House Floor Plans with a Basement

Floor Plans with Basements (Including Walk-Out Basements)

Do you want a house floor plan with a basement option?  You’re not alone. Basements are sought-after features because of the huge amount of usable space they add to a house for not a lot of extra cost. Check out all the floor plans with basements below.  You need to click into each house to see the basement layout.

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Are you pondering whether or not to build a basement under your new house? You may have a ton of questions, and here are some solid answers to a few of them.

How much do houses with basements cost per square foot (approximately)?

Compared with other foundations, basements are normally the most expensive option, though usually offering the highest ROI (return on investment). Building an unfinished basement costs approximately $10-25 per square foot. Finished basements, on the other hand, can run you between $30 and $100 per square foot. Basements are one of the most cost-effective ways to make more living space in your home.

Do houses with basements usually come with a garage?

Sure, houses with basements can come with garages. Almost any median or nicer home you buy new today is going to come with a garage. I mean, think about it. You can protect your car from the harmful elements. You can have a workshop or extra storage space. Not only can you have a basement and a garage, but you can choose a garage basement.

Is it possible to have houses with basements with a detached garage?

It is certainly possible to have houses with basements with a detached garage. You actually have three choices when deciding on a garage for your new home: a garage basement, an attached garage (or separate attached garage, named so because, though it is separate from the house, it shares 1-3 walls with the house in the form of a breezeway or the like), and a detached garage, which is completely separated from the house.

Are houses with basements considered grand or luxury style homes, or are they typically used for average homes?

In the late 2000s, the trend began of erecting grand or luxury style homes over opulent basements. It started mostly because of anti-mansionization laws, but also due to the fear of gun violence among the rich elite.  In these basements, you can find lavish pools, ballrooms, art galleries – even tennis courts. Before, the norm had been that basements were normally only used in the typical everyday home.

Are houses with basements ever built as “small” homes?  Can they be built economically?

Small” or tiny homes that are not on wheels can be built with basements. Building a tiny home over a basement, though, can double or even triple your cost, due to the cost of the basement itself, as well as the price of the land it is built on. Also, because you will have to follow building codes, you will have permits and inspections.

Can houses with basements be open concept?

Actually, the greater number of basements are open concept, meaning they have no walls or dividers between the rooms – just open space. Otherwise, they would just appear too dark and drab. Here are a few tips for your open concept basement.

What are popular houses with basements’ exterior colors?

There are houses with basements of all colors, shapes, and sizes, but in 2021, the trend looks to be grays and charcoals, browns and beiges, blues, whites, earthy greens, and some yellows with just a pop of bright color, usually on the door.

Can you build houses with basements on a narrow lot?  

Sure, you can build houses with basements on a narrow lot. Here are floor plans for a home with a basement on a narrow lot with up to 5 bedrooms.

Can houses with basements be built on a wide lot?

Houses with basements can also be erected on a wide lot. Here are floor plans for a home with a basement on a wide lot with up to 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.

Can houses with basements be built on a sloping lot?

Houses on sloping lots are some of the most beautiful, and yes, they can be built with basements. This type is actually somewhat more conducive to basements, and often, people choose to build daylight basements on sloped lots.

How many floors/stories do houses with basements usually have?

Houses are generally limited to either 1-2 above-ground stories, so since a basement is not typically considered a story, homes with basements usually have 1-2 stories, or 2-3 floors (because the basement is considered a floor). However, if you need to be technical about it, it can get tricky. Here is an example.

Do houses with basements ever come with a bonus room?

Of course, houses with basements can come with bonus rooms. Depending on who you purchase your home or just your floor plans from, on many homes, there are choices for a bonus room. You may even build the perfect basement bonus room.

Do houses with basements come with energy-efficient options?

Yes, houses with basements definitely come with energy-efficient options. Basements, if built well, can help with your utilities year-round.  Also, there are usually options for energy-efficient windows and water heaters, etc. If you use a reputable builder, though, good insulation with the right vapor barrier, at least minimally finished walls, and a crawlspace that has been enclosed are usually a given.

Are porches a common design feature with houses with basements?

You can have porches of all kinds with houses with basements. Here is a house with a basement, a porch, 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. You can also have patios, even get a breath of fresh air by exiting your walkout basement.

What types of roofs do houses with basements typically have?

Houses with basements have all types of roofs, and there are a lot of types of them. Here are the top 15 you can choose from.

Do houses with basements work well with rustic interior decor, or is it more suited to a contemporary interior?

As long as you consider which decor you will go with before you finish your ceiling, walls, and floor, you can go rustic or contemporary with your basement’s interior decor. However, the trend is and has been to go with a modern, open concept style.

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