36 Beautiful White Luxury Kitchen Designs (Pictures) that are the Jewel of the Home (2016)

If you need inspiration for a white luxury kitchen design check out these pictures of 36 white kitchens that includes luxury, modern, traditional, country and more.

Picture of contemporary White Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the staple of the home.  There are so many different styles, colors, patterns, and themes for a kitchen; but, the most classic is a white kitchen.  The white kitchen is appealing because the bright whiteness gives off a “clean” feel.  The choice of white paint also makes the kitchen look large and open, making your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.  White will always be a stylish color scheme design for kitchens.

Some of the styles of white kitchens include:

  • contemporary
  • luxury
  • classic
  • modern
  • traditional

Another great quality about white kitchens is that they’re diverse as white matches with everything.  White kitchens can look good with dark or light wood, wood or stainless steel, and nearly every color cabinet!  See some more of our white kitchen ideas here – White Beach-Style KitchensWhite Kitchens With Dark Wood Floors, and White Kitchens With Light Wood Floors.

The following pictures of white luxury kitchens are a diverse mix of styles – from luxury to modern to ultra modern to traditional.  While some are clearly luxury, they aren’t all over-the-top.

Check out this great article from Houzz on ideas for more great kitchen styles!

36 More Beautiful White Kitchens

Country White Kitchen
Traditional kitchen design in white with a splash of yellow. Custom cabinets and a kitchen island make this kitchen a real show-piece.

For more country kitchen designs – click here.

Elegant White Kitchen
Huge custom white kitchen in a contemporary design. Long island increases counter-space significantly.
Luxury White Kitchen
A great, non-cluttered white kitchen with great lighting and dark countertops and appliances. The contrast between the countertops and the kitchen is very striking.
White Luxury Kitchen
Modern and luxurious white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and marble countertops.
Luxury White Kitchen
Very modern and minimal white kitchen.
Luxury White Kitchen Picture
A true luxury white kitchen with dark wood floors, stainless steel appliances and a cool pot rack above the extra long island.

 The large white kitchen design above is one of my favorites.  I like the large size, simple silver fixtures, dark wood floor and quality stainless steel appliances.

Minimalist White Kitchen
A true minimalist modern white kitchen.


Modern White Kitchen
All-white modern kitchen that isn’t too big. Includes tray ceiling as well.
Modern White Kitchen
White kitchen with sleek black counter tops.


Basic White Kitchen with Dark Countertops
A true cook’s delight in this white and black kitchen. White is offset with black counter tops and appliances.


Stylish White Kitchen with Large Island
Large down-home traditional white kitchen with stove located on the island. Eat-in area makes it a lively quasi open-concept kitchen/dining area.


Ultra Modern White Kitchen
Ultra modern white kitchen with glass front cabinets and dark counter tops.


White Kitchen with Warm Hard Wood Flooring and Large Island
Luxury kitchen with high ceiling, pendant lighting, eat-in bar stools at the large island and light hard wood flooring.


White Country Kitchen with Large Black Island
A true country style white kitchen with flashes of orange, pink and red to jazz it up.
Large Galley White Kitchen with Dark Hard Wood Floor
Large bright white kitchen with plenty of windows letting in natural light.


White Kitchen with Dark Counter Top and Walls
Small white kitchen with dark wall color-scheme.


Large White Kitchen with Stainless Steel Appliances and Large Island
Large white kitchen with stainless steel appliances and large square island.


Small White Kitchen with Red Backsplash
Small white kitchen with red backsplash.


Simple Modern White and Wood Kitchen with White Floor
Simple modern white kitchen with light-wood exposed cabinets illuminated with pendant lights.


Small White and Black Kitchen
Small white and black kitchen.


White Kitchen with Peninsula and Brownish Granite Counter Tops
White kitchen with peninsula and brownish Granite counter tops


Sleek Modern White and Wood Kitchen Design
Sleek modern white and wood kitchen design.


White Kitchen with Black Counter Top
White kitchen with black counter top.


White and Stainless Steel Kitchen with Wood Flooring
White and stainless steel kitchen with wood flooring.


Small White Kitchen with Hints of Wood and White Island Table
Small white kitchen with hints of wood and white island table.


Large White Kitchen with Eat-In Area
Large white kitchen with eat-in area.


Red and White Modern Kitchen Design
Red and white modern kitchen design.
Whimsical Ornate White Kitchen with Large Island
Whimsical ornate white kitchen with large island.


White Kitchen with Deep Red Walls
White kitchen with deep red walls.


Small Modern Kitchen with Peninsula
Small modern kitchen with peninsula.


Spacious White Modern Kitchen with Eat-In Area
Spacious white modern kitchen with eat-in area.


Large White Country Kitchen with Brick Wall and Wood Counter Tops
Large white country kitchen with brick wall and wood counter tops.


Small Elegant White Kitchen
Small elegant white kitchen.


White Kitchen with Large Granite Top Island (with Stove)
White kitchen with large Granite top island (with stove).


Minimalist White Modern Kitchen with Island
Minimalist white modern kitchen with island.

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