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14 Different Types of Ceiling Lights (Buyer’s Guide)

Photo collage of ceiling lights

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Quicklist: Types of Ceiling Lights

  1. Flush Lights
  2. Semi-Flush Lights
  3. Recessed Lights
  4. Utility Lighting
  5. LED Indirect lighting
  6. Pendant Lights
  7. Inverted Pendant Lights
  8. Chandeliers
  9. Track And Rail Lighting
  10. Island Lighting
  11. Glass Ceiling Lights
  12. Fabric Light Fixtures
  13. Crystal Light Fixtures
  14. Metal Ceiling Lights

Ceiling Lights Buying Guide

A light fixture can really make or break a room design. The right light fixture should match the size of the room, provide you with the kind of lighting you need and complement the other design elements.

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A. Ceiling Lights Mounted on The Ceiling

A light mounted flush to the ceiling, or close to it, is ideal for medium or large rooms. These fixtures are your best options if you need ambient light for an entire room.

1. Flush Lights

Photo of ceiling light flush fixture

Flush fixtures are flat attachments mounted on the ceiling. This is a very versatile style, and you can easily find fixtures between 12 and 24 inches wide.

Small flush lights are ideal for a bathroom, closet or hallway. Larger flush fixtures are a safe option for a child’s bedroom since there won’t be anything hanging from the ceiling.

Flush light fixtures look best in rooms with a ceiling that is less than eight feet high. Installing a flush light in a room with a higher ceiling might create too much empty space.

Flush ceiling lights are one of the most popular designs for light fixtures because they are discreet and provide optimal lighting for any room as long as you choose a fixture with a diameter that is wide enough and install a bulb that is bright enough.

2. Semi-flush Lights

Semi-flush LightsSource: Lowes

This is another popular and versatile type of ceiling light fixture. Semi-flush lights typically hang four to eight inches below the ceiling and look best if you have a ceiling between eight and 10 feet high.

The main advantage of semi-flush lights is that changing a lightbulb is quick and easy. Semi-flush light fixtures are common in kitchens and small dining rooms, but you can make this style work in other areas. You can easily find semi-flush ceiling lights with a diameter between seven and 23 inches.

If you are hesitating between a flush and a semi-flush light fixture, there is one thing you should know. A flush light fixture will direct the light down to the room. A semi-flush light fixture will direct light down to the room and light up the ceiling at the same time. This will make a small room seem larger and the ceiling will seem higher.

3. Recessed Lights

Recessed LightsSource: Wayfair

Some retailers call recessed lights pot or can lights. This type of light fixture is mounted inside of the ceiling and is probably your best choice if you have a room with a low ceiling.

You need to have at least six inches of clearance above your ceiling to install a recessed light. The light fixture sits inside of the ceiling and a glass panel diffuses the light inside of the room. There is trim around the glass panel and the result is very discreet.

Note that you need a ceiling with good insulation since humidity can build up inside the light fixture.

The downside of recessed lights is that they do not diffuse light to an entire room. This type of ceiling light works best for ambient or task lighting.

Recessed lights require a more complex installation process compared to flush or semi-flush fixtures, but there are some things in favor of this design:

• You can find recessed lights with an eyeball trim. This feature allows you to direct the light on a wall to draw attention to artwork or to create optimal task lighting for your desk.

• You can direct a recessed light on an empty wall to reflect the light and make the entire room seem larger and brighter.

• This is a very discreet and efficient solution if you have a small room with a sloped ceiling.

• You can light up a large space or an entire room by installing several recessed lights in a row or in a square.

Professional installation costs between $130 and $200 so this is still an affordable option even though installation is more complex than for a simple flush light.

4. Utility Lighting

Utility LightingSource: AceHardware

Are you looking for a no-frill light fixture for your garage, laundry room or basement? Shopping for utility lights is probably your best option.

Utility lights are either very simple fixtures mounted flush to the ceiling or casings for LED bulbs. This second option would be ideal for your garage workshop since you will need something brighter and more energy-efficient.

Utility lighting can seem like a small upgrade but it can really transform the way you use a space. If you often work on DIY projects in your garage, some LED bulbs will be a welcome addition.

5. LED indirect lighting

Photo of ceiling LED indirect lighting

LED indirect lighting is an original take on ceiling lights. Instead of mounting a light fixture on the ceiling, this method consists of installed strips of LED lights around the ceiling.

