Beach Home Decor Style Guide for 2019

Your ultimate beach style home decor guide. Includes an expansive array beach style photos for every room.
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Welcome to the Beach home decor style guide where you can see photos of all interiors in the Beach style including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, foyers and more.

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What is Beach Home decor?

Elements of Exterior Beach Design

  • Beach style kitchen design with splashes of bright colors.Large glass windows and doors,
  • Beaded-board paneling,
  • Use of light weathered woods,
  • Single large roof,
  • Cedar shingle siding, and
  • Rough-hewn stone structures

Elements of Interior Beach Design

  • Light and breezy,
  • Nautical-themed decor,
  • All white backdrop; borrow colors from sand, surf and shells;
  • Décor crafted from natural fibers and organic materials,
  • Wickers tools, rattan furniture and beds with a natural oak frame, and
  • Window coverings

Beach home decor style kitchen.As any interior designer knows if you’re going to get a beach décor style to your home you definitely need to think about the things you would want in your very own beach house or the things that make you think of going to the beach or both. After all, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun to have a room in your home or even an entire home that makes you feel just like you’re on vacation every time you walk in. The beach style of interior design is definitely going to take care of that for you. It’s also going to help you really relax in your own space whenever you come home, important after a long day at work.

Distinguishing Design Features

Beach home decor photo collage.The most important features of a beach style are an open and airy feel that seems reminiscent of being at the beach for the day. You’re going to have a whole lot of light in the room which normally comes from natural lighting as opposed to anything artificial. You’ll notice a whole lot of windows with just a little bit of covering so most of the light comes through. You’ll also see a sort of crispness to the design elements that are still going to be light colored and airy, like light blues and a lot of white. You may see some natural elements like bamboo in this type of room or white wood furniture that helps to draw the attention more to the lightness of everything.


Beach interior design style floor mat.The materials in this type of room are typically going to be bamboo, painted wood, and linens though you may see some lighter cotton as well. That’s because the focus is on the beach and these are the types of materials you’re going to see the most often there. You’ll also see accents that are reminiscent of the beach such as accents of shells or even lighting and dishes with shell patterns or sandy patterns to them. The colors are generally going to be pastels and pale like sea foam green, light blue, and tan, and, of course, plenty of pure white accents to everything. Everything is going to be very simple and still beautiful at the same time.


Beach home decor chairs.The furniture you find in this style is more contemporary to go with the coastal atmosphere. That means it’s more about straight lines and simplicity, but with a little bit of a colorful twist to it. You’ll find pieces that are made with painted wood, also in light colors though primarily in white. You’ll also find some that are made with bamboo and even things like driftwood and light-toned wood. All of this is going to create a simple style that makes you feel like you’re at the beach all the time or like you’re heading to your favorite vacation hideaway. The furniture is generally comfortable, even though it’s simple and has cushions and patterns of all types.

Décor Accessories

You will definitely find a lot of windows in this type of room because the goal is being able to see the outdoors and experience the beach. What you’ll find most when it comes to decorating, Beach decor accessoryhowever, are seashells, the sand, and bamboo—the natural color palette. All of these aspects, paired with some floral pieces and nautical accents, are going to create a fun atmosphere. You’ll likely also find wainscoting styles and even picket fence style décor and anchors to accent because that’s going to pull the nautical theme into your beach house or room very clearly.

If you do see bolder colors in this style you’ll see deep blues for the most part, as these go well with the more nautical side of the beach theme. For the most part, things around the house are going to be focused on an under the sea theme that uses pictures of seashells and other water-related phenomenon or actual representations (like sand dollars in a vase). All of these things are going to make you feel like you’re at the beach even if the view out the window is telling you otherwise. When you add in some driftwood accents and beach style furniture you’re in for a treat.

Why it Looks Great

Beach style living room.So, just why does this look so great? It’s something that reminds you of being on vacation! Who doesn’t love the idea of being on vacation every single day of the year? With a beach and coastal theme to your home, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to do just that. You’ll be able to experience those vacation days just by walking in because you’ll have a house and a room that really feels like your favorite tropical destination. It just takes a little effort to get the right colors and the perfect design sense for your home.

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