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24 Beach Style Primary Bedroom Ideas

Another view of the beach and balcony from the bedroom.


Welcome to our page filled with beach-inspired Primary bedrooms. You may not be able to afford a beach home, but we hope you can still find the inspiration and creative ideas to style or design your next beach-style bedroom project.


1. Traditional Meets The Beach in this Spacious Bedroom

The rustic brown woven area rug over the hardwood flooring is a nice complement to the gray bed that is flanked with bedside drawers. The brightness of this bedroom is due to the high cathedral ceiling and the glass doors.

The jute rug is the most iconic accessory to use, in my opinion, when you’re designing beach-inspired interiors. The natural fibers just resonate with that beachy earthy vibe we all love.  The mix of the traditional furniture in this room paired with the natural accessories like the rug, glass vases and blue pillows create a fine balance.  I love the tall white pitched roof with shiplap paneling and the large picture windows, which really opens up the space and creates a relax atmosphere. 

2. Classic Blues and Whites in this Beach-Style Bedroom

The beige cushioned headboard of the traditional bed pairs well with the beige carpeted flooring. This is complemented by the white elements of the bed sheets, bedside tables and the white ceiling.

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Wall to wall berber carpet warms up this classic bedroom with touches of blue and lavender accents.  The furniture is a bit more refined than the typical relaxed beach vibe however the white tones on the headboard and side table really keep it unfussy. I love the addition of the armchair by the window so you can curl up and read a good book. Lots of light streaming in makes this beach-side bedroom really light and bright.

3. Bedroom Envy with a Beach View

The highlight of this Beach-style bedroom is the amazing view of the ocean right outside the folding glass doors that take up most of the wide wall on the foot of the gray platform bed that complements the light gray flooring.

Can you imagine waking up every morning with this view? It’s almost as if the bedroom is sitting on the water and it’s completely breathtaking. The room itself has some modern touches and the crown jewel is the fireplace built-in to the wall. If I had this bedroom I might never want to leave. From a design point of view, the furniture could use some updating to make this a real showstopper. 

4. White and Bright Beach-Influenced Bedroom

The small bedroom is mostly dominated by the white elements of the white ceiling with exposed wooden beams matching the white bed and the white bedside tables and wooden dresser that blends with the white walls. This is complemented by the hardwood flooring and the accents of the black lamps and the black and white pillows. 

White dominates the bedroom decor, but the subtle use of bold pops of color adds whimsy and cheerfulness to the overall feel. I think the use of black is unexpected in a bedroom like this but it works well in this space. I would feel inspired waking up in a bright bedroom like this every morning and the white beam ceiling really makes you feel like you’re at the beach. The only thing missing is a jute rug of course. 

5. Beach-Inspired Bedroom with a Traditional Twist

The small and irregular-shaped bedroom has dark hardwood flooring that contrasts the light gray walls illuminated by the natural lights coming in from the white windows. This goes well with the beige traditional bed that is flanked with beige table lamps with anchor design.

This bedroom gives off great coastal vibes but it has really odd angles. I almost feel like a daybed against the wall could work better in this space, because it feels like the bed is right up against the sliding door. The anchor lamps provide some whimsy for the space and the art is soothing. I love the paint choice, it feels like you’re staring at the sky and the patterned jute rug fits right in with that beach decor. 

6. Cape Cod Inspired Bedroom

This charming bedroom emphasizes the amazing seaside scenery outside of the row of windows and sliding glass doors that dominate the light gray walls contrasting the hardwood flooring and the bed frame.

You definitely feel like you’re on the east coast, maybe even on Cape Cod in this charming bedroom. It has a million dollar view and the owners were smart to include a telescope right by the window. I envision watching the sunrise and set directly from the bed, you would never have to leave. The woven and wood bed along with the jute rug are a perfect fit for a cozy coastal-inspired design. 

7. Charming Beach-Inspired Primary Bedroom

Bright primary bedroom accented with a striking stripes rug matching the pillows. It has a gray bed frame and dark wood nightstands with white table lamps.

There are so many wonderful features and details in this room, starting with the rugs. They’ve layered a larger jute rug under a low-pile blue striped rug which adds a lot of warmth to the space. I love the matching wood nightstands, they provide ample storage which is always needed in any bedroom. Even the art is great, it works so well with all the other colors and textures in the room. The bed is made to perfection and that armchair looks like an inviting cozy place to relax while you enjoy the bright light streaming in. 

8. Shabby Chic Bedroom with Cozy Coastal Touches

Beach primary bedroom features white bed surrounded with light blue walls and framed windows. It sits on a gray rug over hardwood flooring.