The ceiling will reflect light from the LED strips, which allows you to create the impression that the room is a lot larger. LED indirect lighting can change colors if you choose light-changing LEDs.

This type of ceiling light will work with a more modern style. LEDs are energy-efficient, and this is a fun DIY project that you can do for under $400 since LED lights are very affordable when you purchase them by the foot.

The trick consists in installing crown molding around your ceiling. The molding will hide the LED strips, direct the light towards the ceiling and add a touch of charm to the room.

B. Hanging Ceiling Lights

Hanging light fixtures are more suitable for task and ambient lighting. This type of fixture concentrates lights to a small area and can easily become one of the main points of focus when you design a room.

1. Pendant Lights

Pendant LightsSource : Destination Lighting

Pendant lights are somewhat similar to chandeliers since they hang low. However, pendant lights provide you with only one source of light.

A pendant ceiling light can make a great addition to a room where you already have a flush light fixture if you would like additional lighting for a specific area.

You can also install several pendant lights for a smaller room or to provide task lighting in different areas. Shop for mini-pendants if you want to light up a hallway or another small.

Mini-pendants are a great way to make a room visually interesting if you don’t have enough space to display décor items.

Because pendant lights typically hang low from the ceiling, these fixtures will become very noticeable and absolutely need to work with the style of the room.

Pay attention to the size of the pendant light, to how low it will hang and to whether the design corresponds to the style of the furnishing and décor items already in place.

Themed pendant lights can be a great addition to a nursery. Look for themed light fixtures that will work with the objects you have already selected to decorate the room.

2. Inverted Pendant Lights

Inverted Pendant LightsSource: Overstock

Inverted pendant lights instantly create a subdued atmosphere for any room. A lot of homeowners use inverted pendant lights for their kitchen island, but this style can do wonders in a bedroom or even in a living room.

This type of light fixture is ideal for ambient lighting. It can make a small room appear larger since the pendant will direct some of the light towards the ceiling.

Retailers often use the term bowl pendants to refer to these pendant lights, but you can find other shapes for a more modern effect. Think about adding a crown molding in the center of the room since the inverted pendant light will draw attention to this design element and create an intricate effect by directing light at the molding.

3. Chandeliers

Photo of ceiling chandelier

A chandelier is definitely going to add some pizazz to your living room or dining room. Because this type of light fixture will instantly become the central point of focus of the room, you need to choose the style of  chandelier very carefully. It is also important to properly adjust the height of this type of ceiling light.

The lowest part of the chandelier should be at 30 inches above your dining room table. Anything higher might be too small for the room, and anything lower might get in the way or make the room look smaller.

Chandeliers are a popular option for dining rooms, and you can find many different styles, including modern designs. This type of ceiling light is ideal if you want to fill in a large empty space and turn a dining room table into the main point of focus of your room.

Here is how you can determine the ideal size of your chandelier:

• If the chandelier will go above your dining room table, the diameter of the chandelier should correspond to half of the table width.

• For another room, add the length and the width of the room. This number in inches will correspond to the ideal diameter of the light fixture.

There are a few additional things to consider when shopping for a chandelier:

• You can choose a chain-hung fixture for a more traditional look or opt for a suspension chandelier that will be closer to the ceiling.

• A chandelier with more branches will provide more lighting. You can find chandeliers with two or three branches for smaller rooms.

• You can find both uplight and downlight designs. An uplight design is ideal if you want to make a room appear larger.

Having a professional install a chandelier should cost between $100 and $400, depending on the fixture you selected. Replacing an old chandelier with a newer one should be even more affordable since you won’t need to install new wiring.

4. Track And Rail Lighting

Photo of ceiling track lighting

Track lighting fixtures create a very modern effect. These fixtures are ideal for accent or task lighting since several individual lights hang from a track.

You can either mount the track on the ceiling or suspend it from the ceiling depending on the effect and height you want. Some track lighting fixtures let you adjust the direction of the individual lights, which is perfect for your food prep space or your desk.

Track lighting is a popular design element of modern kitchens and bathrooms but it is also an interesting alternative to semi-flush fixtures if you have opted for a modern design in your home.

You can combine track lighting with pendant lights by choosing a fixture designed to hang individual pendants. You can create an original effect and get optimal task lighting by hanging the pendants at different heights.

