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24 Asian-Inspired Living Room Ideas Showcase the Richness of Cultural Fusion

Published on April 28, 2023

Welcome to our curated site of the best Asian-inspired living rooms. Be sure to scroll through our hand picked interior photos so you can read all about the designs. You can also click on any links to view additional designs and read about further architectural details and resources. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.

1.  Spacious Minimalistic Living Room with Japanese-Style Overtones

The stunning wood-beamed ceiling draws your eye upwards as you view the vast space this living room has to offer. Cloaked in Japanese influences while maintaining a minimalist approach is the epitome of Asian style. Wood furniture paired with textured fabrics adds depth and warmth to this open space. The large kitchen is open to the rest of the space which allows for easy entertaining.

The stunning wood-beamed ceiling draws your eye upwards as you view the vast space of this Asian-Style living room. This beautiful room is cloaked in Japanese influences while maintaining a minimalist approach. I love the wood furniture paired with textured fabrics, it adds depth and warmth to a large space. The large, functional kitchen is open to the rest of the room which allows for easy entertaining. You can see they designed built-in wood cabinets for ample storage across the window wall, which also creates top shelving to display vases and collectibles. 

2. Grand Views in a Picturesque Japanese-Inspired Living Room

The white modern sofa set matches the white panels of the walls and arched ceiling that is held together by exposed wooden beams that match the hardwood flooring. This is topped with a gray patterned area rug and a glass-top coffee table.

You will notice that this seating room has white paneled walls and ceiling, but also still showing touches of natural wood beams throughout. Who can miss the gorgeous picture windows lining the back wall. A curved boucle sofa has the most coveted spot where you can gaze out onto the lush green landscape enjoying a perfect cup of coffee. Keeping with the minimal vibe, all of the furniture serves a purpose including the iconic Eames lounge chair. 

3. Traditional Meets Asian in this Indoor-Outdoor Living Room

The white ceiling of this living room is lit with warm yellow lights that also give warmth to the elegant elements of the sofa set and the two oval-back armchairs facing the dark coffee table. This is given a nice colorful background of a poolside view filled with <a class=

There is nothing better than indoor-outdoor living and this room is no exception. It boasts gorgeous views of the calming pool and soothing greenery outside. Inside perhaps is a little to cluttered with furniture for my taste, however if you entertain frequently, then there is no shortage of comfortable seating. The dark wood folding doors are  definitely influenced by the Asian exterior of the house and I love the recessed ceilings which add dimension to the space. 

4. Traditional Japanese Dining-Tea Room

The delicate partition separates the rest of the house from this traditional dining/tea tasting room. Complete with traditional Japanese floor pillows and stools and minimal art, keeps the interiors simple but elegant and easy. The ceiling boasts architectural details which adds dimension and the rug offers insulation for a quieter experience. 

The delicate partition separates the rest of the house from this traditional dining/tea tasting room. Complete with traditional Japanese floor pillows and stools with minimal art, which keeps the interiors simple but elegant and easy. The ceiling boasts architectural details which adds dimension and although there are wood floors, the rug offers insulation for a quieter experience. 

5. Clean Lines and Modern Asian-influenced Living Room

The low wooden platform under the mounted TV acts as a shelf for the sound system. This low platform matches with the light hardwood flooring that is illuminated by the natural lights coming in from the curtained windows.

The light palette in this room is a calming retreat for the homeowner to relax and watch TV or pull out a guitar and start strumming. It feels light and airy with minimal furniture that is only there to serve a function. Low profile furniture is often efficiently used in Asian decor and the platform shelf under the TV is used to house decor and TV equipment. The track lighting and light wood throughout gives the space a very modern feel. 

6. Form Meets Function in this Space Saving Living Room

This space saving living room is clad in wood but never seems to be too much. For a small space, there seems to be ample storage. You'll notice the low profile floating TV cabinet and the custom bookcases in wood, reflecting a very modern Asian-style.

