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10 Best Online Stores for Breakfast Nooks with Benches

Built in bench seating in breakfast nook
Welcome to our helpful resource chart listing out the top 10 best breakfast nook online stores and retailers!

Breakfast nooks are a great addition to a home, and not just as a breakfast table or place for sharing cups of morning coffee. This dining area can be used for multiple purposes, such as entertaining friends, or can serve as an area for kids to do homework while parents carry on with cooking and/or other kitchen chores. Breakfast nooks are informal and intimate dining spaces, typically located inside a home’s kitchen, so they are sometimes also known as a kitchen nook. These are usually small spaces, so they often require creativity when it comes to the table and seating options.

It’s important to remember that a breakfast nook is usually much smaller than the traditional dining area in a formal dining room. This means that traditional dining room furniture, like a dining table and chairs most likely will not fit in a kitchen breakfast nook. One way to combat a small breakfast book space is to use a bench or banquette, which typically takes up less space than a dining chair does. Some spaces should use a corner bench for seating, and others make it possible to have a window seat available in this cozy dining space.

Breakfast nook sets with benches, however, aren’t necessarily easy to find. Of course you can always make a DIY breakfast nook by mixing and matching a kitchen table and chairs and a bench, but it can be easier just to purchase a set for a small space like a small breakfast nook. That said, there are several stores that sell complete breakfast nook sets online, with and without benches or banquettes.

To make your search for the perfect breakfast nook set easier, we’ve rounded up ten of the best online stores that sell cozy breakfast nook sets for kitchen nooks, namely those sets with a dining table and a bench seat or banquette in addition to chairs. Breakfast book dining sets are available in a variety of materials, including solid wood, manufactured wood, plastic, or metal, among others.

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List of online stores that sell bench breakfast nooks

Cozy breakfast nook with windows and bench seating

1. Wayfair

A search on Wayfair for a “breakfast nook set” will return more than 2,000 results. However, this home decor and furniture company only sells a handful of breakfast nook sets with benches. The challenge is to find them. A few appear at the top of the search results page, including the Birtie 3-Piece Breakfast Nook Dining Set and the Patty 3-Piece Nook Dining Set. Both of these dining sets consist of a kitchen breakfast nook table and a breakfast nook bench and are made by retailer August Grove.

Wayfair offers free shipping for orders over $49. The site carries more than 7 million products from 7,000 suppliers. Wayfair operates in both North America and Europe.

2. Amazon

E-commerce giant Amazon sells every type of merchandise imaginable, including breakfast nook sets that include a breakfast nook table and  breakfast nook benches. Thousands of different retailers sell their products using Amazon’s online platform. Some of the manufacturers that sell breakfast nook sets with banquette seating on include German Furniture Warehouse, Target Marketing Systems, Essential Home, and Finley Home.

Some manufacturers offer free shipping through Amazon, and other listings offer professional installation options, though these options are not usually free.

3. Hayneedle

Hayneedle is a site that sells home furnishings and decor. The furniture pieces include breakfast nook sets, even those with bench seating. Each product page on Hayneedle’s site has a different section for product images, specifications, descriptions, information about the brand, and information about company guarantees and returns. Hayneedle provides a helpful bulleted list that highlights the product’s main features, such as the size of the breakfast nook table and the size of the kitchen nook bench. There are also customer reviews that provide more insights. Like Wayfair, online retailer Hayneedle offers free shipping over $49.

Hayneedle operates two fulfillment centers; one is located in California, while the other is in Ohio. Their site boasts more than 3,000 distinct brands and has delivered millions of products to happy customers, including breakfast nook sets with corner benches and chairs. If you experience any problems with an order, you can contact Hayneedle’s helpful customer care center.

4. Houzz

There are over 4,000 results from a search query for “breakfast nook set” on The site has just enough categorization tools to make finding a cozy breakfast nook easy. You can filter search results by the number of pieces in a dining set, the breakfast nook table height, the set’s style, price, or even by customer reviews and ratings.

On, you can also select the way you view their huge selection of breakfast nook sets. For example, if you want to see as many products on the screen as possible, you can select the first grid icon. To see only one product at a time and scroll in order to be able to view more, select the column icon. Houzz offers free shipping on many of their products, including breakfast nook benches.

Houzz describes itself as a platform for home remodeling and design. More than 40 million home improvement professionals, design enthusiasts, and homeowners use it, and the company continues to attract new customers with every new day.

5. Walmart

Searching on for a breakfast nook set or breakfast nook bench is almost unbelievably easy. Enter your query into the search box and click the magnifying glass. The search results feature a picture, product name, and price. Click one to view its product page. On the product page, you will have to scroll down to see the details of the corner breakfast nook set, which includes a breakfast nook table. There may or may not be storage space available beneath the bench seat.

Walmart is a company that offers several shipping and pick up options when placing an online order. This includes two-day shipping, shipping to your home, free pickup, and free same-day pickup. Walmart has over 1 million products listed on their site.

6. Overstock

Overstock is another online retailer that sells breakfast nook sets and solid wood furniture. It is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, and this company carries more than 6 million products, including a breakfast nook table and breakfast nook bench. They offer free shipping and easy returns. Customer review ratings are displayed prominently on each product card on the search results page. After clicking a card, the product page appears. There are lots of options.

One noteworthy option is the ‘add professional installation’ option. This works through a company called Porch. They will send you a quote for professional installation. Before making a purchase, scroll down the product page to see all the details. There’s an interesting section called ‘Tips & Inspiration.’ It contains useful guides.

7. Joss & Main

There’s only a couple of breakfast nook sets at Joss & Main, but the pictures are worth visiting this site. So is the offer of free shipping. This website also has an idea board, which can be used to mix and match several items, including a breakfast nook table and breakfast nook bench. It’s a great way to plan your home remodeling efforts. You can jot down notes and save them for another time. The product descriptions are well-done as well. Scroll down the page to see bulleted lists and easy-to-read tables.

Another attractive feature on this website is the layout for the protection plan that Joss & Main offers for the breakfast nook set. It lists what is included in the plan, and there’s a section for Frequently Asked Questions. If you need more information, there’s insightful customer reviews at the bottom.

8. Ebay

The best place to go online for a discounted breakfast nook set is Ebay. There are dozens of listings that offer a breakfast nook table, breakfast nook bench, office nook, and many of them offer free shipping. You can see how many people are bidding on it and how many people are watching the auction.

Ebay is an auction website, so it isn’t as safe as a traditional online retailer. Each listing displays the condition of the item. ‘New’ is the best condition. The location of the item and the seller is listed as well.

9. Home Depot

There are a few different types of breakfast nook sets on Home Depot’s website. The products are listed in rows of four, with the price of each clearly shown.. The product page is well-made, and you can see how many people have saved the different breakfast nook dining sets by looking at the heart in the top right corner of the product listing. Clicking on a particular breakfast nook set will open a new tab in your browser, so you won’t lose your place on the original page.

Home Depot can ship the item to you, or you can pick it up for free at a nearby store. Before making a purchase, always make sure to check out the Ratings and Reviews sections, as they can inform you as to any possible issues with a certain breakfast nook dining set.

10. AllModern

Yes, you can get modern breakfast nooks. AllModern is the place for modern breakfast nook dining sets. The site has a few for sale that you can check out.  We think this mid-century modern design is pretty cool!

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