Track lighting stands out from other options because you can easily customize these fixtures. The installation cost is affordable since to have a professional install track lighting in your home typically costs around $500.

Rail lighting is similar to track lighting but you can adjust the shape and position of the rail. Some fixtures also give you the possibility to move the position of each individual light fixtures.

Rail lighting makes sense if you want to add task lighting in a corner or feel that a curved design would look best.

5. Island Lighting

Photo of ceiling lighting over kitchen island

Island lighting is somewhat similar to track lighting. This type of light fixture differs from track lighting because island lighting is specifically designed for kitchen islands.

This means the light fixtures typically hang lower than what most track lighting fixtures allow for. You can also find other designs, including circles and squares to shed task lighting on a larger area.

Even though retailers sell island fixture as kitchen design items, island lighting would also make sense in a workshop or over a large desk.

Island lighting will become the main point of focus of your kitchen and is a staple of many modern kitchen designs.

C. Types Of Ceiling Lights By Material

Now that you know more about the different designs you can shop for, let’s take a look at the most popular materials for ceiling lights.

The material of a light fixture will really determine if this design element fits within the overall tone and atmosphere of a room.

1. Glass Ceiling Lights

Photo of ceiling light made of glass

Glass is a popular material for light fixtures since it diffuses light very well. This material easily blends in with your home décor, and it is very easy to find glass ceiling lights that do not make a strong statement if you are looking for something that is more functional than decorative.

However, there are many ways to work with glass. You can find light fixtures with colored glass or for another type of finish that really add some pizazz to a room.

Most flush and recessed lights are made with glass. This material is also common for semi-flushed and pendant lights.

2. Fabric Light Fixtures

Photo of chandelier made of fabric with crystal pendants.

Fabric creates a warmer effect right away and can really set a relaxing mood. Fabric shades are popular for the bedroom but you can definitely make this style work in your living room or dining room.

Flush and semi-flush lights with a fabric shade are fairly common. If you are interested in fabric, keep in mind that the color of the fabric will determine how noticeable the fixture is and will also impact the mood the lighting sets.

3. Crystal Light Fixtures

Photo of crystal ceiling light fixture

Crystal is the material of choice for chandeliers, but this delicate material is also used to make semi-flush fixtures and some pendant lights.

Crystal can be more expensive, but it makes a stronger statement than a glass ceiling light. This material is particularly interesting because of the way light bounces off crystal facets.

A large crystal light fixture can become a statement piece for a large dining room, whether you opt for a chandelier or another type of ceiling light. However, a crystal fixture can easily make a smaller room seem too crowded.

4. Metal Ceiling Lights

Metal Ceiling LightsSource: AliExpress

Metal might seem like an unusual material for light fixtures, but this style is becoming more popular. Metal obviously works best with modern designs.

This material is primarily used for track and rail lighting but you can also find modern kitchen islands inspired by industrial designs.

Metal is a versatile material. You can add a discreet metal track fixture for accent lighting in your bathroom or make a metal island fixture the central point of focus of your modern industrial kitchen design.

Other Things To Consider

There are a few other things to consider when shopping for ceiling lights. The primary purpose of a light fixture is to provide ambient, task or accent lighting but there are other features you should take advantage of.

A. Dimmer Switches

Dimmer SwitchSource: PacificSource

Replacing a ceiling light is the perfect occasion to add a dimmer switch to the wiring. Dimmer switches have really improved and are more energy-efficient than ever before.

A dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness level, save energy and use fewer light bulbs. You can use CFL, LED and some incandescent light bulbs in a light fixture that has been upgraded with a dimmer switch.

Adding a dimmer to a light fixture will only cost you $60 to $130, which makes this simple upgrade worth considering. You should also know that some dimmer switches work with Smart home systems. This means you can control your lights automatically or via your phone.

B. Ceiling Fans

Photo of ceiling fan with lights

You can find ceiling fans with built-in lights or kits that you can mount on a ceiling light. This second option would be more adapted if you want to upgrade a room without replacing an existing ceiling light or if you have a specific light fixture in mind.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a ceiling fan:

• Is the fan energy-efficient?

• Can you choose different speeds?

• Is the size of the fan and number of blades adapted to the room?

• How low will the fan hang from the ceiling?

• Can you mount a ceiling fan kit on your current light fixture?

