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24 Rustic Dining Room Ideas

Welcome to our site where you will find incredible and functional rustic style dining rooms. Be sure to scroll through our individually curated interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your journey.


1. Moody Gray Rustic Dining Room

A dark charcoal-gray paint is the backdrop for this moody rustic dining room. It features a rectangle weathered wood table that is paired with tufted upholstered end chairs and black and white side chairs. A large glass vase is placed in center of the table with tall wild flowers and greenery to play into that rustic design. You’ll notice a brass console table agains the wall with matching metal lamps and an arched mirror that hangs above.

2. Log Cabin-Inspired Dining Room

Large rustic great room featuring a gorgeous living space with a large stone fireplace along with a dining area with a wooden rectangular dining table set lighted by pendant lights.

This spacious log-cabin inspired rustic dining room features  a large wood grain table paired with black modern side chairs. Large metal dome pendant lights hang above the table for ambient lighting and exposed wood beams add to the rustic charm. Abstract framed art on the wall to right of table and a large solid wood china cabinet for storage.

3. Country Rustic-Influenced Dining Room

The large windows behind the built-in wooden bench brings in an abundance of natural lighting onto the wooden dining table partnered with bamboo chairs that have woven wicker backs and seats topped with white cushions.

This country rustic dining room has tons of character and charm. The large windows behind the functional banquette bench, bring in an abundance of natural lighting.  The solid wood dining table is paired with cane-back side chairs have white cushions for comfort and the banquette has layered pillows for relaxing. An adjustable light sconce is install on right wall and hangs over the table which is a unique take on overhead lighting. To the left is a beautiful rustic built-in black sideboard that can be used as storage or as a bar.

4. Industrial Rustic Dining Room

The iron chairs that surround the large wooden dining table have a light hue to them that goes well with the gray concrete flooring and matches with the bell-like pendant lights hanging from the wooden exposed beam of the cathedral ceiling.

Industrial touches are paired with rustic design in this cozy dining room.  Iron chairs with a beautiful patina surround a large light-wood dining table with industrial dome pendant lights hanging above on the exposed weathered beams. Concrete flooring underneath without a rug and an antique ladder leaning agains the wall as art. A gorgeous dark gray china cabinet on the wall displays all the glassware and accessories. 

5. Rustic English Cottage Dining Room

This stunning english cottage inspired dining room has tons of charm and inspiration. The large weathered wood plank floors pairs well with the rustic black pedestal table. I love how the chairs all match but the upholstered cushions are different fabrics which really create a cool eclectic vibe.  Weathered wood framed windows with a ledge below for display accessories and art. They have installed slate stone along the lower walls in place of wainscoting, and it really completes the english cottage design.

6. Scandinavian-Inspired Rustic Dining Room

This simple dining area has a wooden dining table paired with modern white chairs that shine brighter due to the natural lights coming in from the large floor-to-ceiling glass window that follows the shape of the white cathedral ceiling.

This Scandinavian dining area has a wood country-style dining table paired with modern white slope chairs which create a nice contrast. A jute rug is layered under dining table and a tall brass framed mirror leans against the weathered wood panel walls. The knotty pine floors really complete the cozy mix of Scandi and rustic design in this charming space. 

7. French Country Rustic Dining Room

A beautifully weathered dining table is paired with mixed black dining chairs in this French country inspired dining room.  Herringbone wood floors in light wood contrast nicely agains the sage green trim and white walls. A tall black storage cabinet displays all the glassware and accessories in lovely way. A woven basket is tucked under cabinet for extra tablecloths and placemats and framed art is displayed on top. 

8. Rustic Nordic-Inspired Dining Room

A rustic dining area featuring hardwood flooring and a white ceiling with exposed beams. The dining table set looks classy, lighted by pendant lights.

This nordic-inspired dining room has lovely wood elements throughout in different textures and tones. A plethora of windows let in an abundance of natural light, keeping the space bright and airy. There is a mix of cage and wood pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and a large wood glass cabinet for additional storage. I think a neutral flat-weave rug would have worked well in this space to add some texture and warmth.