This space saving living room is full of architectural details that blend seamlessly throughout with the use of wood. For a smaller space, there seems to be plenty of  storage. You’ll notice the low profile floating TV cabinet and the custom bookcases in wood, reflecting a very modern Asian-style feel. A sectional sofa provides enough seating without any additional furniture obstructing the flow. 

7. Wood and Textures Create an Asian-Inspired Living Room

The wooden cathedral ceiling has exposed wooden beams that support a unique oriental lantern-like pendant light that complements the glass doors that have oriental patterns on its dark frames that contrast the light gray walls and sofa cushions.

So many beautiful details in this seating room make it feel really sophisticated. The mix of wood and fabric along with textured walls, creates a warm and inviting space with Japanese influences. The pitched-roof ceiling with a mix of wood and textured walls along with the intricate details of the doors create an elegant, cozy vibe. I love the black Ming armchair and custom sofa, paired with the simple but beautiful light fixture and wall art. 

8. Classic Ming Chairs in Multi-Textured Asian-Inspired Den

The brilliant crystal cube pendant light of the white tray ceiling is contrasted by the redwood elements of the glass-top coffee table and the wooden structure of the TV that has oriental-style shelves matching the wooden molding.

This multi-textured den boasts classic Ming chairs paired with a low-profile sofa and chaise, which is traditional for Asian-inspired decor. I like the use of  the open paneled wood wall to divide the room but still give it an open and airy feel. Classic Asian stools in turquoise add a pop of color, along with the vases and blue painted walls. The art is minimal and unassuming, probably so you can focus more on the other details in the room. The ceiling lighting represents Asian lanterns you sometimes see hanging in downtown China town, however I wish they would have kept all the cords black instead of mixing silver & black finishes together.

9. Asian Meets Scandinavian Relaxed Living Room

This simple living room has white walls and curtains windows that illuminate the light hardwood flooring that makes the black armchairs and modern coffee table stand out. This is paired with a wooden bench that matches the chinese cabinet on one side.

Chinese Ming armchairs in a black modern-style pair well in this Scandinavian and Asian-influenced living room. The wood armoire is used as traditional storage in many Chinese homes and the light wood bench seat along with all the wood details gives it a very Scandi-inspired vibe. The baseboards are interesting, I believe maybe they are concrete. Possibly adding in a light plush rug and some overhead lighting would really warm up the space and complete the room. 

10. Low-Profile Furniture in Japanese Living Room

This simple Japanese-Style living room has a white flooring topped with a floor-height wooden table with a light gray table runner paired with a couple of yellowish cushions on the floor with a side of a branch with flowers in a flower vase.

Low-profile furniture is synonymous with the Japanese way of life. You see two yellow floor cushions flanking a wood coffee table that appears to be set for tea. The colors are calming and the rugs, along with minimal art and touches of accessories, add texture to the space. Traditional matchstick blinds on the windows are often used in place of curtains because they don’t trap heat and allow light to filter in. The most interesting piece in this space has to be the flat, almost corrugated like bed/chaise that is placed against the wall. 

11.  Traditional Chinese Living Room with Iconic Red Walls

This is a traditional Chinese-Style living room that has oriental patterns on its windows that matches with the carvings of the armchairs and wooden bench surrounding the small center table with the same carvings. These are topped with Chinese lanterns on the red wooden ceiling.

So many carved details in the wall panels and the wood furniture of this bold red Chinese living room. My eye is drawn to the height of the side tables between the Ming armchairs, seems rather unusual. Tall pedestal tables flank the sides of the wood sofa, where I envision placing some potted plants to bring in some greenery. You can see the panels behind sofa, in Chinese script and traditional lanterns that hang from the red ceiling.

12. Modern Eclectic Stone Living Room with Asian-Accents

This bright high-ceilinged living room is adorned with dramatic oriental elements fit for an emperor with its beautiful lanterns and a patterned brass wall panel that supports the mounted TV. This is paired with the elegant white sofa set with a furry brown area rug over the white marble flooring.

