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24 White Formal Living Room Ideas that Create a Timeless Sophistication

Published on May 31, 2023

Welcome to our site where you will find beautifully decorated and styled white primary living rooms.White decor and furniture in a living room looks sophisticated. It represents serenity, clarity and brightness. It is versatile and adapts to any style you want to emulate.

Be sure to scroll through our curated photos so you can read all about the details of each design. We hope to inspire and ignite creativity on your design journey.

1. California Cool White Living Room

The A-frame ceiling and bright white walls create an airy space for this California cool white living room. Tons of light stream through the black french windows onto the matching white sofas that face each other, layered with textured pillows. Black leather chairs to lounge in while you sit and watch the TV, that is cleverly hidden behind barn doors above the fireplace. A stripe rug is layered under the main seating area to add warmth and a long black bench placed along the wall provides additional seating, and showcases a black & white print of Joshua Tree hanging above.

2. Modern Bungalow White Living Room

Exposed wood beams with decorative corbels contrast nicely against the bright white walls and ceiling of this modern bungalow style living room. A slipcovered sofa provides comfortable seating and a stripe neutral rug adds pattern and texture to ground the room. Woven roman shades adorn the windows to create privacy and a gorgeous tiled fireplace adds warmth. Custom decorative white cabinet is placed under TV for ample storage.

3. Country Cottage White Living Room

White exposed beams and walls paired with a jute rug and patterned drapes create a cozy country style white living room. Slipcovered sofa and roll-arm chairs provide ample seating and an antique coffee table is placed in the center. A collection of prints hangs above the stone fireplace and matching lamps flank the sofa for task lighting in this bright cozy space.

4. Shabby Chic White Living Room

white living room with white area rug, tall ceiling and white furniture

Vaulted ceilings, a shiplap fireplace and plush area rug create a shabby chic design in this white living room. The rich “rustic” textures make this all white living room an absolute beauty. A white sofa and chaise sectional provide ample seating and leather floor poufs are meant for lounging. Tons of light streams through to make you feel like you are living on a cloud. 

5.  Scandinavian-Inspired White Living Room

Classy white formal living room with artistic wall decors. It also features a fireplace and a cozy sofa set.

Your eyes are automatically drawn upwards to this stunning coffered ceiling made of natural wood.  It feels like a very cozy space even though it has a very modern and airy design with the white walls and fireplac. I love the unique art and light furniture palette paired with the sheer curtains and white paneled walls.  The large custom light gray sofa and armchairs create a welcoming space for entertaining.

6. Classic Traditional White Living Room

The cozy sofa set is just a perfect fit together with the fireplace and the rug.

The light from the windows and white ceiling and walls create a bright space for this traditional white living room. Lots of storage is gained with the built-in cabinets and shelving that surrounds the traditional fireplace wall. A brown textured rug adds color and contrasts against the white sofas and tufted ottoman, that can be used as a coffee table or for lounging.

7. Relaxed Country White Living Room

An asymmetrical high-gloss brick fireplace and slipcovered sofa create a country, relaxed vibe in this white living room. The jute rug is layered under the seating area and adds texture to the all white furniture arrangement. Nature art adorns the wall and a open shelf bookcase displays the books and a collected antique boat. White roman shades on the windows create a touch of privacy but still let in the sun and complete this country design.

8. Elegant Formal White Living Room

the The glamorous chandelier showers down this formal living room with fancy bright lights. The walls look very elegant as well.

The stunning chandelier and white picture walls create an elegant background for this formal white living room. The high-gloss tray ceiling and white tiled floors contrast well against the dark wood cabinet and coffee table. Off-white velvet sofas layered with pillows for cozy seating and a large print area rug provides texture and warmth in this beautiful space. 

9. Contemporary Open-Style White Living Room

Modern formal living room with cozy sofa set and a stylish rug covering the white classy flooring.

An open floor plan with indoor-outdoor courtyard living adds a tropical vibe to this contemporary white living room. Terrazzo floors and a large corner sectional contrast nicely against the dark brown plush rug. Small recessed lights throughout create more lighting in this already bright and airy beautifully styled living room. 

10. Serene Sophisticated White Living Room

Tons of light in this all-white serene and spacious living room, with an incredible custom u-shaped sectional sofa that can seat 15+ guests for entertaining. Gorgeous light wood floors contrast nice with the white coffered ceiling and french doors. Unique brass light sconces flank the traditional fireplace and semi-sheer off-white drapes adorn the windows and doors. A large fig leaf tree is placed in corner for added greenery and a large dome pendant hangs from center for ambient light. 