This beach-inspired bedroom has many layers and textures that feel collected over time, which gives it a very homy feel. I love all the different blue tones from light to dark paired with different white and wood textures. The drapes lean more traditional but work well with the shabby chic bed and nightstands. The added detail of the tray ceiling and high baseboards adds depth to the room and all the beach accessories really complete the overall design. 

9. Classic Bedroom with Coastal Charm

Charming primary bedroom with wooden bed and a lovely blue tufted bench on its end. It includes wooden nightstands with round glass table lamps and carpet flooring.

Another great room with plenty of textures layered throughout creating a charming traditional coastal vibe. The grasscloth nightstands provide ample storage as does the narrow built-in shelving next to sliding door. The bed is impeccably made and layered with comfy pillows in fun prints. The tailored black-out drapes add a bit of luxury to the space and the tufted bench provides a place to sit as you take off your shoes. I appreciate how the wall art, accessories and glass lamps really complete the coastal charm in this primary bedroom.

10. Coastal Chic Primary Bedroom with Modern Touches

Spacious primary bedroom boasts a canopy bed with a gray couch on its end. It has wood side tables along with gray armchairs and lighted by gorgeous chandeliers that hung from a vaulted ceiling.

This spacious beach-inspired room has loads of detail and offers multiple seating areas to lounge in. The herringbone wallpaper looks like it’s made of shells and compliments the large empire beaded chandeliers. The poster bed, carved nightstands and coffee table have more modern touches while the slipcovered sofa and armchairs represent a laid-back beach feel. I love the roman shades on the smaller windows, they are classic and look great in any design. So many great accessories, including the indoor plants, really help warm-up the large space.

11. Cute and Cozy Beach-Inspired Bedroom

Beach primary bedroom surrounded by white shiplap walls and vaulted ceiling. It has a gray bed with built-in shelves that serve as the side tables. 

The pitched white beam ceiling and shiplapped walls create a cozy intimate bedroom space. The woven roman shades and tobacco basket above the bed, add a natural earthy touch. I love the built-in wall shelving-nightstands and top shelf above bed to display accessories. Relaxed bedding and soft blue colors throughout, including the rug, complete this cute bedroom of your dreams. 

12. Transitional and Modern Bedroom Meets the Beach 

White primary bedroom features brick walls and a built-in window seat nook. It is fitted with a white cushion and accented with pillows of various designs.

This has all the makings of a beautiful transitional room with small touches that feel coastal. The woven roman shades and bench along with the glass lamps and white pitched ceiling really makes it feel beachy. The more traditional print rug and bedding paired with the more modern dark nightstands and built-in bench make it a transitional space. I love all the patterned pillows that are layered throughout and the light sconces above the built-in bench are so smart and utilitarian. 

13. Breezy Coastal Primary Bedroom

An airy primary bedroom featuring a canopy bed and a couch paired with a table on its end. It has a large potted plant in the corner that adds a tropical feel to the room.

You can almost feel the breeze coming through the windows in this multi-textured bedroom. The jute rug and natural beam pitched ceiling along with the glass lamps and blue tones really create a serene coastal design. I love that they brought in some greenery in this space but think it would look better in a lighter basket or planter and perhaps an Olive tree in place of this large Fig leaf. The sheer curtains soften the more modern look of the poster bed and the light blue loveseat offers a welcoming place to lounge. 

14. Sophisticated Beach-Inspired Primary Bedroom

Clean, white primary bedroom designed with round wooden wall mirror placed above the bed and a printed black rug. It has beige armchairs with a table lamp in the middle. 

I love everything about this spacious sophisticated bedroom except the ill-fitting and wrong patterned rug. Something in a 9×12 with blue tones would fit perfectly and complete the look. However, the round wood mirror and charming rope light sconces make up for the rug mishap. You’ll notice the wide nightstands with great storage and cute seating nook complete with a side table and lamp. I love when designers use roman shades on the windows, they are classic, and these white ones just add a layer of depth to the white walls.

15. Deep Blue Beach-Luxe Primary Bedroom

Beach primary bedroom with dark blue walls and a canopy bed with a pair of stools on its end. It includes white nightstands lighted by lovely wall sconces.

This sophisticated beach-inspired bedroom is drenched in textures starting with the deep blue grass-cloth wallpaper on all walls. The leather headboard gives this canopy bed a more relaxed look and adds some natural elements to the space. The tailored nightstands and light sconces add sophistication and I love how the ivory jute rug adds warmth. Lots of additional seating like the foot stools and large armchair with leather ottoman. 

16. Scandinavian and Beach-Influenced Bedroom

A tall wooden canopy bed designed with a sunburst wall decor and white pendant lights highlight this primary bedroom. There's also a pair of metal chairs with a small round table on the bed's edge.

