Nick Vanoff’s House in Beverly Hills, CA (Listed for $25 Million)

TV producer Nick Vanoff's Beverly Hills estate is up for sale. Asking price: $25 million. This 8,800 square-foot home boasts 9 beds, 12 baths, a library, and more. With a motor court made for 25 cars, parking shouldn't be a problem. Discover what this impressive home has to offer.

A look at the front of the house featuring a landscape of a concrete courtyard adorned with trees and well-manicured shrubs that complement the gray tone of the exteriors. Image courtesy of

Looking for a home with a $25 million price tag? That’s the asking price for TV producer Nick Vanoff’s Beverly Hills, CA home. Let’s have a look around.

A wrought-iron gate opens onto this 1.23-acre parcel. The property boasts an 8,800 square-foot Mediterranean-style home, guest house, and staff quarters. The mansion is complete with 9 bedrooms and 12 baths. Plus, it’s decked out with French doors and balconies, which add to its charm. Let’s check out some of this impressive living space.

The elaborate entry door is framed by creeping vines. Step inside and you’ll find yourself in a cheerful living room with a see-through glass coffee table and gray sofa set.

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The cozy family room looks like something you might find in Better Homes & Gardens. Another glass coffee table sits in the middle, with light-toned sofas on either side. The highlight of this room is the fireplace with a long mantle that is designed to blend into the wall. Imagine curling up in this room on a cool winter evening with a crackling fire adding light and warmth to your surroundings.

A modest kitchen shares space with the dining area, giving this area a somewhat casual, laid-back feel. The open floor plan and light-colored walls and cabinets cause these areas to enhance one another, making this part of the home seem perhaps more spacious than it is. French doors off the dining area lead to a well-landscaped outdoor space.

For more formal occasions, the host and guests can enjoy meals in the dining room. With its long wooden table, ornate chairs, and a chandelier hanging elegantly from the ceiling, this room is the ideal place for a small dinner party.

There’s also a library with built-in bookshelves and an elaborately-furnished home office.

Now for the bedrooms and bathrooms. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to explore all of them, but taking a look at the primary bed and bath will give you an idea of the amenities included here. With its arched beige ceiling, French cabinet, and exquisite furnishings, this bedroom rivals the most luxurious hotel suite. As for the bathroom, it’s quite large. Glass-block windows allow for plenty of privacy. A free-standing tub, lounge chair, and beige cabinets are just a few of the perks that give this spot the ambiance of a spa.

The surrounding grounds include a trellis-covered patio, swimming pool, and a motor court built for 25 cars. Not far from the pool is a statuette. It looks like a figure about to get a running start before jumping into the water.

Nick Vanoff

Born in 1929 in Greece, Nick Vanoff started out as a dancer, where he met his wife. Both were performing for the New York City Opera. When he moved to California, his first gig consisted of holding up cue cards for The Perry Como Show. He went on to become a TV producer of shows such as Sonny and Cher and The Tonight Show with Steve Allen. He died in 1991.


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