11. Bohemian-Inspired White Living Room

 The soft white textured rug and organic side table combined with a variety of seating designs dictate this bohemian styled white living room. A floating cabinet on the shiplap walls provides storage and the tall indoor tree brings greenery into the design. Semi-sheer drapes adorn the windows for some privacy and a variety of light options for the floor and ceiling provide places to read and relax. 

12. Ocean View White Living Room

Large white formal living room featuring brown hardwood flooring along with stunning pendant lights just above the classy sofa set.

The blue ocean is the perfect backdrop for this incredible white living room. A modern sofa and armchairs provide seating and an asymmetrical style coffee table sits in the center. The custom white storage cabinet under the TV, creates an area for ample storage and a place to display collectibles and books. A crystal waterfall chandelier hangs from above the room and adds a touch of glam to this stunning living room.

13. Cape-Cod Modern White Living Room

Vaulted ceilings and crown moulding throughout create a sophisticated design in this Cape-Cod living room. Matching white sofas and armless chairs are situated around a glass and wood base coffee table, to create an inviting seating area. A jute rug is layered underneath and adds texture along with the live-edge side table and woven baskets. A large white dome pendant hangs from the center of room to provide ambient lighting. 

14. High-Rise Modern White Living Room

Simple yet modish formal living room with stylish seats and a fireplace lighted by appealing track lights.

Exposed white beam ceiling and white walls create an airy space in this high-rise living room. Modern furniture in white and black leather are layered on top of a neutral rug which adds warmth to the sparse room. Small accents like the vases and mirror add some depth and style to the bright modern design.

15. Transitional White Living Room

Classy white formal living room with an elegant fireplace and a chanting sofa set on top of the brown rug covering the hardwood flooring.

This transitional white living room has a neutral jute area rug that grounds the space and adds warmth to the all white walls and ceiling. A brick fireplace displays art and collectibles along with the coffee and side table. The white sofa contrasts against the brown velvet armchair and pairs nicely with the dark wood floors. 

16. Airy & Bright White Living Room

Large white great room offering a beautiful set of sofa along with a classy dining table set.

You feel like you’re living on a cloud in this airy and bright white living room. The comfy sofa and beige chaise provide ample seating and the coffee table centers the room. The vaulted ceilings allow incredible light in from the windows and brightens the deisgn in this great room.

17. Minimalism White Living Room

A large formal living room featuring a massive white sofa set matching the white walls and floors. There's a seating lounge as well, separated from the formal living room by the huge sliding doors.

This minimalist white living room features a massive modular sofa, which compliments the white walls and terrazzo floors. This main living room area is separated by pocket doors that open or close if you want privacy. A large flat screen TV is mounted on the wall across from sofa for movie nights. The beautiful wood beam ceiling contrasts well against the white walls and adds warmth to the monochromatic space.

Source: Coletivo Arquitetos

18. Cottage-Inspired White Living Room

Small formal living room with white walls and ceiling matching the white sofa set on top of a white and blue rug. There's a fireplace as well.

This cottage-style white living room has white walls and ceiling with pops of color to create a cozy but cheerful design. The blue and white stripe rug is layered under matching white sofas and a white coffee table. Pops of blue pattern in the pillows and color-coded books on the built-in shelves, add a bit of fun to the room. Tons of light streams in from both sides of room with all the windows and really brightens the space. 

19. Palm Springs Modern White Living Room

The large wall decor of this formal living room is so attractive. The white walls and the classy sofa set looks perfect together as well.

Bold abstract art and orange modern chairs really pop off this mostly white Palm Springs style living room. Matching sofas and a geometric coffee paired with gorgeous orange chairs create a functional and stylish seating area. Large wall of windows brings in the light and showcases the stunning backyard oasis, but custom drapes can be used to block out unwanted light and create privacy. 

20. Traditional Glamour White Living Room

Large white formal living room with white sofa set and a stylish fireplace.

This white living room exudes traditional glamour and highlights the coffered ceilings and walls. A large white sofa and matching armchair are paired with a silver coffee table and upholstered bench. A plush light blue rug is layered under the seating area and adds warmth to the space. 

21. Luxe Decor White Living Room

The stylish wall decor makes this formal living space looks absolutely handsome. The hardwood flooring looks perfect together with the white walls and floors.

