60 Stunning Celebrity Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Want to see the kitchens in the homes of celebrities. Check these 60 celeb kitchens out. Many celebrity kitchen designs featured here and updated regularly.

Large, luxurious celebrity kitchen

Recently we launched our celebrity homes category and it’s one of my favorite aspects of this site.  It’s been wildly popular and so we’re expanding it beyond just showcasing the homes.

We’re creating special features of the various rooms of the celebrity homes we showcase.  This is our first and we’re going for the most popular room of the house, namely kitchens.

It occurred to us that you just might have a curiosity about particular celebrity home rooms.  After all, if your’re renovating only a kitchen and you’d like to get some inspiration from homes of the rich and famous, we hope by creating room-specific celebrity galleries, we help you out.

Check out the celebrity kitchen photo gallery below.

FYI, this will update with every new celebrity home we add to our site so if you like this, please bookmark it and visit again.

Photo Gallery

Steven Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin
Alfred Molina
Alfred Molina
There's a bar in the home as well, featuring a stylish mirror-tiles wall.
I. Marlene King
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
The kitchen features marble center island and marble countertops and backsplash along with top-of-the-line appliances.
Josh Altman
The kitchen featuring white cabinetry, walls and ceiling.
Rachel Bilson
The kitchen features checker flooring and darkwood cabinetry.
The kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances and has a white couch and a club chair.
Edward Norton
The dining area surrounded by hardwood materials and lighted by pendant lights overlooks the lively beach front.
Edward Norton
The kitchen features walnut wood cabinetry and white walls lighted by recessed ceiling lights.
Scott Disick
Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro
Chris Paul
There's a dining nook beside the hallway overlooking the beautiful outdoor area.
Chris Paul

Image Sources: Trulia and Zillow celebrity blogs (with permission).

Why celebrity kitchens?

Maybe you think this is ridiculous, but I can assure as publisher of this site, celebrity homes are popular.  People are curious and/or seek inspiration from the fabulous homes of the rich and famous.

Let’s face it, celebrities can afford homes most of us cannot.  They either buy them already fabulously decorated and designed or they hire their own designer and spend hundreds of thousands or even millions on renovations.

Like us, however, celebrities like fabulous kitchens, which is often the heart of the home.  And therefore, most celebrity houses we feature and that I’ve checked out, have spectacular kitchens.

Not to be confused with “celebrity chef” kitchens

This gallery will mostly feature the kitchens of regular celebrities such as movie stars, music artists, authors and athletes.  It’s not restricted to celebrity chef kitchens, although we will certainly include their kitchens as well, which no doubt will be interesting.



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