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Sustainability Meets Style in this Ward+Blake Home

Completed in 2011, this 6,000 square-foot home in Squirrel, Idaho brings together a modern, transparent design with the eco-friendly materials and green energy features that Ward + Blake are known for.

Boasting plenty of space for both indoor and outdoor living, EarthWall2 features environmentally conscious construction that not only provides a small impact on the land but enhances the overall design. Aesthetically, the property feels like a retreat where you could either relax or adventure, without having to compromise luxury, quality, or style.

The Outside of the Home

Set in the breathtaking plains of Idaho, EarthWall2 blends perfectly with the scenery and includes long, horizontal lines that make the home both impressive and a perfect fit in its surroundings.

The exterior includes lush, natural landscaping and an earth-tone color scheme. Lots of floor to ceiling windows bring in natural light, and the modern design feels sleek and minimalist without skimping on any high-end features and finishes.

The design features the patented EarthWall post-tensioned steel-rammed construction that Ward + Blake is known for, taking eco-friendly construction to a whole new level.

Transparent Design

Ward + Blake take transparent design to new heights by incorporating glass elements, a seamless flow within the home, and maximizing indoor and outdoor living space.

The large glass elevations provide clean sightlines, and the doors open into the outdoor living area. Concrete floors throughout the house and transition onto the patio area create a seamless flow from one space to another.

Green Energy Features

Built with an environmentally responsive sensitive top of mind, EarthWall 2 incorporates renewable materials throughout numerous elements in the house.

The walls and roof are made of rammed earth and mild steel, and the interior includes reclaimed wood and reclaimed stone to create both stunning decor features and functional living space. Completed with polished concrete floors, and accents of cedar, maple, corten, and steel, the design looks posh while still being responsible.

All the dozens of the floor to ceiling windows that bring light into the space are energy efficient, and the walls are high-thermal mass.

The passive solar design couples perfectly with the plethora of other green energy features throughout. EarthWall 2 has a ground source heat pump that keeps water coming in naturally at the temperature of the earth, which in turn requires less energy when heating or cooling.

What we Love Most:

  • The clean lines of the architecture combine seamlessly with the surrounding property.
  • Thoughtful use of responsible materials gives the home character while also being eco-conscious.
  • The large, nearly 6,000 square foot living space includes a design with flows from indoor to outdoor living allowing you to enjoy the land the home sits on.
  • Gorgeous design features, like a roaring fireplace, reclaimed Douglas fir ceilings, and high-end finishes make this a must-see.

Design By: Ward + Blake

Design By: Ward + Blake