Breathtaking Mountain Views from the Safir Residence

A 7,500 square foot house surrounded by mountain ranges

A grand, rustic, and visually appealing 7,500 square foot house located in Safir Residence sits on breathtaking view of the nature.

Built on a one of a kind parcel of land in Wyoming, this Ward + Blake primarypiece marries rustic aesthetic appeal with luxury living space. The 7500 square foot Safir Residence includes a spacious two-bedroom guesthouse, large general living space, and glorious panoramic mountain views making it both an awe-inspiring and award winning property.


Designed By: Ward + Blake

Bordered by the Grand Teton Range to the north and Sleeping Indian Peak to the southwest, there is no bad view from any point in the Safir Residence. The residence sits directly in the path of migrating native elk so that homeowners will get annual visits from native wildlife as well.

Constructed with the majesty of the surrounding nature in mind, the house features an abundance of glass elements, making it easy to appreciate your surroundings in every room. Ward + Blake also took care to situate the home to minimize neighboring properties and create a reclusive feel.

Modern Rustic Elements

The home fits the landscape perfectly, combining unembellished exterior elements with the modern luxury you expect from a Ward + Blake Design.

Designed By: Ward + Blake

The open floor plan features intricate stonework, rustic beaming, valued ceilings and dark wood elements. The spacious kitchen opens to a large dining and living area that showcases the breathtaking view of the Gros Ventre Mountain Range with floor to ceiling windows.

Reclaimed wood and weathering steel are some of the materials used throughout, making it an environmentally friendly build.

Spacious Guest House

The two-bedroom guest house sits just off the courtyard entry from the main house. Visitors enter through a private driveway and a private corridor on that side of the property.

In addition to the private bedrooms, there is a living space that houses the kitchen, dining room and entryway that provides everything your guest needs in one functional area.

Designed as the perfect aesthetic counterpart to the main space, the guest residence has a suite-like feel and features similar materials, construction, and visual elements as the rest of the home.

What We Love Most

  • We can’t say enough about the location. The plot of land Ward + Blake built on is surrounded by views that you might otherwise only see in photographs. They designed every aspect of the home with the majestic scenery in mind, and you won’t miss a minute of the spectacular show that nature puts on from any room.
  • If you’re someone who entertains frequently, has visiting family, or is considering a seasonal rental, the guest house is a luxury amenity that can’t be beaten. Featuring two bedrooms and a central living area that perfectly complements the main home in design, this feature adds value and diversity to the property.
  • By coming reclaimed wood and rich, rustic elements with modern steel, glass, and stonework, this is a brilliant combination of traditional and modern that holds a broad appeal for many different tastes. The neutral palette and natural elements incorporated into the design make it the perfect fit for the picturesque surroundings.

Designed By: Ward + Blake

Designed By: Ward + Blake

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