You can easily mount a ceiling fan kit above a pendant light or inverted pendant light. These kits should also work with a chandelier. If you have another type of ceiling light, you will probably need to replace it with a ceiling fan that includes a built-in light fixture.

C. Light Bulbs

Photo of ceiling light bulbs

You need to choose the right type of light bulb in function of the effect you want and in function of how large the room is. When shopping for a new light fixture, make sure the type of light bulbs you use will fit in the light fixture.

These are the different types of light bulbs offered by most retailers:

Compact Fluorescent Light or CFL is the most common type of light bulbs. These light bulbs are affordable and energy-efficient. They work for ambient and task lighting.

• LED light bulbs use 90% less energy and stay cool. They are more durable and more expensive. Because LEDs are directional lights, these are better suited for task lighting. However, not all light fixtures will maximize the efficiency of LED bulbs.

• Halogens bulbs are another affordable, durable and energy-efficient option. They emit light that is very similar to natural sunlight.

• Incandescent bulbs are no longer made due to low energy-efficiency. However, you can still find some specialty incandescent light bulbs for chandeliers. You should look at alternatives if you have a chandelier since finding compatible CFL or LED bulbs should not be difficult.

Compare the wattage of different light bulbs to determine which product will be more energy-efficient. You should also look at the lumens, which indicate the amount of light a bulb emits.

If you have a dimmer switch, make sure you choose dimmable light bulbs.

You will need to pay attention to the size and shape of the bulbs you purchase if you opt for mini pendant lights, track lighting or install a chandelier. Other types of ceiling lights should easily fit standard light bulb sizes and shapes.

Best Type for Various Rooms and Purposes


For apartments, ceiling fans with lights can be a great way to keep the place cool and comfortable all year round.

Additionally, ceiling fans with lights make a room feel airy and comfortable. This is a standard, homey addition with an added function that makes many renters happy with their lighting.

Dark room

For dark rooms, choosing light fixtures that are recessed can help make the room feel brighter. This is because the culprit of a great number of dark rooms is a ceiling that is lower than the average one.

By using recessed light fixtures, it will make your ceiling appear higher and give more light to the room based on the mechanics of the fixture.

Walk-in Closet

A white painted walk-in closet.

For a walk-in closet, most homeowners use LED lights or fluorescent lights. This is because they tend to be more energy efficient than other lightbulbs.

Naturally, using LED lights or fluorescent lights can give harsh white lighting if you don’t buy the types of bulbs that are constructed to give off a warm glow. If the bright fluorescent lighting bothers you, LED lights might have a warmer look to you.

If you want to be healthier for the environment, LED lights are the better alternative. When using LED lights, opt for putting fixtures on shelves to create a modern look.

If you want a more old-fashioned classic vibe in your walk-in closet, you can choose pretty sconces that could be mounted to the closet’s wall.


A wooden backyard shed.

When lighting a shed, it’s important for you to be able to see all of your tools and materials from late at night to early in the morning to the middle of the afternoon.

For this reason, having reliable, bright lighting is a must in the shed. If your shed is mostly used for basic storage of large visible items, then a skylight or big windows may be good enough to light the whole space.

If you tend to do work with fine details, such as wood-working in your shed or use your shed at night frequently or early in the morning while it’s dark outside, then you’ll want to get a light fixture such as an incandescent bulb or battery-powered light fixture might be best.

As explains, “Battery powered lights for sheds are very convenient and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some can look like a light switch, others like normal household fixtures with high-powered LEDs providing 300 lumens or more.”

These fixtures can be easy to install because they’re so similar to household ones. They also lack the amount of wires that wire-powered lights have, so they are also easy to install as a do-it-yourself project.


While every visually-impaired person might have different needs, certain types of lighting work better for those with this experience than others.

As shared by, “The consensus from a few low vision sites appears to be this: use LED lighting when you are doing something close and fluorescent lighting for general room lighting. This combination should afford you the best lighting for your vision.

LED lighting, such as Ottlites, is available from Amazon, MaxiAids, and also lighting and sewing supply companies. CFL bulbs are available in larger grocery and variety stores.”

Modern Design

With modern design, flush-mounted lighting has become a popular option for homeowners. Its sleek, refined look speaks to the modern style.

Additionally, some edgy options like spotlights are great for modern home decorators who want to take risks. Sconces can also look modern if they are designed in a modern way.


A long narrow hallway with carpeted floors.

