70 Fancy Celebrity Swimming Pools

There are swimming pools and then there are the swimming pools of the rich and famous - namely celebrity swimming pools. Celebs buy great houses, many of which have a backyard swimming pool. Check out this collection of swimming pools in the backyards of celebrity homes.
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Beautiful celebrity swimming pool

Whenever there’s talk of celebrity homes, a picture of a fancy swimming pool automatically comes into mind. Sure, there’s not a cookie-cutter approach to celebrity houses – while a lot of celebrities own expansive estates that allow them to have a pool or two, there are those who prefer to live in an upscale apartment instead. Take the Upper West Side Manhattan for example where space costs an arm and a leg. Most units in this high-end part of NYC simply don’t spare space for a pool.

Yet nothing brings out the star appeal or the fragrance of success like a posh pool in one’s backyard. Or an indoor pool, which is even more splendid, by the way – if you ask me. While the different rooms in the house try to rival each other, the swimming pool easily takes the limelight in the sprawling outdoors.

It may come in different kinds, shapes and sizes – lap, cantilevered, custom-shaped, infinity, etc. – no one can deny that it’s a well-deserved outdoor trophy amenity for the rich and famous in their coddled privacy.

Check out our gallery below of fancy celebrity swimming pools for your enjoyment.

The pool side has plants and mature trees shading the area.
Danny McBride
Top side view of the mansion's swimming pool area featuring the beautiful outdoor design of it.
Josh Altman
Another view of the swimming pool featuring the stylish pool, multiple lounges and beautiful house's architecture design.
Josh Altman
There are multiple relaxing lounges on the pool side.
Josh Altman
There's a fire pit near the swimming pool.
The swimming pool mirrors the beautiful Los Angeles skies.
The outdoor area features a large swimming pool surrounded by beautiful greenery.
Whoopi Goldberg
Another view of the swimming pool area during the dusk featuring the beautiful pool area lighting and indoor lighting of the house.
Scott Disick
The swimming pool is surrounded by mature trees and is mirroring the San Francisco skies.
Michelle Pfeiffer
The home features a rectangular swimming pool with a hot tub.
Michelle Pfeiffer
The custom swimming pool mirrors the Agoura Hills skies and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping.
Guillermo del Toro
Another view at the home's swimming pool during the dusk, featuring the beautiful traditional house and lush landscaping.
Guillermo del Toro
The rectangular swimming pool mirrors the Hollywood Hills skies and is surrounded by beautiful landscaping trees.
Jamie Dornan
There are perfectly placed sitting relaxing lounges on the pool area as well.
Alexis Bellino
The beautiful swimming pool mirrors the California skies.
Alexis Bellino

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Featured image at top source: Trulia

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