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Pros and Cons of Platform Beds


Wooden platform bed.

The idea of a platform bed started out as humans discovered the need for a raised sleeping space as protection from the cold and small animals. So technically, the earliest platform bed made use of a rope, wood or bone as base for a mattress.

Before it became the platform bed that we know of today, it had to go through several transformations. It’s safe to say it stood the test of time and yet this type of bed may not be for everyone.


  • Budget-Friendly: Without the presence of box springs, the price of a platform bed is cut to an extremely lower range. Also, it doesn’t require any additional mattress for support and foundation; less expense indeed! Platform beds are more affordable than box springs so for those who are in a tight budget, then this type of bed might actually save your day.
  • Comfortable: Sleep is important and having a good one is even more significant. Choosing the best structure that will complement your lifestyle is necessary if you want to invest into furniture that are supposed to last for years. The bottom part of a platform bed has a flat and firm structure that offers a stable surface for the mattress. This finish will guarantee you a steady and comfortable usage, thus a good night sleep.
    Moreover, the solid frame promotes the usage of memory foam mattresses which are preferred by some people because of its proven firmness and comfort.
  • Wide Range of Designs: Platform beds come in a variety of designs and approaches. You can can choose among a wide range of style— from sleek and minimalistic to bold and creative. Traditional, Asian, modern  and other designs are also available in the market. This long list of styles will allow you to pick one that will best complement your overall home layout.
  • Additional Features: Some platform bets have storage that saves a lot of space especially when you are in a room with a limited area. With this feature, some of your extra goods are accommodated inside the bed, maximizing the allotted space. If you have a small-sized bedroom, this might be a great deal than purchasing a bed and a storage box at the ame time.


  • Low Height: Normally, platform beds are closer to the ground compared to traditional beds. This might be problematic to people, especially to the older ones, with knee and lower back complications. If you’re having a hard time bending over, then a traditional bed will suit you better.
  • Not Easy to Move Around: Shifting or moving to another home is not the easiest thing to do when you own  platform beds. Its sturdy and stable, large-sized finish is difficult to lift and move around especially when you need to walk into stairs and narrow hallways. Its solid and non-bending structure makes it hard to transport from one place to another.
  • No Space Underneath: Unlike traditional bed frames, platform beds are too low and close to the ground to have an area underneath. While this is just a minimal drawback, some people still prefer to hide some of their goods under their bunk beds. Still, platform beds with storage are available to the market so this is not really a huge problem.

A beach-style platform bed with a white mattress.

About Platform Beds

The actual year of discovery of platform beds is impossible to identify but since this type of bed is closely related as to how ancient people sleep in the early years, then it is probably intertwined with the evolution of modern beds. In fact, some of the earliest platform beds were found in many burial tombs in Egypt. These wooden frameworks glued together are developed by the early Egyptians.

Today, platform beds has evolved in many aspects: the medium or materials used, style and layout. It can be made out of wood, metal, leather or bamboo. Some still possess that subtle and simple design while others look bold and creative. You can also choose from a variety of styles whether you want a contemporary, traditional, or modern finish.

A dark platform bed with a sleek finish.

Things to Consider When Buying

  • Price. Of course, your priority is to get what you pay for so consider and inspect the price range of the platform bed that you’re buying. Do not settle for one bed, try to compare its cost to other beds. The price should be the reflection of its construction, materials used and other features.
  • Size. Consider how many people will be accommodated in the platform bed that you’re buying. Sizes may range from small that fits for a single person, double for couples and large for the whole family.
  • Style. The style of the platform bed that you will buy should complement the overall style and layout of your home/ room. Styles available are traditional, contemporary, modern and may more.
  • Material. The durability of a platform bed can be determined on what materials are used to build it. Wood is more aesthetic but if you want a sturdy one, then go with a platform bed with a metal framework.