25 Inspiring Celebrity Home Offices (Photos)

The home office is one of my favorite rooms. You should see these celebrity home offices for some incredible ideas. Some are old world luxury while others are contemporary and everything in between.
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Many celebrities work quite a bit at home. Think about actors reviewing scripts, memorizing lines, dealing with their staff, etc.  Athletes review games and work with agents and managers.  Authors write.  While they have the good fortune of being able to do much of their work where they want, including at home, they also often have quite a bit of work to manage.

Many of us also spend an insane amount of hours at work and still bring parts of our work at home. This makes the home office space one of the most used areas of the house besides the bedroom.  In fact, more and more people work entirely at home.

That’s why decorating our work environment should be given ample consideration just like we’d do with the rest of the rooms in our house. After all, inspiration doesn’t come easy so we might as well keep our workspace stimulating.

Just like us, celebrities also work even when the spotlights are already off. You can easily spot the dedicated ones because their home office is packed with stuff that apparently inspire them and are in line with their trade.   

We’ve rounded up these inspiring celebrity home offices where one can take a peek of how the rich and famous work in style. You can also check them for design ideas cos who knows, one of these home offices may give you a light bulb moment.

Check out our gallery below of inspiring celebrity home offices for your enjoyment.

Celebrity Home Office Photo Gallery

The home office features modern style furniture set along with a large TV and green shelving.
I. Marlene King
The home also features a home office with a black stylish wall and a floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city of Los Angeles.
Josh Altman
The home office features green walls and seats along with a hardwood flooring and a stylish rug.
Chris Paul
The home office looks elegant with its white walls, built-in shelves and vaulted ceiling with beams.
Emily Ratajkowski
The home office looks elegant with its vinyl flooring, stylish window blinds and working desk.
Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko
The home also has a reading room boasting a tall and wide bookshelf with a pendant lighting.
Diane Keaton
Another home office in the house featuring a small workspace desk and a shelf standing on the back.
Diane Keaton
The home office features a workspace table and freestanding shelf along with wall decors.
Diane Keaton
Another view of the house's reading room featuring the workspace table and sitting area for reading books.
Diane Keaton
The home office has two built-in desks and multiple cabinets along with glass windows equipped by a classy blinds.
Sandra Bullock
The home office feature the combination of green and black shades and have different comfortable seats.
Frances Bean Cobain
The home also has a home office featuring stylish desk and built-in shelves along with a fireplace.
Luann de Lesseps
The home office is full of elegance from its floors, walls, windows up to ceiling.
Martellus Bennett
The home office leads directly to the closet, bedroom and balcony.
Jordan Clarkson
There's also a home office in the house offering a small table with a lamp along with multiple shelves.
Melissa McCarthy

I like the style of James Franco’s home office featured design at the top of this post. I can actually see myself (or anyone else for that matter) working at a space like this. The room’s well-lit and has a refreshingly white floor to ceiling backdrop with no wall decor in sight. It has a built-in open shelving which is kept minimalist and the only sort of “distraction” is the windows. Now the windows may just be the sort of distraction one needs as they entice you to look outdoors and beyond. And looking within and beyond ourselves are essential when we’re working for our dreams.

Thank you for checking our special gallery showcase of celebrity home offices. Make sure to visit this post again since we update this regularly. We also have a large and growing celebrity houses section which will give you a thrilling peek into the other rooms as well as the lit outdoors of celebrity homes.

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