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24 Rustic Living Room Ideas

Welcome to our site where you will find beautiful and functional rustic style living rooms. Be sure to scroll through our individually curated interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.

1. Modern Rustic Living Room

The pitched roof in this modern rustic living room, is made of gorgeous teak wood panels and exposed beams. A stunning wheel chandelier hangs from center of the room over neutral furnishings and a large jute rug. Large windows on all three walls lets in tons of natural light and warms up the space. The stone fireplace takes center stage with the incredible abstract art above and built-in cabinetry on both sides. 

2. Industrial-Chic Rustic Living Room

The large L-shaped brown velvet sofa is paired with a matching brown velvet cushioned armchair facing a circular glass-top coffee table by the fireplace that is inlaid within an elegant black column of concrete adorned with a mirror above it.

The dark fireplace and neutral velvet chaise sectional sets the tone for this industrial chic living room. An industrial metal pendant hangs from ceiling and a ladder leads up to upper loft area. You can enjoy gorgeous views through the french doors, while you lounge on the comfy sectional in front of the fireplace. 

3. Modern Mediterranean Rustic Living Room

This spacious living room has a modern mediterranean feel throughout, starting with the coral print area rug and matching sofas. Leather recliners and chaise lounge offer additional seating in this casual space. A pitched roof with gorgeous wood beams and two matching chandeliers hang over the seating area for ambient lighting. Stone walls flank the large window and custom drapes complete this beautiful design. 


4. Rustic Indoor-Outdoor Living Room

This Rustic-style living room is a part of a great room that also houses the dining area under its wooden cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams that support the thin metal chimney of the fireplace and a pendant light hanging over the wooden coffee table in between the couches.

This Rustic-style living room has an indoor-outdoor feel with large open windows that lets the greenery and natural light in. It is a part of a great room that also includes the dining area.  The space is  designed under a wooden cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams that support the thin metal chimney.  A dome metal pendant light hangs over the wooden coffee table in between two matching sofas. 

5. Eclectic Rustic-Style Living Room

Formal living room with an elegant rustic set up. The wall decors look perfect together with the fireplace setup. The sofa set and the glass top center table on a blue rug look great as well.

This large living room has a dark wood shed ceiling with exposed beams and a stone fireplace wall. Beautiful screen art displayed behind the tufted sofa adds a unique layer to this eclectic design. Lots of natural light entering through the many windows that surround the space. The fireplace mantle is a bit unusual with stone columns holding up the wood mantle, this might have been created after the design was completed. 

6. Mountain-Chalet Rustic Living Room

Large formal living room with a fireplace and a widescreen TV on top of it. The room features classy seats lighted by stylish ceiling lighting.

This grand chalet-style living room features gorgeous mountain views and a cozy rustic charm. There is a massive stone fireplace wall that serves as the focal point of this room  and it’s surrounded by upholstered sofas and leather high-back chairs. A beautiful craftsmen-inspired light fixture hangs in the center of the exposed beam pitched-roof ceiling.  Lots of accessories and plush throw pillows complete the cozy and homy feel in this mountain-inspired living spac

7. Rustic-Chic Living Room

This living room boasts a charming fireplace and a wooden ceiling with exposed beams, along with glass windows overlooking the calming outdoor views.

This rustic chic living room features a charming stone fireplace and a wood panel ceiling with exposed beams.  Large glass doors and windows brings nature in highlighting the natural and neutral elements of this design. The corner sectional and leather armchairs provide ample seating while you can enjoy a nice burning fire. The console table behind the sectional has a glass top and log-cabin wood drawer, and there are footstools stored under for additional seating. 

8. Mountain Rustic-Resort Living Room

Large formal living room with a stone fireplace and handsome seats set on a rug covering the hardwood flooring.

This mountain-style rustic living room features a pitched-cathedral ceiling made of distressed wood and metal & wood crossbeam. Four large pendant lights, evenly spaced over seating area, offers ambient lighting. The stone fireplace is the focal point of room and leather sofas and a swivel armchair provides ample seating. The large plush neutral rug has a brown cowhide rug layered over top for added texture and completes this beautiful rustic design.

9. Mid-Century Influenced Rustic Living Room

A living room featuring a brown leather couch and a pair of modish chair set on a stylish rug covering the hardwood flooring.