You can help but feel relaxed in this Scandinavian-influenced, spacious bedroom with all the light colors and wood tones. I especially love the low and long nightstand to right of bed, it’s very unusual but really works in this space. The woven pendant lights and wall decor along with the all white walls and touches of seagrass, really add that touch of beach-style we all love. Adding in those large metal frame lounge chairs for seating will keep your guests promptly seated and staying put all day.

17. Traditional Touches in this Coastal-Inspired Bedroom

Beach style primary bedroom accented with a custom wood plank headboard illuminated by table lamps that complements the upholstered chairs.

This primary bedroom has more traditional furniture in it however, the large wood headboard behind the main bed  gives it a more beachy feel. All the touches of light blue and whites along with the high ceiling, give this room a real airy quality. The window seat with custom cushion creates cozy space to curl up in and enjoy the view. 

18. Classic Hamptons-Style Primary Bedroom

Elegant primary bedroom showcases a blue upholstered bed lighted by a crystal chandelier. It has hardwood flooring topped with a dark blue striped rug.

You’ll feel like you’re vacationing at the Hamptons in this serene bedroom with the million dollar views. This room embodies classic coastal chic with the navy accents everywhere and the matching nightstands and lamps make it feel cohesive. The stripe rug just screams I’m at the beach along with the woven stools and Capiz semi-flush chandelier. I love the blue and white patterned roman shades and the beautifully upholstered armchair in which I would promptly sit and stay until I was kicked out. 

19. Primary Bedroom with a View and Coastal Design

Beach style primary bedroom features a blue bed facing a huge canvas beneath a bench covered with faux fur.

You can see that this primary room has incredible light all around. Waking up in this blue upholstered bed every morning would not be hard if you had views like this. From the large painting to the patterned drapes and all the blue accents, you feel like you’re at the beach. There is no shortage of storage between all the dressers and nightstands and there are multiple places to sit and enjoy the serenity of the space. 

20. Multi-Purpose Serena & Lily-Inspired Coastal Bedroom

Magnificent bedroom with a delicate herringbone wallpaper and hardwood flooring topped with a blue rug.

This tailored coastal bedroom looks like it is straight out of a Serena & Lily catalog. Beautiful and multi-functioning at the same time, with dual desks that look out onto the ocean. The classic cane and wood bed mixed with the solid blue bedding is so iconically coastal, and who doesn’t love large nightstands with ample storage. The final touches with the chevron wallpaper and  patterned rug add character and loads of texture to the entire design. 

21. Nature and the Beach Collide in this Primary Bedroom

This primary bedroom has a floor to ceiling glass windows so you can enjoy the spectacular beach view. The windows also invite the natural light in.

The ocean really acts as a pop of color in this nature-inspired neutral bedroom. It’s as if the ocean and the room became one. Imagine watching the sunrise every morning from bed.  I appreciate the the straight lines of the woven lounge chair and ottoman, and I imagine whoever sits there never wants to leave. The rug looks comfy under the feet on a cool morning and the shell table lamp adds a bit of whimsy to the design. 

22. Traditional Bedroom with Bright Coastal Accents

A light blue primary bedroom accented with a striking stripes rug and blue loveseat. It has a rattan bed with white wooden nightstands.

The light teal blues and orange accents evoke a sense of happiness in this coastal bedroom. I love all the layering of textures like the rattan bed and the stripe rug that is paired with the white dresser and nightstands. There is a charming seating nook in the corner and lots of brilliant light streaming through the windows.

23. Tranquil Beach-Styled Primary Bedroom

Cozy primary bedroom with a high cathedral ceiling and picture windows. It has a white bed with round ottoman over a brown rug.

This tranquil bedroom a magnificent pitched room that gives off an airy feel. I love all the woven textures in the jute rug and floor poufs. Classic roman shades adorn the windows and a simple but grand painting of the coast hangs above the bed. The white chair rail on the white walls adds a touch of tradition, but not too much. A conventional white bed and nightstands paired with the glass table lamps complete the beachy design.  

24. Traditional Bedroom with Coastal Touches 

A comfy tufted bed, light wood nightstands and a striped armchair flanked by a green side table and ottoman fill the primary bedroom. These are then complemented by the coffered ceiling and glass windows that bring in natural lights.

Most of the pieces in the spacious bedroom are pretty traditional such as the tufted bed and armchair. I love the use of storage by using these 3-drawer nightstands but I would have added in a flat-weave rug over the carpet to make the room feel more complete. The woven roman shades and coral lamps add those coastal touches and I love a seating area but a room this size could use a sofa in place of an armchair. 

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