20 Craftsman Dining Room Ideas for 2019

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Craftsman dining room white walls and hardwood flooring.
Craftsman blue dining room with elegant set of lights and hardwood floors.

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Craftsman dining room with regular ceiling and hardwood flooring.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Craftsman dining room with ceiling fan and hardwood flooring.

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Craftsman dining room with beams ceiling and hardwood flooring.
Craftsman dining room with chandelier and laminated flooring.

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Craftsman dining room with chandelier and wide glass window.

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Craftsman dining room with chandelier and dome with beams ceiling.

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Craftsman red dining room with hardwood floor and circular white table.

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Craftsman orange dining room with chandelier and hardwood floor.


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The hallmark of the craftsman dining room design ideas is individuality. It celebrates the uniqueness and creativity of design by artisans. Think one-of-a-kind and signature pieces. The shape and form are the star attractions. The focus is on creativity which embraces quality materials. This style makes up about two percent of dining rooms.

The style is a stark departure from the ornate Victorian characteristic of the late 1880s. It began as the Arts and Crafts Movement in Great Britain. In the United States, it evolved into the Craftsman style pioneered by American furniture maker, Gustav Stickley. It was as much of a new concept of design as it was a philosophy.

You’ll find elements of the traditional style along with folk and romantic details. Browse our gallery of dining rooms for stunning examples of Craftsman and other designs.

Defining the Craftsman Style

The philosophy of the movement is captured in the furniture. It reflects the simplicity of design that is in harmony with its surroundings. It is honesty and truth to the materials. You’ll see natural materials like oak and leather that embody these ideals. Wooden pieces retain their original color rather than taking on the artificial look of painted pieces.

Color Schemes

Craftsman dining room design ideas capture the essence of this style with palettes from nature. You’ll find tables and chairs in neutral tones such as beige and white. These hues are in line with the mood that it brings to a room. It also brings other organic colors such as brown and red. Hardwood floors are a common element that adds to its holistic approach to design.


Wood is the defining feature of dining room tables and chairs. Pieces are sturdy and well-made, reflecting the philosophy of truth and honesty. You won’t find intricate, busy designs. Rather, the lines are clean and simple. The style arose in part as pushback from the mechanization of the Industrial Revolution. You’ll see this in the fine craftsmanship of the furniture.

Lighting and Other Elements

The Craftsman style embraces simplicity so that you won’t find a lot of odds and ends. The same principle applies to lighting. It falls into the category of quiet elegance. A Tiffany lamp would feel at home with this style that celebrates the artisan. Likewise, leaded glass panels fit in well especially if they have geometric lines in keeping with its clean profiles.

You may find pieces with metal as long as they have warmer tones such as copper or bronze. These finishes add to the inviting character of a Craftsman dining room.

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