9. Eclectic Rustic Dining Room

A rustic dining table and chairs set situated in the dining room with tiles flooring and black walls and ceiling, along with a fireplace on the side.

This eclectic and rustic dining room has an indoor outdoor feel with the brick wall and  large picture window which lets in tons of natural light and greenery. The highly weathered table and benches have a touch of green paint that is peeling to create a rustic vibe. Small worn wood stools sit at the ends of the table and large industrial dome pendants hang over for ambient lighting. 

10. Transitional Rustic Dining Room

A rustic home featuring hardwood flooring and a tall ceiling with exposed beams. The dining table set looks very classy, lighted by gorgeous pendant lights.

This transitional rustic design features a long wood trestle table paired with geometric pattern and solid dining chairs. Cage style pendant lights hang over the table from the exposed wood beam ceiling. Custom drapes on the large black metal framed windows, adds warmth to the space along with the medium wood-tone hardwood flooring. 

11. Modern Rustic Dining Room

A curved dining room featuring a custom dining table set lighted by a charming ceiling light, along with a fireplace on the side.

Modern furniture and rustic designs are featured together in this beautifully designed dining room. The architectural curve in the room and windows is the inspiration for the slightly curved dining table that is paired with modern upholstered white chairs. A modern globe chandelier hangs above the table and abstract art hangs on the stone wall above the fireplace. Both walls are large windows that let in tons of natural light and brighten the space along with the light herringbone floors. 

12. Farmhouse-Influenced Rustic Dining Room

This dining area features a classy dining table and chairs set under the rustic ceiling with exposed beams. 

There is a chic farmhouse design going on in this rustic dining room. It features a wood and metal base dining table and upholstered nail-head chairs that sit on a rather small vintage rug. Exposed wood beam ceilings and metal beams combined with the weathered gray floors create a cozy rustic space. A long antique console cabinet along the wall for displaying accessories and large framed art hangs above. A pair of butterfly chairs are set off on the left side of the room with a large bin on casters. 

13. Country Chic Rustic Dining Room

A large rustic dine-in kitchen featuring a rectangular dining table and chairs set lighted by a fancy ceiling light hanging from the tall ceiling.

This spacious country chic dining room features a large rustic trestle table paired with tall shaker-style chairs and upholstered country armchairs.  A wagon chandelier hangs high above the table on the expose wood beams and light matte-tiles are laid throughout the flooring. The walls consist of weathered wood panels in gray tone and modern black framed doors create a beautiful passage to the outdoors.  

14. Barn-Inspired Rustic Dining Room

Rustic dining room featuring a rectangular dining table set for 10, under the tall vaulted ceiling with exposed beams.

This rustic barn has been converted into a home with complete with a dining room.  A large wood-panel dining table is paired with slat-back chairs, and seats  10 people comfortably so you can entertain a large group for dinner. The walls are made of rustic logs and the pitched roof has corrugated metal and wood beams. Unique light sconces made out of horse food troughs, hang on the wall for ambient lighting. 

15. Modern-Inspired Rustic Dining Room

A rustic dining area featuring a classy dining table set along with a stylish wall decor and is lighted by a gorgeous ceiling light.

This elegantly designed dining room has modern and rustic features throughout. The weathered wood panel ceiling paired with the textured walls and modern light fixture create the perfect juxtaposition. Modern high-back upholstered chairs fit perfectly around the dark wood table and sit on  a cowhide textured area rug. The large framed mountain art completes this cozy and elegant modern design. 

16. Rustic Mountain Dining Room

This Rustic-style dining area is in the middle of the large room that also houses the living room area and kitchen under a high wooden ceiling with exposed metal beams. The dining table has a white marble top and a black frame that stands out against the hardwood flooring.

There is a real mountain chic style to this rustic dining area, which is located in the middle of a great room and kitchen.  The dining table has a white marble top and a black wood base frame and pairs well with the curved back upholstered dining chairs. A grand stone fireplace has been converted to a built-in cabinet and storage area, which sits off to the left. You could spend hours staring at that gorgeous mountain view out of those large windows that surround the home. 

