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23 White Primary Bedroom Ideas

Welcome to our site where you will find beautifully decorated white primary bedrooms with subtle accents. Soothing and elegant, a white bedroom can make a serene retreat from a busy world. It is versatile and timeless, with a myriad of different shades from bright white to warm ivory. 

Be sure to scroll through our curated interior photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.


1. Casual Eclectic White Bedroom

The unique white space-ship style pendant light sets the tone for an eclectic vibe in this casual bedroom. A plush polka dot rug is layered over dark wood floors and paired with a channel tufted bed. A narrow distressed wood bench sits at the foot of the bed and matching arch nightstands flank the both sides. Adjustable black and brass light sconces hang over the bed for task lighting and large framed art leans against the wall. The bay window provides a seating nook with a boucle bench and small side table. 

2. Clean Lines and Sophisticated Bedroom

Sophistication and clean lines are at the core of this impeccably designed white bedroom. An upholstered headboard is centered on the wall with matching two-tone nightstands that flank the bed. Tall white ceramic table lamps provide task lighting so you can read in bed. Large framed art adorns the wall in a symmetrical way and wall-to-wall carpet covers the floor to provide warmth for the room. 


3. French Country Influenced Bedroom

This French country inspired bedroom is drenched in off-whites and ivory tones to create a beautifully designed space. Custom drapery panels are hung behind the white wood bed and installed with a lovely tailored cornice. The tray ceiling showcases a woven pendant light that hangs in the center and brass light sconces are mounted besides the bed for task lighting. A tufted bench sits at the foot of bed and a roll armchair is placed next to the window for lounging. A distressed armoire is located across from the bed for storage while nightstands flank the bed for books, etc. 


4. Modern Sea-Scape Bedroom

Primary bedroom with a nice bed and a TV in front. There's an L-shape sofa facing the glass walls overlooking the beautiful surroundings.

The view of the ocean is breathtaking in this modern bedroom. Rich red hardwood floors contrast nice against the white walls and ceiling and the white bedding. Gray curtains adorn the windows for privacy, if needed, buy why would anyone block out that view. A custom wood seating area is in corner front of room, where you can enjoy sitting and staring at the water all day. 

5. Monochromatic Serene Bedroom

This serene modern waterfront bedroom features a minimalist fireplace with a black firebox and a gorgeous upholstered platform bed. Flanked with overstuffed off-white armchairs, the fireplace anchors a cozy seating area in the neutral-toned room. The decorative exposed-wood ceiling beams add warmth along with the custom drapes and neutral area rug. 

6. Circular Elegance Primary Bedroom

A circular tray ceiling is the conversation piece in this spacious and elegant bedroom. Pale gray grasscloth wallpaper adorns the walls and contrasts well with the white round circle rug. A pale blue bed and massive headboard are centered on the wall with velvet footstools at the end of bed. A beautiful seating area across from the bed with velvet slope chairs and a lucite side table. In addition you’ll find a large sofa and glass table for more seating in this spacious and elegant design. 


7. Hollywood Regency-Inspired Bedroom

This primary bedroom boasts a classy bed set on the white carpet flooring. The room offers a sitting area near the windows. It also has a stunning ceiling lighted by an elegant ceiling light.

This is a  modern nod to the Hollywood regency style complete with carpeted flooring and luxurious upholstered bed with tufted bench.  A beautiful vintage chandelier hangs from the multi-layered tray ceiling and sheer drapes cover the large windows so you don’t miss that gorgeous view. Wood and silver nightstands flank the bed with massive white table lamps for task lighting. A comfortable seating area is placed in front of the windows which provides a relaxing place to read a book and enjoy the natural light. 

8. Airy Parisian-Inspired Bedroom

This airy Parisian style bedroom has plush wall-to-wall carpet which gives the design a luxurious feel. A white bed and upholstered bench at the foot of bed for sitting and removing shoes. There is a glorious vanity table with a delicate brass and fabric bench and silver leaf mirror above, that is located to the right of bed. The empire chandelier hanging from the ceiling adds depth to the space and the brass starburst mirror above the bed adds texture and decor. 