For a hallway, sconces can be a great way to add a sense of coziness and classic beauty to a hall. Also, small nightlights can be nice additions to a hallway that gets used at night. This way, no one will be tripping over anything in the dark or getting lost on their way to the restroom.


For a garage, fluorescent lighting or battery-powered lighting may be the best choices. After all, you’ll want to be able to see in a dark garage, but you won’t want to have this area take up too much energy or get too hot, since it’s usually pretty cramped.


A white painted minimalist kitchen.

For a kitchen, a light on a ceiling fan can be especially helpful to dispel smoke or smells from cooking. Additionally, adding LED lights under cabinets and over countertops can help you have greater visibility while cooking.

Top Brands


Sunco Lighting 6 Inch Ultra Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Lights, Smooth Trim, 3000K Warm White, Dimmable, 14W=100W, 850 LM, Wafer Thin, Canless with Junction Box - Energy Star 6 Pack

Sometimes, price matters most in choosing the best ceiling light brands. Other times, quality or the location of manufacturing matters most.

Whether you care most about how much your ceiling lights cost, where they were made, or how well they are constructed, Sunco is a great brand to choose.

As shared on, “Sunco is proudly based in the USA, offering quality products at affordable prices backed by industry-leading warranties and knowledgeable support specialists.”

For high quality light fixtures for the ceiling that are well-made and within your budget, Sunco is hard to beat. This brand combines quality and affordability to create an irresistible product.

They also sell ceiling lights in high amounts, so if you are trying to outfit a whole office or residential apartment building in light fixtures, this may be the most cost-effective and simple way to go.

When quality matters to the buyer,

SM Saint Mossi

Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier Pendant Ceiling Lighting Fixture - 5 Lights

 SM Saint Mossi is a top provider of ceiling lights that many folks appreciate for their craftsmanship and beauty. These ceiling lights ditch acrylics for crystals to make their lights have a sense of luxury.

With stainless steel fixtures, all of the lights produced by this brand will resist rust and related issues. They are built to last quite a while. What’s more, SM Saint Mossi are designed to produce bright lighting with the ambience of a soft glow.

This is one of the features that makes them among the most popular brands for ceiling lights. The most notable features of SM Saint Mossi ceiling lights include their high-grade crystal materials, stainless steel elements, lighting that illuminates multiple directions at once, and range of finishes, temperatures, and designs.

Light Blue USA

LB72130 LED Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture, Antique Brushed Nickel Finish, 3000K Warm White, 1050 Lumens, DimmableIf LED lighting is important to you, Light Blue USA Ceiling Lights might be the brand for you. As one of the best brands for light kitchens, living rooms, and more, this brand is versatile and reliable.

With a streamlined contemporary look, it won’t compete with your existing decor. Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of shades for the lighting.

As a brand, Light Blue USA tends to produce flush-mounted ceiling lights that are discreet in your home. Their products come ready to be installed with minimal to no assembly required.

With dimmable features and safety certificates such as ETL certificates, these lights are great for being safe, comfortable and up to code. No matter what kind of setting you choose to use these lights in, from commercial settings to residential homes, they are a great choice.


Ridgeyard Industrial Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light 5 Lights Metal Cage Barn 19‘’ Ceiling Light Vintage Farmhouse Pendant Lamp E26 Light Bulbs for Living Room Restaurant Hallway Warehouse

For versatile lighting that works in a variety of commercial and residential settings, Ridgeyard is another top brans. As explains, “These are best if you want energy saving.

We recommend this one as a versatile light brand because the lights adjust with LEDs, halogen bulbs along with other energy-saving bulbs.”

With designs tailored to suit a wide range of tastes from modern to traditional and everything in between, these energy-efficient light fixtures are high on most people’s list of ceiling light brands.

With a simple installation procedure, you won’t need to worry about hiring a handyman to help you install them. This saves you time, money, and energy.

Sand & Stable by Birch Lane

Sand & Stable by Birch Lane ceiling lights.

If your main goal in choosing ceiling light is creating a warm, cozy, beautiful environment, an aesthetic brand like Sand & Stable by Birch Lane might be up your alley. These light fixtures focus on creating a specific ambiance within the homes where they are placed.

As Birch Lane’s website shares, “Sand & Stable™ is inspired by the places we feel most at ease. With farmhouse details, relaxed hues, and classic coastal prints, it’s about slowing down and making home an escape.”

