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Rumah Purnama by Studio Jencquel

Rumah Purnama by Studio Jencquel

Architect: Studio Jencquel
Area: 200 m²
Completion Year: 2019
Project Location: Bali
Photographer: Tommaso Riva

Rumah Purnama, which means “The House of the Full Moon” in Bahasa Indonesia, is a heritage Balinese wantilan home that was recently fully restored and renovated by Studio Jencquel, to now encompass the luxuries of modernity while retaining the charm of Bali’s bohemian heyday.

In the shade of the centennial coconut trees and under a thatched roof, this charming 3-bedroom home boasts spectacular jungle and moonrise views across the sacred Campuhan Ridge, reminiscent of Walter Spies’ influential paintings from 100 years earlier.

The Campuhan village is known for its temple, Pura Gunung Lebah, located nearby where two mystical rivers unite. Spiritually significant to the Balinese Hindus as an energy center, this area has long been a source of inspiration for artists — and still holds the gentle enchantment of a bygone era.

Rumah Purnama sits facing the Campuhan Ridge on land that has long been occupied. The restoration process revealed a series of regenerations of homes on the site, with elements in the foundation possibly going back over 100 years.

Renovations lasted for 12 months, until early August 2019. In essence, this home is the continuation of a 100-year-old love story between a magical spot on the land and the people who fell in love with it — and a reminder of how transient our lives are, measured only by what we leave behind.

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