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24 White Dining Room Ideas

Welcome to our site where you will find incredibly decorated and functional white dining rooms. White decor and furniture in a dining room looks beautiful. It represents serenity, clarity and brightness. It is versatile and adapts to any style you want to emulate.

Be sure to scroll through our curated photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.


1. California Modern White Dining Room

Modern home with a great room featuring a living space with a fireplace and widescreen TV on the wall and a long rectangle dining table set for 12.

Modern California pool home with a great room that features a white dining room with a long wood rectangle table. You can seat 12 people in these white chairs with brown velvet cushions, which makes for great entertaining. Two long globe pendants hang from the white shed-style ceiling and an off-white plush rug is layered under the table to create a cohesive design.

2. Luxe Decor White Dining Room

Luxe decor style in this modern dining room featuring white terrazzo floors throughout. An oval natural wood pedestal table is surrounded by the coolest and most comfortable white dining chairs. Semi-sheer curtains offer a bit of privacy but also let in the light through the black doors where you can gaze out into that gorgeous backyard. A 6-light modern white chandelier hangs above the table for optimal lighting and organic black & white bowls work as decor on the table top.

3. Contemporary White Dining Room

Large dining area with a large stylish blue area rug and white dining table and chairs set lighted by white big pendant lights.

Spacious contemporarybeach-side dining area features a large blue color-block rug which grounds the space and compliments the blue ocean. A white rectangle dining table is centered on the rug and paired with a mix of tall white side chairs and low armchairs. Two large white dome pendants hang over the table to provide ample light along with the large glass windows that look out onto the gorgeous view of the ocean. 

4. Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

This gorgeous white dining space has some modern farmhouse vibes with a chic elegant style. The white rug grounds the space and contrasts against the dark wood floors. A round white top table is centered on the rug and paired with tufted high-back slope chairs which creates a cozy place gather. A beautiful tall white curio cabinet is placed in corner and stores the tableware and collectibles. Tons of light streams through the large windows, which makes you feel like you’re dining on a cloud. 

5. Scandinavian Airy-White Dining Room

White dining room featuring a large pendant light set just above the dining table set.

This spacious white Scandinavian style dining room features a brick accent wall which adds texture to the space. A large white pendant light hangs above the wood dining table which is paired with mid-century shell chairs and a single ladder back chair. Framed yellow art adds a pop of color on the wall and a wood ladder leans against the wall, bringing in some greenery to the design.

6. Classic Serene White Dining Room

This lovely dining room features natural elements and a classic decor to create a serene design. Beautiful light gray Chinese Chippendale dining chairs surround a solid wood pedestal round table. A single classic drum pendant light hangs on a silver chain over the round table. Dark wood floors compliment the lighter color tones throughout the design.

7. Unique Modern White Dining Room

A close up look at this dining table set wit charming modern seats and a large square dining table.

The pairing of white and amber ghost chairs with a solid wood square table creates a unique design choice. A large white high-gloss dome pendant hangs over the center of the dining table and provides ample lighting. Two small mirrors hang on the large wall to create interest and a tall white planter brings in some beautiful greenery. 

8. Nordic-Inspired White Dining Room

A dining room featuring hardwood floors, white walls and a tall ceiling, along with an elegant white counter.

A Nordic-inspired dining room featuring light hardwood floors and a white flat weave rug, which contrasts well against the wood floors. White accent wall with a large picture window that brings in the outdoor light and reflects off the semi-gloss kitchen cabinets. A small wood rectangle table is paired with mid-century shell chairs,and two cone light pendants hang above for ambient lighting. 

9. Contemporary Meets Nature White Dining Room

This beautiful white contemporary dining space has lovely natural elements that make it stand out and bring the wow factor. A gorgeous live-edge wood dining table is the showstopper of this design, paired with upholstered white curved armchairs for comfortable seating. The stunning linear chandelier hangs over the table and adds a touch of glamour to the room. Who can overlook the amazing view of the ocean while you’re enjoy a meal at the table. 


10. Eclectic White Dining Room

Large dining room with white walls and grayish hardwood floors. The dining table set is lighted by a stylish black pendant lighting.

This dining room has white walls and off-white hardwood floors, with pops of unique colors and decor to create an eclectic look. A rectangle wood and white base table is paired with multiple chair designs including Bertoli, ghost and Eames style chairs. A hexagon pendant light hangs above the table and wood hexagon mirrors hang in a group of 3 on the wall. The wood ladder leans against opposite wall to display tableware and baskets and a black clock is hung above. 

