Asian Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

Your ultimate design style guide for Asian home decor and architecture. Includes an expansive array of Asian home interior design photo gallery.

Welcome to the Asian interior design style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Asian style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Asian Home Decor Style?

Elements of Exterior Asian Design

  • Asian interior design style foyer.Gilt paint and coloured glass,
  • Articulation and bilateral symmetry,
  • Enclosure such as open courtyards and sky well,
  • Projected hierarchy,
  • Horizontal emphasis,
  • Cosmological concepts, and
  • Erected on raised platforms

Elements of Interior Asian Design

  • Asymmetry,
  • Altar-like alcoves,
  • Reference to nature,
  • Chinoiserie furniture,
  • Natural materials,
  • Simplicity,
  • Clean lines,
  • Circle motif,
  • Orchids, and
  • Use of curtain walls, door panels or Japanese tokonama

Asian bedroom home decor

If you’re the type of person who thinks like an interior designer who wants asymmetrical pieces that really feel like they come together and create balance, then an Asian-inspired interior design is going to be for you. This modern interior design style is characterized by different things coming together to make a balance and to create symbolism and uniqueness. This culture and this style of Asian décor are going to emphasize display and styled artwork as well as oriental aspects that are going to show through in just about everything. But that’s not all you’re going to see in an oriental interior home.

Distinguishing Design Features

Asian style furniture piece

When it comes to Asian-inspired décor ideas you’ll find a whole lot of natural materials used throughout the contemporary design. That means you’ll see stone tiles, planks, river rocks, and more usually in lighter tones and colors. You’ll also see aspects of the elements and the earth in things like waterfall style showers and plants throughout the space. The main characteristic, however, is the circle motif that you’ll find just about everywhere. It’s extremely important in Japanese culture, where the sun rising is considered an extremely important aspect. It’s also related to enlightenment and Zen aspects of life, which means that you’ll find it just about everywhere.


Asian home decor items

The materials you’ll find here are very much based in nature. Those natural style stones are going to be emphasized throughout the design as is water. You’ll find things like rice paper, bamboo, and jute throughout the design structure with things like mats and even accent pieces made out of them. When it comes to the fabrics that you find there will be neutral colors that seem to come from the elements themselves as well as metallic and bright colors. Primarily you’ll find things that seem to emphasize the elements in a positive way with light and bright colors from tan and beige to light oranges and yellows. And all of this can be accented with gold or just a little bit of red or black.


Asian bedroom design

The furniture is going to be somewhat basic and simplistic but still strong at the same time. This is where you’ll find things like platform beds or large bean bag style chairs. You’ll notice that the tables, chairs and other seating is closer to the ground than in a lot of other styles and you’ll find that a good share of furniture is made entirely out of wood. It’s considered one of the primary aspects of furniture in this design style, though you may find accents in things like the mother of pearl or lacquer. You’re going to find that most everything has wood elements to it, however, as this doubles as one of the accent materials.

Décor Accessories

Decorative pieces in the oriental interior design style are going to be filled with natural elements Asian home décor Accessories

including the bamboo and rice paper we talked about earlier. You’ll also find a whole lot of water element ideas including koi ponds and fountains. Water is an essential aspect of the Asian home and that means you could have water elements within the home or even in some of the gardens and outdoor elements. You’ll notice things like lighting in softer tones using screens and open space to make sure that the light that comes in is primarily a natural light rather than an artificial one.

Pottery is another popular décor aspect for any room as it’s considered earthenware and, therefore, very natural and organic as well. Basically, anything that is related to the elements is going to be a good option when it comes to décor including plants, which are considered nearly a staple for accent pieces in the design. Choosing pieces that are also made with wood, including driftwood or petrified wood, is going to improve the look and feel of your space while maintaining the overall design ideals of Asian inspired. It’s all about looking at the traditional pieces of each part of the culture and using that to help create a cohesive unit that will be comfortable and the right mix of natural and more modern (with a few accent colors that are).

Why it Looks Great

Asian bedding.

Overall, this design inspiration is great because it provides a balance with nature. If you’re looking to really become one with nature you’re going to want to look at this style. It’s going to help you get a very contemporary and modern feel to the room without sacrificing some of the more cultural aspects that are included. Anyone who really likes the outdoors and really loves the materials that can be found there like rattan, jute and bamboo are going to love the way that those materials come together to create something unique in the way of an Asian style. It’s all about knowing what you’re looking at and what you’re looking for.

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