9. Elegant Penthouse Bedroom

This elegant penthouse-styled bedroom with has a monochromatic color palette in different textures to create a cohesive design.  The upholstered chaise-lounge chair and side tables create a comfortable seating area in front of the gorgeous city view. There is a corner fireplace that you can enjoy while curled up in that awesome platform bed. The large distressed area rug contrasts nicely against the dark wood floors and completes the overall elegant design.

10. Calming Traditional Bedroom

Traditional tufted bed is centered on the wall in this calming white bedroom. Matching nightstands with glass lamps flank both sides of the bed and framed nature art hangs above. An incredible crystal chandelier hangs in the center of the bed area and a plush white rug is layered underneath. Off in the corner by the window is a nice seating area complete with a lounge chair and ottoman. 


11. Rustic-Inspired Chic Bedroom

The exposed white beam ceilings and textured walls along with the antlers hanging above the bed creates a very rustic yet chic vibe in this bedroom. There is a lovely seating area in front of the large windows, and a modern black and white rug which adds pattern and texture. A gorgeous open fireplace with stacked wood and painting hang above creates a lovely vignette. The hanging pendant lights over the matching nightstands really complete this chic room.

12. Bohemian Fresh Bedroom

A bohemian dream in this fresh and calming white primary bedroom. Low upholstered platform bed and luxurious bedding make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Mirrored side tables and matching white lamps flank the bed and an antique pendant light hangs from the ceiling. Custom drapes adorn the windows to block out sun or for privacy, but also add layers and depth to the design. 

13. Muted Modern Bedroom

Muted colors and calming whites combine to create a beautiful design in this primary bedroom. White walls and ceiling with exposed wood beams pair well with the wood floors and layered gray rug. Custom drapes on the windows with black rods adds texture to the space along with the large abstract canvas, in muted colors, on the wall. A modern canopy bed is centered on the wall with wood nightstands and black lamps flanking both sides. 

14. Calming & Casual Bedroom

Primary bedroom featuring white walls and ceiling. It also features a large wall decor that looks attractive.

This calming and casual primary bedroom features white walls and ceiling. An extra large abstract canvas print hangs on the wall to left of bed wall and creates interest in the room. A white iconic Eames lounge chair sits in the corner by the window for relaxing,  and an ivory rug is layered under the bed. the bed has a lovely blush coverlet and matching headboard which gives the room a soft punch of color.

15. Sophisticated & Inviting Bedroom

This sophisticated white bedroom is perfectly designed for comfort and elegance. An ivory high-back bed is centered on wall that faces the beautiful french doors, so you have a lovely view of the landscape outside. Matching gray wood chests and white marble lamps flank the bed sides, and a simple but functional bench is placed at the foot of the bed. Organic art installations adorn both sides of arched door wall and a unique white chandelier hangs from center of the room.

16. Modern Farmhouse-Inspired Bedroom

A focused shot at this primary bedroom's stylish bed set on the area rug covering the room's hardwood flooring.

This modern farmhouse primary bedroom features white walls with wainscoting and a shiplap ceiling. A black metal canopy bed is set on a blue and gray distressed area rug that grounds the room. Brass light sconces flank both sides of the bed and a beautiful portrait painting adorns the wall above. The white drapes add a layer of depth to this serene modern farmhouse design.

17. Modern Glamour-Influenced Bedroom

A spacious seating area takes center stage in this modern glamour-influenced bedroom. Barrel style swivel chairs face each other with a white wood coffee table and gorgeous chandelier above. There is a white plush rug layered under both the seating area and canopy bed, which really grounds the space. Matching nightstands and lamps flank the bed and a writing desk in the corner creates an office area.

18. Coastal Cool Bedroom

Primary bedroom featuring hardwood flooring topped by a large rug surrounded by white walls and ceiling with a huge pendant lighting.

This coastal primary bedroom features hardwood floors layered with a jute and stripe rug for warmth. White walls and ceiling pair well with the custom white drapes that adorn the windows. An upholstered gray platform bed is center on wall with matching wood nightstands and lamps that flank the bed. A small seating area in corner by the window creates a place to relax and enjoy the view in this beautiful coastal room.