11. Natural Elements White Dining Room

This gorgeous white dining space includes natural elements that that create a serene design. Light wood floors contrast nicely with the white walls and light interiors. A solid wood and metal base table is paired with woven side chairs and a beige dome pendant hangs above for ambient lighting. The narrow console against the wall provides a place to display accessories and greenery with a round mirror hanging above. 

12. Mid-Century White Dining Room

A dining room featuring a wooden dining table set for 10 situated on the home's medium-sized tiles flooring.

This mid-century designed dining room feels very light and airy with its white walls, and flat dome pendant light.  The terrazzo tiled flooring is a brilliant design choice, and easy to clean. Traditional mid-century dining chairs with black leather seats pair well with the solid wood dining table. I appreciate the pop of blue in the bold wall painting and it compliments the decorative porcelain blue cat and bird that sit centered on the table. 

13. Parisian-Influenced White Dining Room

White dining room featuring a large rug covering the smooth brown flooring. The table looks absolutely elegant, perfect together with the ceiling lighting.

This minimal white dining room has a simple Parisian vibe to the design. It features an extra-large neutral rug that almost completely covers the wood floors. The elegant marble top table is paired with two antique side chairs and a stunning crystal pendant light hangs above for ambient lighting. The moulding along the walls creates texture in the room and the pocket doors allow privacy from the rest of the home.

14. Scandinavian-Inspired Dining Room

A dining area featuring herringbone-style hardwood flooring and a stylish dining table along with classy chairs.

This open concept dining room has tons of Scandinavian influences starting with the wood curved-back chairs. with a cozy dining space featuring a distressed dining table and wooden round back chairs that can accommodate eight people. The warm herringbone flooring and light wood ceiling contrast nicely to create a very organic vibe. I think the black and white vases bowls are the perfect accessories for the table, keep it simple and classic. 

15. Beachy-Serene White Dining Room

Large wooden dining table set for 10 surrounded by white walls and is lighted by a pair of pendant lights set on the tall ceiling.

An abundance of natural light flows in through the white-framed windows, in this beachy and minimalistic dining room. The round woven pendant lights take center stage in the design and pair well with the large jute area rug. I love the succulent arrangements that flank the natural wood bowl on the solid wood dining table. The white wishbone dining chairs add a Nordic touch and relaxed look to the room.

16. Retro Modern White Dining Room

Dining room with a large dining modern dining table and chairs set in gray finish matching the large gray rug covering the home's flooring.

This retro-inspired dining room features a large concrete and metal dining table and pale gray chairs. A gray flat weave rug is layered under the table to add warmth and a modern white chandelier hangs above for ambient lighting. Wood built-in cabinet inside the wall nook for storage and framed retro blue, red and white prints hang above to add a pop of color. Semi-sheer curtains grace the large window which allows light to stream in but provides a bit of privacy as well. 

17. Organic White Dining Room

A modern home with a round dining table set surrounded by white walls and a tall ceiling lighted by a charming pendant lighting.

This organic white modern dining room features a large woven globe pendant light centered over the round wood dining table. Mid-century shell dining chairs surround the table which provides ample seating for a round table. Large abstract painting with blue accents hangs on the wall behind the table and adds a sense of whimsy to the design. The high ceilings and windows to the outdoors creates an indoor-outdoor feel throughout the space.

18. Poolside White Dining Room

Modern dining area with a glass top dining table and white chairs lighted by ritzy pendant ceiling lights hanging from the regular white ceiling.

This modern dining area has a cool poolside view straight to the outdoors, which creates an indoor-outdoor feel with the wall of glass doors.  Solid white tile flooring under the wood and glass rectangle table that is paired with upholstered and wood side chairs. A glass waterfall-style linear chandelier hangs above and adds a touch of glamour. This would be a spectacular space to entertain guests and easy to flow indoors and out. 

19. Transitional Modern White Dining Room

The dining room looks elegant with its jaw-dropping table set and chandelier lighting.

Modern transitional style leads the way in this dining room that features a bold black picture-framed wall.  An elegant glass and brass base table sits on a neutral pattern rug and is paired with beautiful upholstered dining chairs. A modern 12-light globe chandelier hangs above the table and matching wall mirrors flank the side door. 

