80 Master Bathrooms with Chandelier Lighting (Photos)

Some of these bathrooms with a chandelier are striking and you couldn't imagine the design with out the chandelier as the main light. Very interesting.
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Isn’t that chandelier in the all-white bathroom above gorgeous?  I have to admit I never thought a chandelier in a bathroom could make the room, but in this example (and others below in our bathroom chandelier gallery), they do make the room.

What’s interesting about the chandelier in the above bathroom is it’s a more formal type of chandelier set in a fairly casual bathroom design.  The juxtaposition is striking.

Obviously there are alternative ceiling light options for the bathroom.  The chandelier is more the exception than the standard.  Enjoy our gallery (be sure to bookmark this page as well as our main bathroom gallery because we’re adding new designs all the time).

Photo Gallery

Designed by: Simutin Design

Designed by: 2e Architects

Designed by: Ganna Design

Source: Trulia

Is the chandelier common in bathrooms?

Not traditionally and it’s still not the main type of light, but it is growing in popularity especially with the design of smaller chandeliers that don’t hang down so far.

The distinction between pendant lights and chandeliers is narrowing as pendant lights become more elaborate (i.e. island styles) and as chandeliers become more simple in design.

Where are bathroom chandeliers located?

Typically they’re placed in the center of the room.  This requires that they not hang down too far so you definitely want to stick with a single tier chandelier.  Fortunately, there shallow chandelier options that are wider than they are long.

What’s the most popular bathroom light style?

It’s a mix between recessed lighting and wall sconces above the vanity.  Flush-mount ceiling lights are also common.  Today’s contemporary bathroom designs use a combination of recessed lights and wall sconces mounted above the basins.

Formal vs. Casual?

Should you go the traditional formal chandelier or something more casual and contemporary?  There isn’t a set rule.  Formal and fancy can look fabulous in a more casual bathroom.  Same thing with a more casual, contemporary chandelier can look great in a more formal, traditional bathroom design.  It boils down to what you want the light to do to the room design-wise.  Do you want the light to dress it up or dress it down?

Where to buy bathroom chandeliers

Remember to choose one that’s not very long unless you have an extraordinary tall ceiling, which isn’t too common.  Retailers with plenty of options include:

1. 1800Lighting.com

2. Amazon.com

3. Wayfair.com

4. Homedepot.com

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