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Modern Beach Home on Jupiter Island by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Amazing modern beach home on Jupiter Island designed by Hughes Umbanhowar Architects with rooftop pool.

Modern beach home by Hughes Umbanhowar ArchitectsWhen Hughes Umbanhowar Architects began to conceptualize Beach Road 2, they set out to design more than just a modest beach cottage. When the project was completed in 2004, the home was the perfect mesh of modern design with timeless finishes. They had created a tranquil oasis that was equal parts coastal cottage and posh isle villa, and a beach lovers dream.

Honored by winning both the 2005 AIATC Design Excellence and 2008 AIAFL Merit Awards, Beach Road 2 is a unique architectural find.

Beachfront Bliss

Nestled on a lot on the northern coast of Florida’s Jupiter Island, the modest 3,600 square foot house has a waterfront view on one side, and a roadway on the other.

The design and materials complement the natural surroundings, using glass, sand, and aluminum throughout the structure to create three distinctive areas of the home.

Sand is the focal material in the sleep space, providing an insulated area to rest and relax. Aluminum is featured heavily in the entertaining area, and glass is prominent throughout the coastal-facing common living areas.

Each material was purposely chosen as it enhanced the natural light and views in each portion of the home.

Built for Contemplation

The bedroom should be your sanctuary, and the textured face of the building designed to mimic sand on the north-facing sleeping area brings a feeling of wisdom and peace to the occupant. The soft morning light creates a tranquil environment to start each day.

Built for Entertaining

The kitchen, with it’s ceramic, glass, and aluminum touches offer high-end appliances and fixtures, and a stunning floor-to-ceiling view of the ocean beyond. The spacious countertops are a chef’s dream, proving ample space to prepare food, entertain friends, and offer a casual dining experience.

The open floor plan offers comfortable sitting areas, and none are far from the spectacular views that make this house a home.

Rooftop Pool

The rooftop lap pool provides yet another tranquil oasis. The view faces the east and south and is the perfect place to take a dip while enjoying another dazzling sunset or basking under a mid-day sunny sky.

You can view the aquatic oasis indoors through skylights embedded in the pool floor that brings blue-hued natural light into the living space below.

If you’re craving a swim in something larger, you can always head into your backyard beachfront property to dive directly into the ocean.

High ceilings and plenty of windows mean you’ll always have a view of the ocean from anywhere in the house. The large outdoor patio offers additional entertaining space and easy beach access if you want to feel the sand between your toes.

Full-length sliding glass doors open directly from the kitchen to the outdoor patio to give you lots of sunlight, fresh air, and entertaining space.

Many indoor areas are so light and bright it feels as if you’re outdoors. These sanctuaries are the perfect place to enjoy the view if the weather is too warm, or the sun is too intense for your taste.

Designed By: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects

Designed By: Hughes Umbanhowar Architects