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Luxury Contemporary Craftsman Home with Amazing Landing, Kitchen, Living Room and Much More

Luxury craftsman home with 2 story living room.

Traditionally, American Craftsman homes were designed to simplify home architecture after the “showy” Victorian period. Craftsman homes became the perfect design plan for every family.

Today, the American Craftsman is still a loved, respected, and sought after design. Architectural Designs has created a beautiful and functional design that celebrates the traditional, and most loved features of the Craftsman, and included some amenities with families in mind.

The Front of the Home

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With its pitched roofs, arched entryway, and classic Craftsman columns, the entrance to this home is welcoming and feels like home as soon as you set foot on the property.

Some garages stick out and draw attention from the home, but the three-car garage blends in perfectly with the rest of design.

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Outdoor Features

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Covered porches and pergolas all around the outside of the house make this design perfect for family gatherings in the summertime, outdoor dinners (rain or shine), or even a quiet morning watching the sunrise.

Another plus to the Craftsman architecture is that your landscaping opportunities are endless. Whether you prefer the simple look of a lush green lawn or a flower garden with water features, your landscaping will always compliment the design.

Open Floor Plan

The “luxury” design of the classic Craftsman makes the home more open rather than the feel of several separate rooms.

The entryway, itself, is a covered archway but opens up to a large area of high ceilings and an open flow of the main floor rooms.

Walk up an open staircase to a second floor landing, with private tucked away rooms, that overlooks the rest of the home.

With 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms in this two-level home, families can have their own private space but come together in open, communal areas like the living room, arts and crafts area, kitchen, and a rec room.

Image Source: Architectural Designs

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The open floor plan and simple design (like the kitchen and dining area) is beautiful but also focuses on functionality and bringing people together. Imagine holiday dinners, parties with friends, or a relaxing staycation.

High ceilings allow for stunning pendant lighting, and various sized windows throughout the home provide a lot of natural light during the daytime.

Perhaps one of the most attractive things about the Luxury Craftsman home is that you all the things you’ve wished for in a home, like a large pantry and a sauna, but makes you feel like you are living in a home that was lived in by generations of families.

The house just looks and feels like home.

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Image source: Architectural Designs

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