I love all the stone detail in this grand eclectic living room, from the fireplace to the walls and ceiling. You’ll notice touches of Asian influence mixed with modern and traditional pieces such as the wall sconces and gray pendant light.  The fireplace wall has beautiful detail and you can see they added in the low-profile bench underneath TV. It’s really an interesting mix of styles, the white pieces seem a bit cold and out of place against the stone and Asian accents. 

13. Indonesian and Bali Inspired Cozy Living Room 

This charming and cozy living room has a high white ceiling separated from the white walls by dark wooden molding that blends in with the large wooden structure that houses the TV over the fireplace adorned with oriental decors that gives a nice background for the large L-shaped beige sofa.

I love the color combination in this living room, it feels very cozy and I get Bali and Indonesian vibes throughout. The corner sectional is epic and deserves a moment, you could have your entire family and friends gather in this space without it feeling too crowded. You can also curl up in the daybed off to left of room, which is carved in beautiful dark wood detail. There are so many layers and texture in this room, and you can see the homeowner clearly had a vision to showcase an Asian styles that creates harmony.

14. Palm Springs Meets the Far East in this Bright Living Room

The brightness of this living room is due to the natural lights coming in from the tall glass windows and sliding glass doors flanking the large gray china cabinet with built-in shelves and oriental patterns. This is paired with a large curved green sectional sofa and a white circular coffee table.

There is an abundance of bright light streaming into this bright Palm Springs inspired living space. The curved green sofa is a showstopper and deserves a moment. All the shades of green in the chair, sofa and accessories compliment the gray tones in the flooring and cabinet. The subtle detail of the Asian screens on the large cabinet doors, mesh the two designs together well.  I can imagine myself lounging on the sofa, sipping a martini and enjoying the indoor outdoor feeling you get in this living room.

15. Mid-Century Living Room with Airy Japanese Minimalism

The white marble flooring of this living room has a white area rug that is contrasted by the black modern coffee table of the yellow sofa set facing that TV that is mounted on a wall with dark wooden panels that contrast the white tray ceiling.

The marriage of Mid-Century and Japanese styles works well in this soothing space. The wood paneled partition walls, as seen in many Japanese and Mid-Century  styled homes, has a dual purpose as a divider and book holder. The mix of wood and fabric creates an inviting space with clever storage solutions. The iconic Mid-Century arc floor lamp is a space saving way to inject light, along with what appear to be wall lights attached to the wood paneled TV wall. The buttery yellow upholstery works as a neutral color paired with the whites and wood throughout. 

16. Zen Living Room Retreat 

This is a warm and cozy living room that is dominated by the wooden elements in the wooden ceiling, hardwood flooring and the walls that are adorned with wooden moldings and cabinets bearing oriental and Buddhist decors flanking the fireplace.

The teak wood details in this zen living space are incredible, starting with the gorgeous wood beam ceiling. The paneled walls are like art and the built-in cabinets create great storage for clients.  You can’t miss the giant Buddha giving namaste vibes while you lounge in a comfy white sofa. The classic Eames lounge chair in black is a great place to curl up when the fireplace is roaring as you read a book.

17. Tranquil and Modern Asian-Inspired Living Room 

The tall windows dominating the corner brightens the pair of white-cushioned sofas with wooden frames paired with a wooden coffee table that suits the light hardwood flooring topped with a wooden beige area rug by the fireplace that blends in with the white walls.

There is a very calming and serene feeling in this living room that comes from so much natural light bursting through the tall windows. The carved wood sofas and stool are very Bali inspired. The floor pillows represent the Japanese culture along with the lantern pendant light. There are some touches of modern style as well with the white walls and straight lines of the fireplace.

18. Upper East Side Living Room with Luxury Asian Decor

The wall behind the white cushioned sofa has oriental patterns adorned with a gold framed blank canvas that matches with the large patterned area rug under the large black wooden coffee table bearing decors and a potted plant.