This mid-century inspired living room features a wood shed style ceiling that compliments the modern side of this rustic living room. Two modern leather swivel chairs and a large leather sectional are layered with patterned pillows.. A plush textured rug layered under seating and the modern fireplace creates warmth and texture. Large picture windows and doors create and indoor-outdoor living space with easy access to a private wrap-around porch. 

10. Traditional Rustic Living Room

Rustic home with a spacious living room featuring a cozy sofa set, a large fireplace and a widescreen TV on top of it.

This traditional rustic living room features a spacious seating area and vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams.  A cozy sofa facing the large stone fireplace and mounted TV and leather footstools that can be used for additional seating when guests arrive. Many natural elements throughout like the decor and distressed console table compliments all the rustic decor. Large windows everywhere creates an open-airy and inviting space to relax. 

11. Minimal-Relaxed Rustic Living Room

Spacious formal living room with a cozy sofa set and a stylish rug covering the hardwood flooring that matches with the wooden walls.

This charming living room has a minimal but cozy feel throughout. The gray chaise sectional and pattern armchairs provide ample seating and a gorgeous cowhide rug in brown and white tones adds loads of texture. A mid-century style media cabinet for storage and stunning teak panel walls creates a cozy minimal and rustic design. 

12. Rustic Meets Glamour Living Room

Spacious formal living room featuring a cozy sofa set with a stylish centerpiece table set on a large rug covering the home's hardwood flooring.

Rustic meets glamour in this lovely formal living room. It features a plush mint-green velvet sofa paired with swivel armchairs for functional entertaining. A beautiful pattern rug layered under seating area and stunning glass chandelier above really grounds the space. The walls are covered in a gray distressed wood and stone wall that features abstract art. Semi-sheer drapes provide privacy but lets in the natural light as well to create a serene and gorgeous design. 

13. Transitional Rustic Living Room

The large textured stone wall that houses the fireplace matches with the wooden hue of the cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams and a modern chandelier. This hangs over the L-shaped sofa brightened by the large glass wall with a snowy scenery outside.

A large textured stone wall features  the fireplace and compliments the distressed gray wood cathedral ceiling with exposed wooden beams. A modern and rustic chandelier hangs over the center of seating area and recessed lighting throughout offer wonderful ambient lighting. There is a large corner sectional sofa with wood console table behind, where there are  a pair of white stools tucked under for additional seating. Amazing native American canvas art is displayed on the wall to right of fireplace and a stunning view of the snow top mountains out of the picturesque modern windows. 

14. Country Cabin-Inspired Rustic Living Room

This wide and airy Rustic style living room is dominated by the large textured stone wall on the far end that has a mounted stuffed bison head over the fireplace. This matches well with the wooden cathedral ceiling that has large exposed wooden beams.

You get a charming country cabin feel in this rustic living room. A large textured stone wall features the fireplace as the focal point and the furniture is perfectly placed around for conversational gatherings. Wood cathedral ceilings and exposed beams,  makes the room feel spacious and the beautiful scenery from the windows and doors, brings natural elements into the design.  

15. Modern Rustic Living Room

This is a spacious Rustic-style living room that is augmented by the bright natural lights coming in from the Glass walls, glass doors and transom windows that brighten up the hardwood flooring and the black leather L-shaped sectional sofa.

This gorgeous modern Rustic-style living room is highlighted by the natural lightstreaming in from the wall of windows all around the room. A large leather sectional is layered with cozy throw pillows and plush blankets to relax in while enjoying the beautiful fireplace. A large textured rug layered under the seating area and modern armchairs provide additional seating. Gorgeous wood built-in cabinets flank the right side of the charred wood fireplace for displaying accessories, etc.

16. Casual-Modern Rustic Living Room

The dark flooring matches well with the couple of black cushioned armchairs. They are paired with a large J-shaped brown-leather sectional sofa over a large beige area rug. This couch matches with the wooden ceiling dominated by black beams.

The dark flooring of this modern rustic living room, compliments the dark stone walls and black barn doors. A large caramel leather sectional is paired with modern velvet slope chairs and a two-dimensional coffee table. The neutral plush rug contrasts the deep color tones in the furniture and accessories. Tall vaulted ceilings with exposed beams and metal crossbeams creates a spacious place to enjoy the natural light streaming in through countless windows. 

