs which can speak to the design of your home decor. There is much more than the traditional chair which is upholstered with overstuffed cushions. You’ll find many more choices of form and construction.

Style Design Options:

  • Open or closed sides
  • High or low back
  • Wingback or barrel back
  • Custom modern styles

What Styles of Arm Chairs Are There?

The form and structure of an arm chair can add an interesting dynamic to your overall room design. In addition to traditional, there are modern styles with sleek lines that create a classic look. You’ll also find that fit in with different themes such as rustic or cottage.

And if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, be sure and check out the Mid-Century Modern chairs. These designer chairs create visual appeal because they often break the rules for what is expected of an arm chair. Many have a fun retro look which can add some pop to your decor.

How We Narrowed Down Our List

We had two priorities in mind when we looked for the top arm chairs.

1. Comfort is king. An arm chair has to be comfortable to encourage lingering over conversation or a cup of coffee. After all, it a functional part of your living room. An arm chair may look nice, but it also has to be something we’d want to sit in because it feels good.

2. It has to be a quality product. An arm chair can be a large investment. Therefore, it makes sense to choose one that will last. We looked for solid construction and attentions to detail that defines a well-made piece of furniture.

Of course, styles are an individual thing. We included a sampling of several designs to show you what options are available. We focused on the chairs that stood out as excellent examples of their style. Picking the color only scratches the surface of what you’ll find in arm chairs. The shapes and forms often define many of these pieces.

Our Picks for the Top 10 Arm Chairs

1. Brennen Series Leather Club Chair

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  • Style: Modern & Contemporary
  • Design: Faux leather with brushed aluminum finish

The Brennen Series Leather Club Chair has a slick, modern design that says class. The upholstery material is faux leather which gives it a comfortable softness while making it an affordable addition to your home. If you didn’t know it, you’d almost swear it was real leather. It is easy to clean which is another plus in our book.

The chair has a foam cushion which we found super comfy. The overall construction is solid and sturdy. For the price, it’s a great value. Besides, it just looks great.

2. Hirsh Arm Chair

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Linen blend with script pattern with a tailored box cushion

Not only is the Hirsh Arm Chair uber-comfortable, but we loved its fun pattern which gives it global feel as a conversation piece. The script includes names of places we’ve love to visit like Provence which makes it perfect for the arm chair traveler.

The chair features solid wood construction. It has a thick, high-quality foam cushion and padded arms for added comfort. It has the classic form we’d expect from a traditional style piece with all the comfort.

3. Fairchild Slipcovered Arm Chair

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  • Style: Cottage/Country
  • Design: Oversized arm chair with three pillows and a removable slipcover

The standout feature of the Fairchild Slipcovered arm chair is its roominess. If you like to spread out, this is the chair for you. The three pillows are a nice perk. Its white color makes it an easy fit for any decor.

We loved the washable slipcover, so it’ll always look like new. We only wish more manufacturers included this feature. The Fairchild Slipcovered Arm Chair is a quality piece that is built to last.

4. Louis Ghost Arm Chair

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  • Style: Glam
  • Design: Transparent or opaque frame made of batched-dyed polycarbonate

Okay, there are some designs you’ll either love or hate. But you’ll have to admit this one is interesting on so many levels. Its name is enough to intrigue you. The Louis Ghost Arm Chair is a stunning piece of furniture that is both delicate and sturdy. Its transparent frame is a definite wow factor that will certainly grab anyone’s attention.

The chair’s simple design is well balanced and comfortable. You can use it indoors or outdoors to add a touch of class to any setting. The polycarbonate frame is easy to clean, certainly a bonus. We could easily see it used for a chair in the dining room. The chair is sold in sets of two.

5. Felicity Arm Chair

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  • Style: Coastal
  • Design: Rolled arms with down-blend cushions and a removable slipcover

The Felicity Arm Chair has all the elements of a classic design with rolled arms and down-blend cushions for added comfort. Everything about this chair says comfortable from its polyester fabric to its loose back cushions. This is the chair you’d want for taking an afternoon nap.

The removable slipcover is a welcome touch to keep your chair looking its best for years to come. The overall design has a homey feel to it. It’s the kind of chair you’ll gravitate to because it looks so comfy.

6. Nash Leisure Arm Chair

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  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Classic lines with a faux-leather finish and an ash wood frame

The Nash Leisure Arm Chair is just the type of piece we’d expect to find in a cabin. A faux-leather finish and an ashwood frame give it the durability that will last. It’s a well-made chair that has the comfort and strength of a product that costs far more.

We loved the classic lines which give it a timeless elegance that will fit in with any decor. The attention to details is amazing down to the gentle curve of the arm rests. The faux leather gives it a well-worn look that invites you to take a seat.

7. Drumahiskey Flair Arm Chair

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  • Style: Mid-Century Modern
  • Design: Bucket-style chair made of polypropylene with a geometrically designed base.

The Drumahiskey Flair Arm Chair has an intriguing, modernistic feel about it that we loved. The retro style features a bucket-style chair and a geometrically designed base that adds a quirky visual appeal. If your living room has an eclectic or modern style, it’s worth a look.

The design belies how comfortable it really is. It’s worth noting that the frame of the chair is narrower than other arm chairs with a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The chair is sold in sets of two.

8. Woven Fabric Upholstered Arm Chair

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  • Style: Industrial
  • Design: Woven fabric seat with steel Eiffel legs

The eModern Decor Woven Fabric Upholstered Arm Chair screams 50s retro. The ergonomically shaped woven fabric seat with high-density foam is quite comfortable. The steel Eiffel legs give it that smart industrial look that makes it seem like a piece of art.

The chair is a perfect example of a minimalist piece that works. Every element is right in this chair. The design features clean lines that simply looks great in a living room with a modern style.

9. Pompey Arm Chair

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  • Style: Scandinavian
  • Design: Eco leather upholstery with a wood frame

The Pompey Arm Chair exudes class. It combines the originality of the Mid-Century style with the clean lines of the Scandinavian. There is a lot of attention to detail with this design from the eco leather upholstery to the dense foam cushions. Its frame is a generous size that offers plenty of comfort.

It is well made with a solid wood frame. The chair is a stunning example with its soft lines and smoke gray cushion that gives it a classic look. We could easily see this arm chair as a focal piece in a room.

10. Eleanor Acres Arm Chair

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  • Style: French Country
  • Design: Romantic style with linen removable seat cushion and distressed oak construction

The Eleanor Acres Arm Chair is all about elegance. From its classic neutral gray color to its button-tufted details, this piece has a bit of romance about it. We could easily see this piece in a living room or bedroom.

We also loved the distressed oak construction that gives it a rustic, timeless feel. The linen upholstery and hand button-tufted back are nice touches that add to its appeal. Its thick cushion makes it just as comfortable as it looks. Overall, it’s a good-looking piece of furniture that is well constructed.