40+ Gorgeous Celebrity Living Rooms (Photos)

Here's a gallery featuring only living rooms from celebrity homes. Some are modest while others are spectacular in every regard. New photos added regularly.
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Living room in Britney Spears' former home.

Living room in Britney Spears’ former home.

The diversity in the styles of celebrity homes is pretty huge except for the fact most are pretty awesome including their living rooms.

In fact, some of these houses such as Britney Spears’ former home has 2 amazing living rooms.

This is a dynamic gallery in that as we feature more celebrity homes, this gallery will be updated with more celebrity living rooms so if you like this topic, bookmark or just check back regularly.

Photo Gallery

Steven Mnuchin
Steven Mnuchin
I. Marlene King
I. Marlene King
Danny McBride
Another view at the formal living room's center table, elegant seats and fireplace.
Scott Disick
The formal living room boasts elegant furniture set along with the chandelier. The room also features a fireplace.
Michelle Pfeiffer
The formal living room boasts classy sofa set near the fireplace.
Guillermo del Toro
The formal living room features a white couch in front of a fireplace and has a white piano on the side.
Chris Paul
Jamie Dornan
Another view of the house's living room focusing on its couch, center table and fireplace.
Jamie Dornan
Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski
The formal living room features a two-storey high ceiling and a carpet flooring along with elegant furniture set.
Alexis Bellino

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Are there common features?

There are a few common features.

First, white furniture is popular.  Other than that and the fact they’re quite nice, they’re all very different.

Second, most of their homes are located in Southern California.  Not all, but most.  Of course this isn’t a surprise since most celebs have a residence there.

Third, most are pretty cool.  You may not necessarily like the style or design, but I think it’s safe to say that each is done up pretty nicely with in the style chosen.

Which is my favorite?

This is tough because we add more all the time, however, I really like Jane Fonda’s living room design.  Her entire home’s interior design is amazing, although I’m not particularly partial to townhomes.

How much do celebrities spend on homes?

It ranges from $1 million for up-and-coming celebs to $45 million plus.  Let’s face it, some celebrities, especially those who are also entrepreneurs and owning aspects of their entertainment business are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  Ellen is an example, and while I’m not sure if she owns part or all of her show, she’s earns somewhere in the neighborhood of $75 million per year from her show.  This creates a terrific home buying/renovating budget, which she uses extensively.

The kicker is Ellen is, in my view, a very talented interior designer and so I’m sure she’s making very good money buying, renovating and selling homes.

Anyway, since the living room is an integral part of the home, we thought creating a fun photo gallery dedicated to celebrity homes would be fun.



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