Wayne Gretzky’s Mansion in Lake Sherwood, CA (Listed for $22.9 Million)

Every household familiar with hockey has heard of the name Wayne Gretzky at some point in their life. Number 99 on ice is selling his mansion in Lake Sherwood, CA for $22.9 million and is turning many heads. Learn more about this beautiful mansion and more about "The Great One."

This is a look at the back of the house showcasing a large pool, lush landscaping and a house that has a large balcony supported by large pillars. Image courtesy of

Everyone who is a fan of ice hockey knows who “The Great One” is. Wayne Gretzky wore jersey number 99 and is selling his 13,276 square foot mansion in Lake Sherwood for the second time, listed at $22.9 million.

The mansion sits on 6.5 acres. Along with the mansion, there are two guest houses detached from the main home. The added luxuries are a tennis court, a full gym, landscaped gardens, and a large pool. Inside the mansion are six bedrooms, eight baths, a vast living room with large windows, and a grand foyer with wide-curving stairs.

It also has a master suite with a sitting room and dual bathrooms, a kitchen big enough for a chef. Other added features include a screening room, billiards room, six fireplaces, and a garage detached from the home able to fit four cars.

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Gretzky and his wife Janet designed the Thousands Oaks mansion in 2002 with architect-to-the-stars Richard Landry. In 2007, they sold the home to the well known former baseball star Lenny Dykstra, who turned into a financial advisor and trashed the home when he filed for bankruptcy.

Gretzky repurchased the mansion for $14.9 million in 2018 and refurbished it back to its original state. In only three years, the home is better and even more stunning than the day it was built. It has a high level of craftsmanship throughout the mansion as everything is detailed, even the subdued wall panels.

The 6.5-acre property overlooks Lake Sherwood and the Santa Monica Mountains. Every angle of the mansion shows its best features. From the mansion looking out, it also has the best views, probably one of California’s best. What makes the home great on the inside is there is so much to do. It compares to an inside mall with different rooms for different activities and hobbies. You will never get bored.

Back in the 80s and 90s, Wayne Gretzky made a name for himself on the ice. He kept hockey fans on the edge of their seats as he played for the Los Angeles Kings and the Oilers with all the thrashing and bashing. Gretzky began the road of Hockey in the 70s. By the 80s, Gretzky was a booming star, and by the 90s, he was a growing legend on the ice. Even after the 90s, he was still showing fans he still had what it takes to be great.

These days, all the greats meet in Las Vegas for seven days, allowing die-hard fans to play with the Wayne Gretzky Camp legends. But Wayne Gretzky never forgot where he came from as he is the founder of the Wayne Gretzky Foundation. It gives every child a chance to taste what it feels like to play ice hockey. The dedication is to the less fortunate and supports them on and off the ice.

Arvin Haddad from The Agency in Beverly Hills is handling the Real Estate for the Gretzky mansion.

Photo credit: The Agency