20 Beach Style Master Bathroom Ideas (Photos)

Welcome to our Beach master bathrooms photo gallery showcasing multiple beach style master bathroom design ideas of all types.
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A beach theme is one that works the best in the master bathroom since it helps create a soothing, peaceful vibe in one of the best rooms for relaxation. Out of 1,091,335 bathrooms analyzed, 24,038, or 2.20%, used a beach theme, putting it in near the middle of the pack in popularity.

Beach style master bathroom design ideas tend to work best in beach-style homes that use similar color schemes and beach-style décor throughout, but it’s not a necessity. Even in a city home, a beach theme can help bring the outdoors in by combining ocean-inspired colors and features with the overall atmosphere the beach provides.

Check out our beach style master bathroom design ideas to learn how to bring this style into your master bath.

What Works Best in a Beach-Themed Bathroom?

There are a lot of paths you can take with a beach-themed bathroom, from creating an under-the-sea feel with fish décor to mimicking a more peaceful beach theme through subtle blues, beiges, and bright whites. The theme, fortunately, can work in spaces of various sizes so that your compact master bathroom won’t limit you.


Most beach style master bathroom design ideas include the colors you’d typically see when you visit the beach: white, beige, and shades of blue and turquoise. White and beige are among the most popular colors for any bathroom, found in 15.69% and 11.75%, respectively, of the analyzed bathrooms. Blue and turquoise are less popular, making up only 1.20% and 1.37%, respectively, of the 948,706 bathrooms. It’s a good idea for this type of bathroom not to overdo it on any one color. Too much white may make your bathroom look over-sterile, while too much blue may overpower and darken the room. Choose your favorite shade of blue or turquoise and pair it with a neutral color, like beige or white, to create a charming coastal look.

Wall Tiles

Mosaic tiles are trendy in beach style bathrooms because they often come in gorgeous mixed shades of blues and greens and their shine mimics ocean waters. Mosaics are perfect for the bathroom floor or the shower walls to create an ocean feel. Bright white subway tiles also work well on the shower wall or a half-wall design. Mosaic and subway tiles were very close in popularity of the 259,595 bathrooms analyzed, used in 6.79% and 6.34% of the bathrooms, respectively. Out of 307,899 bathrooms, beige and white – two important colors in beach design – are the most attractive tile colors, used in 28.28% and 25.34% bathrooms, respectively.

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