I’m picturing this living room in a walk-up on the Upper East Side of NYC with exquisite details throughout.  There are so many layers in this room with all the architectural details, such as the carved screen, paneled walls and the tray ceiling, and the furniture is layered in pillows and Asian accessories adorn the tables. Lots of light streaming through and the mirror on the wall creates the illusion that the space is larger. I especially love the small benches next to the window, they can be moved around as needed for guests.

19. Vertical Living Room with Asian Inspiration

THis is a close look at the living room that has a tall ceiling that hangs a decorative lighting over the wooden coffee table paired with the L-shaped built-in cushioned sofa. This also gives a view of the staircase with glass railings.

Your eyes are automatically drawn upwards to this stunning modern ring pendant that hangs about 8ft. long from the ceiling. The vertical height in this living room creates an open feel and the built-in wood sofa appears to be a part of the house itself. All the wood details like the small paneled ceiling and wall screen on second floor, really lend itself to the Asian culture. It feels like a cozy space even though it is very modern. Coming from a designers viewpoint, the only thing I would change is the coffee table, I really believe a round table would work better in this space.

20. Indonesian-Inspired Indoor-Outdoor Living Room

This is the living room with an arched wooden ceiling that hangs a decoratove lighting over the large glass-top coffee table paired with a beige sofa that is brightened by the natural lighting.


You feel like you’re living an exotic life in this nature-inspired relaxing Indonesian style living room. There are so many natural elements starting with the woven ceiling and wood beams paired with the stone wall. You’ll notice the furniture is more low-profile like the long coffee table and wishbone-style chairs to the extra long custom sofa. This is every entertainers dream space, you can start off in the living room and wander outside to the lush greenery that surrounds you. 

21. Minimalism Meets Japanese-Influenced Living Room

This is a simple living room with a large beige L-shaped sofa paired with a wooden coffee table and adorned by the potted plant on the corner by the large glass wall.

This minimalistic living room in Thailand really represents the simple life. You only have what you need, starting with the chaise sectional for seating and a simple wood coffee table to place your drink or book. Lots of glass to let in the natural light and the addition of wood adds some warmth to an otherwise stark space. I appreciate the touch of greenery in here with the Fiddle leaf tree placed next to the sofa. 

22. Nature-Inspired Bali Living Room

This is a view of the living room showcasing the beige sofa set with a glass-top coffee table topped with a wooden beamed cathedral ceiling and adorned with a lrge wall-mounted intricate artwork.

You feel like you are on vacation every day in this nature-inspired Bali living room. The indoor/outdoor living is essential in this climate and the interior decor of home flows directly into the outside. You can’t help but stare at the gorgeous wood pitched roof and wonder about all the details that went into creating this art. I love the soothing color palette for all the furniture and accessories, it allows everything to flow seamlessly together. Imagine the parties you could have here, with drinks the flowing and music playing all day. 

23.  Thailand Living Room with Japanese-Style Influences

This is a close look at the brown leather sofa of the living room with a tall wooden structure behind it that acts as a console and divider for the dining area. The living room has a tall ceiling with a decorative lighting.

You can’t help but notice the incredible vast open space in this Thai living room. So much ample light flowing throughout and the outdoor tree feels like it is inside of the space. I love the long custom leather sofa propped up against a solid wood console where you can set your drinks or remote. There is also a bench that looks like it runs the length of the wood TV wall. Not much else is needed in this space other than the seating, lighting and of course the TV. 

24. Traditional Bali Living Room with Loads of Wood Detail

This is the living room with the large white sofa on one side under the window paired with a small wooden coffee table. These are then adorned with the wall-mounted decors on the far side and the dragon statuette on the floor.

This cozy living room in Bali really evokes the feeling that nature is among us. The room is completely wrapped in solid wood from the floor to ceiling and blends in completely with the color tones of the furniture. I love the little details like the arrow shaped oars that hang on the wall and carved wood art on the floor. The sheer curtains add just the right amount of softness this room needs.

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