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Stack-cube House by TOUCH Architect

Stack-cube House by TOUCH Architect

Architects: TOUCH Architect
Area: 340 m²
Year: 2020
Photographs: Chalermwat Wongchompoo
Manufacturers: Chaos Group, Alumet, Lamitak, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Chaw Cher, GstarSoft, Oggi, PDM Brand, ROMAN, Trimble Navigation, VC Fabric
Lead Architects: Setthakarn Yangderm, Parpis Leelaniramol
Design Team: Pitchaya Tiyapitsanupaisan, Tutchakorn Jumreiang, Supanan Tangsajjanuraksa
Clients: Ketkwan Tuksina
Engineering: Chittinat Wongmaneeprateep
Contractor: Jitr Construction
Interior Contractor: TRIGON design con
Country: Thailand

Limitation of this house size, which is located in an owner’s existing hen farm, to fit in 340 square meters with plenty of functions requirement, was the first move to create this house. In order to reduce the size, it has to be stacked a level on top of the other into a cube space to provide a square floor plan. Not only the square-shaped plans but also pulling out and eliminate an unnecessary space would help to create a compact function together with the best utilizing all the circulation.

There are three bedrooms, a living room, a dining, a kitchen, and a common room for multi-purpose activities for serving all family members, which is a young couple with three kids. Creating a house with all functions needed, together with an outdoor area which is mainly used by the children, has to be both practical and safe.

The pulled-out space on the first level provides the main entrance area with an outdoor terrace which is surrounded by the L-shape of the lower floor. Living, dining, kitchen, and activity room are opened large voids with all glass to connect through the center terrace which consists of a middle tree at the middle of the terrace space.

However, the outer sides of each room contain minimal glass void because of security. A linear staircase with concealed built-in storage underneath which is designed to utilize the space leads the circulation to the upper floor which comprises all three bedrooms; two for kids, and one for the master bedroom.

The interlocking L-shape corridor with an encircle-walking, not only for accessing the master bedroom on the opposite side, but also allows every bedroom to open the void in order to touch the middle tree, while still have privacy and safety inside since all the rooms are blinded from outside by this interlocked corridor.

The material finishing of this house is mainly white walls with glass voids. Ornament boundaries are created by a wooden-like aluminum trellis, with durability to conceal an inside space. Wood planks from an old barn are re-used for outdoor decks, ceiling, main entrance door, and staircase.

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