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The French Country House plan tends to be one of the grander rural styles to build. It ranges from a smaller cottage style approach to a large, multi-unit complex home including a peripheral garage unit. The style is evocative of European country homes and definitely involves a large footprint and space utilization when fully built with the larger plans.

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What do the French Country (aka Acadian) blueprints showcase?

The floor plans featured above showcase, for the most part, exterior, interior and blueprint images. Each house plan featured on our site includes links to where you can buy the full set of CAD plans that you can hand to a builder to build or an architect to make changes.

Are there any with basements?

Yes, some of the floor plan blueprints include a basement. Often the basement feature is optional.

Can I see examples of French Country house interiors? Exteriors?

Most of the carefully selected Acadian style houses in our collection above include interior photographs of an example of a real house built from the floor plan.

How many floors do French Acadian style houses have?

Quite often this style of house is a single floor in the ranch style. However, you can find examples that offer two or more floors.

Do you feature rustic French Country plans?

Yes, some of the featured plans were built in a rustic style throughout. In fact, often it’s a rustic interior due to the “country” nature of its origin.

Will you be adding more French Country designs?

Yes, we will be adding more French Country designs over time. We constantly keep our eye out for more plans. We strive to feature only plans that include a series of high-quality pictures depicting the actual blueprint.

Can I have a brick exterior?

Yes, you can opt for a brick exterior. In fact, for most house plans, you can choose your exterior material. This is something to discuss with your chosen builder.

Are there blueprints for inexpensive French Country houses?

Yes, you can find floor plans that will result in a budget-friendly French Country style house. Likewise, you can find plans for a luxury home and everything in between.

How popular are French Country style house plans?

French Country style house plans make up about 2.58% of all home plans available. While that may seem like a very small percentage, keep in mind that there are 37 different styles which means with a few exceptions, most styles make up a very small percentage.

How much do French Country houses cost per square feet (approximately)?

The cost per square foot can range dramatically due to a number of influences that can change significantly from one location to another. These factors can and often include cost of building materials, cost of construction services, the size of the structure, the local building fees involved and required by the associated municipality the home will be built in, and the applied property taxes on the site as well. Further, how far the home is from standard transportation roads, power, water and sewer services can swing plan costs considerably as well. A person considering the build of a French Country Home plan in their region would be well-served to look at and research various comparable homes of the same size and what they cost to build. This will be a much better gauge for what a plan might need in financial support than any generic estimate per square foot expected to apply nationally.

Are there French Country homes floor plans with a detached garage?  Is it possible?

Yes, many plans do come with a detached garage and it is possible to include in the overall floor plan of a French country home. In fact, with smaller plans that are classified in the cottage size, the garage may be a smaller detached unit adjacent to the main plot.

Does the French Country floor plan usually come with a garage?

Many house plans include a garage component. However, in many cases the garage is either a detached structure or a separate structure connected to the main house section by a tangential hallway or joint to the main floorplan.

Is the French Country style considered a grand or luxury style of home?  Is the style used for mansions or normally regular-sized homes?

It is very much in the category of a “grand” home with a full-blown spread out structure with large plans. Many French country homes are multiple structure units connected by adjoining sections and easily categorize in the large home or mega-home size.

Is the French Country house ever built as a “small” home?  Can it be built economically?

Typically, the French country style is built as a larger home. That said, some plans can have smaller cottage style dimensions. The economical aspect mainly depends on the sourcing prices of materials in the local area as well as the building services contracted to do the work. Most custom builds in the U.S. tend to cost more than a planned home model.

Can French Country floor plans be open concept?

Much depends on the load-bearing points of the structure. The French Country Home design does anticipate and lean towards a larger, multi-section home. The interior can easily be crafted with an “open” interior floor plan intersected with multiple load-bearing points, columns, perimeter walls and similar. It also tends to be amenable to vaulted ceilings in the central part of the home where a two-story level is possible.

What are popular exterior colors for French Country style houses?

Dark shingle roofs with dark grey or dark brown trims and beige base wall color are extremely common. While other colors are possible these designs brown or gray designs on beige tend to make the structure stand out the most.

Can you build a French Country floor plan on a narrow lot?

Probably not. This style requires a sizable footprint both for the structure and the likely landscaping that would partner with it.

Can this style be built on a wide lot?

Yes, many French country house plans require or expect a good amount of wide open, flat space, both for the structural footprint as well as the landscaping and driveway expectations.

Can a French Country floor plan be built on a sloping lot?

It is unlikely a sloping lot will work well mainly because of the large footprint of most plans. It’s technically possible, but the structure would be disjointed with multiple levels at different heights to compensate for the slope. The only other option is to flatten the foundational lot before building which wipes out the slope entirely, building into the hill instead of on it.

How many floors/stories do French Country style houses usually have?

Most plans have a single floor for the wider, expanded sections of the plan and a two-story structure in the main central part of the home design.

Do French Home Country style houses have a basement?

While just about any house plan can incorporate a basement system, a lot depends on the ground and foundation capacity of the specific site. Some locations are not amenable to a basement option and they are not included as a result.

Does this style of house ever come with a bonus room?

It is possible to build in extra rooms in this style, particularly in the larger home plans.

Do these floor plans come with energy-efficient options?

Yes, many house plans can incorporate efficient and whole house HVAC systems. Note that the larger the plan size involved, the more likely the home will have to have more than one system to properly address the entire climate demand. This can also be the case with homes that include two-story footprints, running two climate systems for the floor level and upper level that can be programmed separately.

Is a porch a common design feature with French Country style houses?

A front porch is typically not included in a French Country Home plan. Instead, the home typically has a grand stepped entrance to the doorway. The back of the home compensates with a grander patio possibility out of sight from the front of the home.

What types of roof does this style of house typically have?

The roofing style on French-style country homes tends to be a shingle style, either artificial flatter options or clean-cut traditional woodcut shingles.

Does the French Country style work well with rustic interior decor?  Or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

Neither. The French Country style tends to be more of a traditional French or Colonial style home. While any style can be put inside a home on a practical level, the style of the house architecture and structure is better suited to clean refined style versus the rustic farm home style of rustic interiors or the artificialness of modern styles.

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