This white living room features luxurious finishes, such as the stunning crystal chandelier, which create a stylish and cohesive design. The dark wood flooring contrasts well agains the white rug and off-white walls. A set of 4 ivory swivel armchairs face each other and surround a geometric metal coffee table. Tall chrome pedestals are placed against the wall to display beautiful orchids and flank a large black and white abstract canvas. 

22. Relaxed Modern White Living Room

This formal living room features a large and cozy white sofa set in front of a widescreen TV along with the indoor plants that give additional colors to the space.

This white formal living room features a large corner sectional sofa set in front of a widescreen TV along with the indoor plants that add greenery to monochromatic design. Two pairs of light and dark gray swivel chairs face each other for additional seating options while watching tv or entertaining. 

23. Form & Function White Living Room

The twin sofa and the white fireplace looks perfect together. The glass top center table adds style to the room.

Matching modern white sofas and upholstered stools create a cohesive and functional seating area.  A large glass top coffee table sits in the center of seating area and a gray and white diamond rug is layered underneath. Beautiful white-washed wood ceiling contrasts well against the light walls and gorgeous fireplace. 

24. Cozy Chic White Living Room

This is a full view of the white formal living room with a consistent bright tone to its walls, cathedral beamed ceiling and the sofa set surrounding a concrete coffee table contrasted by the black freestanding fireplace.

This unique white living room is cozy and chic with its tall white bamboo and exposed beam ceilings and concrete floors. Comfy boucle sofa and armless chairs paired with a natural jute rug create an organic vibe and an soothing place where you want to relax. Tons of light streams in from the windows and reflects off the vaulted ceiling. Small touches of red and rust colors and the black stove fireplace complete this unique and cozy design. 

Why White?

White for interior design is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s clean, pristine, pure; the color of perfection. On the other hand, it can be viewed as sterile, non-emotional and even cold.

Fortunately, top designers understand this and there’s such an easy fix or it. Use white as the background color such as on walls and/or the ceiling, but add warmth and/or brightness into the mix. Wood floors, wood ceiling beams, interior shutters, shelving, and wood molding can bring some warm wood tones into the room. You can also add color via furniture, rugs, bookshelves (books always add nice color to a room), flowers and art. In fact, in this way, white is the ideal “main” color for living rooms because it forms a nice canvas upon which you can design the ultimate room.

Is white furniture a good idea for your living room?

I’d be a hypocrite if I said no because we have a stark white sofa and armchair in our living room. It looks fabulous against the medium hardwood and the huge amount of sunlight we get through the large bay window that faces south (we’re high up on a hill so we enjoy sunlight well into the evening).

In many cases, wood floors will provide sufficient warmth to an otherwise white living room. We have a couple of wicker side tables and a very light beige stone fireplace as well.

However, if you have white walls and a white ceiling, you can go with almost any furniture color you want. That’s what makes white so great.


This is a full view of the white formal living room with a consistent bright tone to its walls, cathedral beamed ceiling, and the sofa set surrounding a concrete coffee table contrasted by the black freestanding fireplace.

Before you decide to put some color on your living room walls, why not consider putting on a new coat of white paint? White represents cleanliness, peace, precision, innocence, and simplicity.

While white is often considered to be drab and dull, it can be a great foundation for any design or size of the living room. Whether you’re interested in a Contemporary design or are inspired by the Scandinavian style, you will notice while browsing our living room design gallery that you can use white in virtually every living room design.

Selecting a Shade

You might think that white paint is white paint, but there are shades of white that might suit your design style or the size of your living room a little better. While there aren’t any strict rules about using white paint in a living room, it’s best to use bright white in smaller living rooms.

If you have a large living room, you can certainly stick with regular white paint, but if you choose a darker shade of white, it may make the big space look more inviting.

Accenting in a White Living Room

While a white living room starts out as a clean slate, the design style can become cluttered very easily; choose your accent pieces carefully, as you would with any other dominant design color.

White pairs nicely with every color, particularly red, blue, and black, but unless you have a superhero or patriotic theme in your living room, be careful about how you use those three colors.

If you have wood floors, wood built-ins, or exposed wooden beams in your living room, don’t forget to treat the wood tone as an accenting color, too. Whatever the wood tone is (warm, cool, or neutral) you should pair other accent colors with the wood tone.

When adding furniture or decorative accessories to your living room, don’t forget about balance. Even though white allows for a lot of creative freedom, color balance is always important.

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