17. Bohemian Rustic Dining Room

The thick butcher block top of the wooden dining table has a Rustic-style charm to it that matches with the wooden bench. This dining set stands out against the white wainscoting of the walls that is adorned with wall-mounted wooden artworks.

A thick butcher-block style dining table has rustic charm in this bohemian inspired space. The wood bench and upholstered chairs create an eclectic style and the unique florals add to the bohemian touch. One-of-a-kind herringbone wood art is featured on the walls behind the table and tons of natural light streams in through the french windows.

18. Mountain Retreat-Style Rustic Dining Room

The highlight of this dining area is the wonderful treetop scenery outside presented by the large opening from the folding glass doors. This scenery is enough to complement the simple wooden dining table and its modern dark gray armchairs.

The highlight of this dining area is the wonderful treetop scenery outside presented by the large opening from the folding glass doors. The live-edge wood table compliments the nature outside and pairs well with the more modern chairs. A simple linear pendant is unassuming and hangs over the table, and a large shell-style bowl graces the top of table as the perfect accessory in this mountain retreat.

19. Traditional-Infused Rustic Dining Room

This dining area beside the kitchen has matching dining chairs with a cross-back design. These are all fitted with white cushions that contrast the wooden dining table and the dark hardwood flooring. These are adorned by three decorative lantern-like pendant lights.

This traditionally infused dining room has cross-back wood chairs and a weathered wood table that seats 12 people. Large caged lanterns hang above the table from the exposed beam ceiling.  The wood panel walls are painted a pale yellow and they are adorned with black and white sign art and a wine rack.

20. Rustic Modern Dining Room

The classic paintings mounted on the textured gray stone wall augments the elegance of this Rustic-style dining area. It has a high ceiling with exposed wooden beams supporting a decorative system of lighting over the long rectangular wooden table.

This stunning modern and rustic styled dining room features a unique glass and metal chandelier that looks like jewelry hanging over the table. Portrait paintings are mounted on the textured gray stone walls above the wood console table.  A long wood table is pared with modern velvet chairs and antique high-back velvet armchairs at the ends. The perfect mix of metals, glass stone and velvet creates a gorgeous rustic and modern design. 

21. Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic Dining Room

The long wooden dining table has a dark brown hue that is complemented by the patterned area rug covering most of the beige marble flooring. This is paired with a wall dominated by a large mural of bulls augmented by a large antler chandelier.

This farmhouse-inspired dining room features a long wood dining table paired with leather side chairs and brown and white check high-back chairs. A vintage rug is layered under the table and an antler chandelier hangs above.  You can’t help but notice the large mural of bulls on right side of wall and a large wood sideboard with matching stone lamps on the opposite side. The showstopper in this room, however, is the amazing wine cellar built-in to the stone wall.

22. Zen-Inspired Rustic Dining Room

This is a rustic dining room with a two-tier round chandelier hanging from the wooden beamed ceiling above the long wooden dining table and dark chairs brightened by the natural lighting.

This is a rustic dining room has a zen-like vibe throughout with the serene neutral color palette. A two-tier round chandelier hangs from the wood beam ceiling above the long wood dining table and plaid upholstered chairs.  A gorgeous vintage sideboard creates ample storage and features matching glass lamps for ambient lighting. Large abstract art hangs on wall above sideboard and plaid custom drapes add texture to this serene space.

23. English Cottage Rustic Dining Room

This is a close look at the dining area with a rectangular wooden dining table surrounded by black chairs and has a large mosaic textured stone wall on the far side.

The incredible stone walls in this english cottage dining room and kitchen is the perfect backdrop to enhance the rustic design. Solid light-wood dining table paired with metal stools and Herman Miller style chairs, adds an eclectic touch. The semi-sheer drapes let in light but create privacy and warmth and the wood cabinet in kitchen area compliments the wood floors and table. 

24. Maximalist Rustic Dining Room

This rustic-inspired dining space is every maximalist’s dream space. A solid dark wood table is paired with metal chairs, wood bench and tufted high-back end chairs. The white sideboard is a nice contrast against the dark floor and table  and provides a space to showcase accessories and tableware. The circle-cage pendant light hanging over the table is the perfect piece to complete this eclectic and maximal-rustic design. 

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