17. Sophisticated Rustic Living Room

This sophisticated and stunning Rustic-style living room has a wood cathedral ceiling that creates depth and blends well with the white washed wood walls. The stone fireplace and wood mantle are flanked by black built-in cabinets which provides elegant storage. A large velvet sofa is paired with a fabric sofa to provide the perfect amount of seating for relaxing or entertaining.

18. Nature-Inspired Rustic Living Room

The bright and spacious living room has a large glass wall that showcases a wonderful treetop view. This brings in natural lights to the dark hardwood flooring topped with a light gray area rug and a wooden coffee table facing a large stone structure that houses the fireplace and the TV.

This nature-inspired light filled living room, has rustic and modern design features. A large glass wall  of windows showcases a wonderful treetop view and the stone fireplace wall brings in that natural element.  Multiple leather seating options and  fabric sofa are surrounded by a wood coffee table and textured rug, which provides a lovely seating area to enjoy the stunning view. 

19. Shabby-Chic Inspired Rustic Living Room

The highlight of this Rustic-style living room are the pair of gray tufted sofas flanking a white circular coffee table over the white furry area rug. This setup stands out against the wooden shed ceiling that has exposed wooden beams matching the log beams of the walls.

Shabby-chic meets log cabin cool in this rustic and cozy living room. Massive tufted leather sofas face each other and a plush white rug is layered underneath to bring in warmth and texture. Traditional log cabin style walls all around the room contrasts nicely with the abstract art and modern coffee table. A large stone fireplace is the focal point in this chic space and the shed-style ceiling completes the rustic design.

20. Charming Rustic Living Room

This is a rustic living room that has beige cushioned sofas and armchairs surrounding a large wooden coffee table topped with a tall wooden beamed ceiling.

This charming and relaxed rustic living room has matching beige sofas. leather armchairs and a velvet ottoman for plenty of seating. The seating area surrounds a large wood coffee table which displays books and accessories, and a neutral flat weave rug is layered underneath to ground the space. Custom beige drapes cover the beautiful large wood windows and the pitched wood beam ceiling creates an open airy design. 

21. Casual-Cozy Rustic Living Room

This casual modern rustic living room features a lived-in leather sofa, matching armchairs and large heather gray ottoman for ample seating and entertaining. The large wood coffee table sits on a diamond pattern area rug that warms the space and adds texture. An antler chandelier hangs from the light wood panel ceiling, and the fireplace is made of large stone. Tons of light streams in from the wood window and door that leads out side to a private patio. 

22. Rustic English-Cottage Living Room


This cozy living room feels like you’re living in a an English cottage in the countryside. The weathered wood ceiling and brick walls add character and charm to the room. Layered with a vintage rug and leather sofa, with matching slip-covered chairs for a textured design. You can relax in the sofa and enjoy the warm fireplace and the natural light which streams in through the french doors.

23. Barn-Inspired Rustic Living Room

This barn-inspired rustic living room is clad in uneven white wood panels with a stacked stone fireplace. The ceilings are vaulted which makes the room feel open and airy along with all the light that streams in from the windows. A jute rug is layered under the seating area which also includes a one-of-a-kind thorny wood chair. Custom drapes cover the windows and a rustic wood and metal arched door graces the entry. 

24. Country-Chic Rustic Living Room

This country-chic living room has a major indoor-outdoor feel with the wall of windows surrounding the room. A large stone fireplace serves as the focal point and the woven furniture brings a natural element to the design. Layered in throw pillows, a stripe jute rug and plenty of greenery, this rustic room has loads of texture and natural elements which completes the country design.

What Is Rustic Style?

You might be wondering what makes a style rustic. Like many living room styles, the rustic style has evolved over the years. For many decades, “Rustic” reflected log cabins, paneled wood walls, and leather furniture. Rustic style living rooms may borrow elements from Farmhouse or Shabby Chic, but Rustic is a style all its own.

While these particular elements are still considered to be rustic and popular among some decorators and homeowners, the rustic style has lightened up and expanded a bit.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are a big part of a rustic style living room. Whether you collect botanical prints, have exposed wood beams in your ceiling, or have furniture made out of reclaimed wood or metal, rustic style is reflective of nature and more simple life.

A rustic living room may have a fireplace or wood stove as a focal point rather than a big-screen TV. Rustic living rooms are a place to connect with others or to enjoy quiet time alone, looking out the windows and enjoying the beauty of a sunset or wildlife in the backyard.

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