Casa Xixim: Secluded Beachfront Resort in Tulum Mexico on Soliman Bay

Casa Xixim by Specht Architects

Architect: Specht Harpman (Specht Architects)
Interior Design: Matthew Finalson
Photography: Taggart Sorensen

Casa Xixim is an eco-luxe grid-tied, net-neutral house that works in harmony with its surroundings. The beachfront secluded villa is fully staffed including an onsite chef and more.

Designed by Austin architect, Scott Specht, this eco-resort fronts a protected bay in Tulum, Mexico, and was designed to be fully self-sufficient, immersing guests in the rich environment that the site offers. Casa Xixim was built with the natural surroundings in mind utilizing traditional building practices, modern architecture, and permaculture principles.

The house is powered by a photovoltaic canopy that shades a large rooftop terrace. This terrace also collects rainwater that is filtered and stored for use. Other roof areas are planted with native species that provide insulation and screening. All waste is processed through a digester and artificial wetlands system.

A narrow path brings visitors through dense vegetation to a large living/dining/kitchen space that is fully open to the beach beyond. Four bedrooms, above and adjacent to this space, can also be fully opened to the exterior. The transparency of the house allows prevailing winds to flow through and provide cooling while maximizing views of the site.

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