Although this brand’s lights are pretty to look at (especially when they are off to avoid hurting one’s eyes), they are also functional and well-made. These lights receive rave reviews from customers about the quality and appearance of them.

They come in unique shapes and designs, as well. For example, the Whinny Glass Dimmable Pendant is a beautiful dome-shaped design that mimics a lone-hanging lightbulb.

With simple, tasteful designs that give your home a classic feel, you’ll appreciate how important having a great ceiling light can be. While ceiling lights are usually chosen for function over form, these types of designs from this brand show that a beautiful light can be just as important as one that reliably lights up a room.

Where to Buy Ceiling Lights

1. Schoolhouse Lighting

Based in Portland, Oregon, Schoolhouse has provided unique ceiling lighting fixtures since 2003. They specialize in manufacturing vintage-inspired lighting with a touch of modern design.

Schoolhouse adds its unique touches to classic lighting shapes. These different shapes include circular, pendants, and tree lights. They pride themselves on being American-made, with lights made at their Portland factory.


IKEA 703.150.30 Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp, Bamboo

The popular Scandinavian company has an affordable array of lighting options. The IKEA lighting solutions can be tailored to fit most budgets. The minimalist-modern IKEA lights include standard and LED lightbulbs. Also, they have decorative pieces, bedroom lighting, and integrated lighting.

3. Wayfair

Their massive selection of lights makes Wayfair a home lighting leader. The choice is vast, and finding the right one could be a monumental challenge. But, the easy-to-use filtering system narrows search options in a flash to find the right light. In addition, there are several Wayfair brands, including Wayfair Lighting, Wayfair Bedding, and Wayfair Furniture, to complement your lighting selections.

4. Lamps Plus

Ceiling lights on a white background.


The online lamp retailer Lamps Plus is the nation’s largest lighting retailer. With their search filters, you can search a vast array of lights on their website. Searches can even be refined down to the type of light finish. Also, they have a vast selection of ceiling fans, many with lights that add appeal to any room.

5. Home Depot

Different types of ceiling lights sold on a store.

Known for home improvement, Home Depot also has a huge inventory of lighting fixtures. Home Depot has a vast inventory of ceiling lighting fixtures and bulbs. A massive inventory of lighting accessories makes Home Depot a destination for lighting.

6. Amazon

Amazon Brand – Rivet Rustic Natural Material Construction Pendant Light with Bulb, 60"H, Brown

The online mega-store Amazon has an endless supply of “everything.” Including a fantastic selection of ceiling lights to sift through. Searching through thousands of products is possible due to Amazon’s advanced search filtering. Search by criteria such as brand, category, price, and even on average customer reviews.

7. Mitzi Lights

Discover a unique lighting company that has wall lights designed after cherry blossoms. The lighting company Mitzi offers artisan-crafted light designs with a unique flavor. Their lighting is crafted with their eclectic signature designs, including pastel-hued chandeliers.

8. West Elm Lights

West Elm updates its stock often with unique, high-quality lighting options. Their lighting selections include some quirky, contemporary designs. West Elms’s extensive inventory includes an impressive selection of ceiling lights. Also, the vast inventory has sconces, pendants, chandeliers, lamps, and ceiling fans.

9. Lumens (YLighting)

Since merging with Lumens, YLighting has increased its selection of upscale ceiling lighting. Also, they have added other designer brands to their portfolio.

Their lighting designer brands include Knoll, Herman Miller, Pablo Designs, and hundreds more. Also, you can find a feature called “Ideas and Inspirations.” This feature allows visualization of a particular fixture’s appearance in a specific space.

10. Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation, a division of West Elm brands, has lights in a traditional style with a modern touch. Also, restored antique pieces can often be in inventory or custom-made lighting. Although their pricing may be high, their lighting products are of high quality.

11. Anthropologie

If you are looking for unique lighting designs, Anthropologie is the place to visit. This upscale retailer has many lighting fixtures that can double as art pieces. Their eclectic designs add depth to any room by making unique, bold statements.

Although the prices can be high, their unique appearance can make it worth the price. With their individual, bold statements, Anthropologie lights can enhance any room.

12. Shades of Light

The upscale retailer Shades of Light has an expansive line of designer lights. Among the brands are ED Ellen Degeneres, Justina Blakeney, and Magnolia Homes.

