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Villa Renovation in Saigon by T3 Architects

Architect Firm: T3 Architects
Contact e-mail:
Firm Location: Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon (VIETNAM) and Phonm Penh (CAMBODIA)
Completion Year: 2020
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 291 m2
Project location: Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
Lead Architects e-mail:
Photo credits: Herve GOUBAND (ALISA Production)
Photographer email:
Design Team: Ta Quang Hai (Architect)
Huy Nguyen (Interior Designer)
Kobi Lighting Studio (Lighting Consultant)
Contractor: LATA
MEP: Harmonie
Timber Structure: Tran Duc Homes
Landscape: Atelier Mo Dat
Clients: Private

T3 Architects renovated entirely the existing Villa and turn it in a place for retail purpose. The main challenge was to make this building both more attractive and more sustainable. We decided first to simplify the shape and to remove all unnecessary decoration to get a clear volume. Then, T3 Team decided to install a canopy around the Villa to protect the facades from heavy rain and sun.

This additional structure is made in Timber issued from FSC forests, as the wood is a low carbon footprint materials and reflect the sustainable approach brought by designers… It creates shadows and spaces dedicated to outdoor uses.

The finishing applied on the villa is a lime plastering, without any cement, still to propose natural materials that don’t require high energy to be produced. False ceilings are made in bamboo mat produced in South Vietnam, like the cement tiles specifically tailor-made for the project with the logo of the client’s brand, “the Basket”.

All doors and windows have double-glazing and the roof has been insulated to limit energy consumption as much as possible. In terms of landscape, the main intention of T3 and Atelier Mo Dat teams was to keep the permeability of the soil, to avoid flooding facing by Saigon.

We have also preserved all the existing trees and planted new trees to bring more biodiversity (especially fruit trees) and more shadow to offer a nice garden to the customers. All plants have been selected because of their “low maintenance” and adaptation to the climatic conditions of Saigon.

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