19. Luxe Nouveau Bedroom

A channel tufted bed wall takes center stage in this luxe nouveau style bedroom. White channel platform bed is placed over an ivory textured rug to create warmth. Gorgeous matching nightstands flank the bed and linear pendants hang vertically over each nightstand for task lighting. A clear globe chandelier hangs in the center of the room and a curved modern sofa creates a seating area in front of the window.

20. Shabby Chic-Inspired Bedroom

Primary bedroom featuring hardwood flooring and a large area rug. The room offers a luxurious bed and a sitting area by the fireplace.

This traditional shabby chic-style bedroom has a large gray textured rug that is layered under a tufted high-back bed. Beautiful wood herringbone floors and white walls create a cozy cottage vibe. I love all the french windows and doors that lead out onto a private patio with outdoor seating. Stunning burlwood console tables and turquoise lamps flank the bed and a a wood and upholstered bench placed at the foot of bed. A lovely seating area off to both sides one with a chaise lounge and the other with roll-arm chairs, a marble fireplace and antique brass mirror. 

21. Light & Bright Bungalow Bedroom

A canopy bed draped in sheer curtains creates a dreamy setting in this light and bright bedroom. You feel like you’re in a private bungalow surrounded by beautiful things like the framed abstract art and vintage rug layered under the bed. A white cabinet provides storage and displays collectibles and a lovely orchid. 

22. Transitional Organic Bedroom

A spacious primary bedroom featuring hardwood flooring topped by a large area rug along with white walls and a vaulted ceiling with an exposed beam.

Spacious Pacific Palisades primary bedroom featuring hardwood flooring topped by a massive rug. The room also boasts white walls and a vaulted ceiling with an exposed beam down the middle. White walls contrast against the organic wood floors and furniture to create a relaxing and beautiful space. 

23. Airy & Modern Bedroom

A spacious bedroom featuring hardwood floors, white walls and ceiling along with a large brown area rug.

A spacious airy and modern bedroom features light hardwood floors paired with white walls and ceiling.  A woven-hay dome pendant hangs from the center of room as a main showpiece.  A gorgeous high-back off-white bed is placed center on the wall with marble top side tables and white lamps flanking both sides. An amazing wicker chaise lounge sits at the foot of bed for lounging and  a 9×12 jute rug is layered underneath. There is a pair of woven chairs and cocktail table placed in front of the large windows which creates a nice seating area. 


Why White

Considering a total of 332,061 surveyed bedrooms, white color schemes statistically lands in second place, sitting over thirteen other color options at almost 20% of the rooms, second only to brown (see chart below). This popularity means that finding a unique and exciting white primary bedroom design idea that suits your personal style is widely sought after, and many ideas and options are available for your inspiration.

White walls or a white floor effectively creates a calming and pure backdrop, and the perfect soothing setting for where you lay your head every night. With a little focus on the details and careful decision-making, you can create a tranquil room that is your haven, instead of a stark or sterile bedroom.

Tips for Adding Decor

White surfaces can be immediately upgraded to a sense of luxury and refinement by choosing textured surfaces which give a sense of depth instead of a bleak flatness. Texture can also be added as a secondary color, such as thick throw rugs or knitted cushions, depending on what you want to show in your room.

Don’t be afraid to use white furniture in a white room, just set it off with a large piece such as a fireplace or interesting table. In addition, this color is perfectly suited as a backdrop if you have a unique and major statement piece that pulls the attention of the room.

Mix it Up

Pairing a white bedroom design idea with another style can create a pleasing and tasteful effect, so feel free to choose your favorite genre, such as rustic or vintage, to add subtle effects around the room. Installing a bed of pine in a sea of white, or hanging a patchwork tapestry, injects individual flair over the crisp and clean white feel.

No matter how you feel about hospitals, it is natural to find cleanliness and bright openness appealing, and this is why many home designers will opt for white color palettes in the bedroom. Keep your room inviting and individual with a few extra touches, and fall asleep in clean luxury.


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