Shades of Light has an extensive range of styles with varying price points. Searching for a specific light on their site is an easy shopping process by style or inspiration.

13. AllModern Lighting

The Scandinavian company, AllModern, has stylish lighting with a minimal yet modern design. A Wayfair company, AllModern, markets curated lighting pieces.

Their lights are designed by some of the most famous designers in the lighting industry. The designs are part of a lighting collection that can carry forth throughout the home. Also, their lighting solutions are often very affordable for quality lighting.

These retailers have an excellent selection of ceiling lights:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to commonly asked questions about ceiling lights.

Are ceiling lights easy to install?

The ease of installing ceiling lights will depend on your existing lighting situation. If you are simply replacing an existing fixture, then the process is relatively easy since the junction boxes and wiring are already in place. However, if you are installing ceiling lighting where no such lighting exists, you will need to make an opening in the ceiling and then install the wiring, junction boxes, switch plates, and other necessary components. It is also important to note whether or not you have access to the attic space. Once you have assessed the situation, the installation requires simply following the installation instructions that come with your fixture.

Are LED ceiling lights dimmable?

Not all LED lights are dimmable. Read the product specifications on the LED bulb packaging to determine whether or not the bulb is dimmable. Also, be aware of the type of dimmer you have. Older household dimmers, called leading edge dimmers, were made for incandescent lightbulbs and may not be compatible with LED lights.

What are flush-mounted ceiling lights?

Flush-mounted ceiling lights are any light fixture whose base and lighting components are mounted flush or directly to the ceiling without any gaps or extensions. A common style among flush-mounted ceiling lights is a dome-shaped light.

What are recessed ceiling lights?

Recessed ceiling lights are lights that are installed inside the ceiling in a housing unit that is sometimes called a canister. The housing unit installs above the ceiling line with a visible trim that is flush with the ceiling and may be decorative. The light from the bulb will shine directly downward. Recessed lights are also known as can lights and downlights.

Can ceiling lights be used on walls?

Not all ceiling lights are compatible for wall mounting. The weight and the heat emitted from the fixture need to be considered. It is important to read the instructions and warranty of the ceiling light before considering a wall installation. A wall mount may void the warranty and be considered an incorrect installation.

How long do LED ceiling lights last?

If you are considering moving the LED ceiling lights, you can expect them to last up to 500% longer than the traditional light bulb. This means you can get 18 to 22 years out of most LED ceiling lights. This is a much longer lifespan than other bulbs that counted their lifespan in hours. 

Why do my ceiling lights flicker? Buzz?

If you dim your LED ceiling lights and they start to flicker, this means that the LED light is sending signals to reduce the output of the light through short currents. This vibration creates the buzzing or humming sounds that you hear. If you have an LED light that is not meant to be dimmed, this is a significant problem because it will not stop. 

Why don’t hotels have ceiling lights?

If you have visited a hotel lately, you may have been looking for lighting options. Most hotel rooms avoid putting lights on the ceiling. This is because they have too many to maintain and they are not as readily accessible as other light fixtures. 

Are lamps better than ceiling lights?

Lamps are not necessarily better than ceiling lights because an area can still be dark even without them. However, lamps have the flexibility to move easier and can be changed to fit lighting preferences. Ceiling lights have to be replaced completely. 

Can you paint ceiling light fixtures? How about with spray paint?

If you have a ceiling light fixture that you want to keep, but you want a different color, then spray paint will come to the rescue. Ceiling light fixtures need at least two coats of paint when they are removed and taped off. After the second coat of paint dries, check it for any runs in the paint, and then reinstall when you are satisfied with your fixture. Spray paint comes in a variety of options so you can paint a plastic or metal light fixture easily. 

How low can ceiling lights be?

Ceiling lights can be as low as you want them or tight and form-fitting to the ceiling. Rooms with low ceilings do not need low-hanging ceiling lights because it makes the room appear smaller. In these areas, you want to have ceiling lights as compacted as possible. In a room with a large ceiling, you can let them hang a little lower, but you do not want them to be too low. Keep them at least eight feet from the ground so no one is bumping their head. 

Are there battery-powered ceiling lights?

There are ceiling lights that are portable and work on battery power. These lights are convenient for folks who need to change up the lighting in an area or want to add them to lighting that is already installed in the ceiling. They give you the option to turn the light off and on, as well as many come with the ability to dim or brighten the light to your preference.