20. Hollywood Hills White Dining Room

The dining room looks elegant with its clean and white look along with the beautiful table set and lighting.

This white dining room has a Hollywood glamour vibe, mixed with modern furnishings. The stunning light fixture looks more like an art installation and works perfectly with the large mirrored table. White side chairs surround the table for ample seating, and a large black & white Hollywood print hangs above the wood console.  Terrazzo tile flooring compliments the white walls and ceiling which creates a light and airy design. 

21. Nature-Inspired White Dining Room

Dining room with white walls and ceiling, along with hardwood flooring topped by a large gray rug. The room's lighting looks absolutely fabulous.

This white dining room decor is inspired by nature starting with the live-edge dining table and french doors that bring the greenery from outside in. Mid-century style upholstered dining chairs are paired with the table and sit on a neutral pattern area rug which grounds the room. Wainscoting on lower half of the walls adds depth to the room and a large Asian print on the wall is flanked by 2 traditional light sconces. A flat-round pendant light hangs above the table and provides ambient light which completes the beautiful design.

22. Penthouse White Dining Room

Large dining room featuring a big rectangular dining table set on top of the hardwood flooring and is lighted by a glamorous chandelier hanging from the stunning ceiling.

This gorgeous penthouse dining room features a view of the city sky scrapers which is priceless. A large  rectangular dining table seats 8 and is paired with beautiful upholstered beige velvet chairs. Two crystal chandeliers hang from the tray ceiling above the table.  A massive wood sideboard is placed against the wall for ample storage of tableware and a starburst mirror hangs above for some added glamour. 

23. Elegant White Dining Room

Modern dining room featuring a black dining table paired with gray chairs lighted by a stunning chandelier.

Modern elegance is alive, in this stunning dining room which features a dark wood dining table paired with taupe upholstered chairs. A gorgeous crystal chandelier hangs above and a textured taupe and gold pattern rug is layered underneath. Fabric roman shades adorn the windows which are flanked by lovely light sconces which provide ambient lighting for the entire space. 

24. Organic White Farmhouse Dining Room

Another look at the dining table set featuring a stunning set of ceiling lights.

The large pendant lights that hang above the table take center stage in this organic farmhouse-style dining room. Vaulted ceilings with exposed wood beams create a large open feel and the light wood floors and white walls make it airy and bright. The beautiful over-sized wood table is paired with woven armchairs that seat 12 people, which is wonderful for entertaining in this gorgeous organically designed space. 

Design With White: What To Watch Out For

When designing with white, you will want to avoid creating a room that looks barren or cold. This can happen if too much white is used, without any contrasting elements. When you introduce other colors to your palette, you create harmony in the space. As you browse through white dining room design ideas, pay attention to the ways that harmony and balance are created.

Providing Contrast In Style-Specific Ways: 

Here are some specific examples-


We have some fantastic visual examples of beach style that uses white very creatively, over in our beach dining room gallery. Beach themed dining areas should feel open and breezy, alluding to a light, relaxed sensation.

That “airy” quality comes from physical space as well as lots of white surface areas. The design should be uncluttered and straightforward. White or glass-based furniture tends to fade into the background as if it wasn’t even there. You may need a less contrasting color than you think. Just a touch of turquoise, beige, or brown will give the room the contrast it needs.


Contemporary style is similar to beach style in that it should feel light and open. It features natural elements and is causal and clean in appearance. A white theme is perfect for a contemporary space because white spaces appear clean. We found that many people like contemporary dining areas: this style was the most popular out of all 18 styles we analyzed.


If you want to provide contrast for a white room, and you are working with a Scandinavian style, you will probably do so sparingly. Black lampshades, beige table, and chairs, or a minimalist fireplace are great options for giving a touch of detail to liven the room. Get great white dining room design ideas with Scandinavian design from our galleries.


The traditional style is known for being comforting and inviting. Instead of letting the room feel cold or stark, introduce contrast that warms and softens the space. Chairs with thick cushions and soft carpeting can work well. Your contrasting elements can be more apparent when working with the traditional style.

When it comes to designing with white, you have a blank canvas to start with. Some styles commonly leave that canvas more “blank” than others. Depending on your style, you will contrast your white room in specific ways. This will help you to avoid a washed-out result. White dining room design ideas can give you great ideas for what kind of contrast to include.

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