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Product Type: Top 10 Wall Sconces

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Benefits of Wall Sconces

When it comes to interior lighting, and in some instances, exterior lighting, there is no shortage of options. One option that shouldn’t be overlooked is wall sconces. They may not seem like an obvious choice when weighing your options, but there are several distinct benefits to brightening up rooms with wall sconces.

Useful In Any Room: There’s no such thing as a bad place to hang a light on the wall. From small areas like hallways, stairs, and entranceways to large bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens, you can put a wall sconce anywhere you want and it’ll look natural while serving a purpose.

Energy Efficient: Energy efficiency is becoming more and more important with regard to lighting. The beauty of these pieces is while they may not provide an exorbitant amount of light, they also don’t add much to your electricity bills. With the right wall fixture, you’ll get only as much as you’ll need, reducing the energy you use as well as your energy costs.

Adds Decoration: These fixtures come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles that whatever one you choose is bound to serve as a source of light and a decoration in your home. Whatever theme or motif you have for a particular room, odds are there’ll be something that will fit your wall perfectly.

Factors To Consider for Wall Sconces

Buying a wall sconce is not necessarily the easiest purchase you’ll ever make. There are a number of factors that must be considered to ensure you end up buying the right one.

The Room: The type of sconce you’ll buy will likely depend on where you plan to put it. The type of piece you’ll put in an entryway is probably going to be different from the type of one that’s meant for a bathroom. With details like color and style, the room where it’s going will matter.

Practicality: You’ll obviously buy something that looks good in whatever room it’s being placed at all times. But there will be times when you actually need to use it for light. You’ll want to make sure it’ll supply enough light or plan on buying multiple fixtures.

Up or Down: Most wall fixtures will either be up-facing or down-facing, and there’s a difference between the two. Down-facing tends to work best for task lighting while up-facing pieces provide more illumination. There are also some that feature both up-facing and down-facing, which work in certain settings like hallways or other spaces without much furniture.

Our List of 10 Top-Notch Wall Sconces

1. Glenford 2-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Modern & Contemporary

Design: Tall and thin wall fixture with both up and down facing lights.

There’s no need to decide between an up-facing or down-facing light with this charming two-light piece. It’s tall and thin appearance grab some attention, both other than that this fixture is fairly innocuous. Of course, that means it’ll blend in well with almost any kind of decor style. There’s also the option of a chrome or copper bronze finish, giving you some flexibility.

While such a classic looking fixture can go just about anywhere, the bathroom may be the most useful location for it. Having two lights makes it perfect near a vanity mirror, giving you the illumination necessary to see both close up and at a distance.

2. Byrnes 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Traditional

Design: Sleek wall piece with a cone-shaped glass shade.

Some say basic and boring while others say traditional and effective. There are no frills to this one, but it has a contemporary design and should fit with any kind of home decor. It’s a small and simple fixture, but it’s sturdy and will provide the illumination you need through a cone-shaped shade that’s made of glass.

If you have white or gray walls and want something that looks classy without drawing a ton of attention, this is it. In homes young or old and in dining rooms or bathrooms, this particular item is a smart and safe choice.

3. St. Helens 1-Light Sconce

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Style: Glam

Design: A tall and thin fixture with a light at the top.

It’s difficult to be both simple and elegant, but this piece pulls it off easily. It’s simply a tall and thin arm with a light at the top, yet it looks so graceful. It comes in either gold or silver, either of which is a fine choice depending on the decor and wall color where you plan on placing it.

If you have a chandelier that’s either silver or gold, a couple of these in the same room would act as the perfect complement. It would be far less shiny and gaudy than the chandelier, so you wouldn’t have to worry about it being a distraction. Of course, even on their own, the St Helens would be perfect in a dining room, living room, or hallway.

4. Bouvet 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Cottage/Country

Design: Wall fixture with bronze finish and metal bulb cage.

Technically, there’s no reason to keep a bulb in a cage, but somehow it makes sense with this one. It will work best with an Edison bulb, and so it won’t be too bright. However, the cage is a cool twist that’s instantly noticeable and goes perfectly with an urban or industrial motif.

Obviously, the cage isn’t going to work with everything, so maybe you don’t want to add this piece to your elegant dining room. On the other hand, it’ll definitely add some character to whatever room you put it.

5. Barleria 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Cabin/Lodge

Design: Light with a cylindrical shade made of glass.

You’ll get just a little bit of ambiance from this wall fixture. But to be fair, it’s on the wall for its looks and not because it brightens up a room. The shade is a cylinder of glass that looks amazing up close. That’s on top of the rustic, chic look the Aspen bronze finish provides.

If you have a stairway or a small corner that may only need a little bit of illumination, this item may provide the perfect amount while also adding to the look and feel of a room. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to use them purely as decor. Putting one or two in a hallway or over the fireplace may be the best place to hang a fixture with this much character.

6. Waucoba 1-Light Swing Arm

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Style: Industrial

Design: Wall fixture with tapered shade and adjustable arm.

This piece is a little less about looks and more about practicality. The tapered shade can help you focus light on wherever you need it. More importantly, the adjustable arm helps you move it in different directions and different angles. That kind of flexibility can be invaluable at times. There’s also a switch on the fixture itself, which isn’t always the case.

In terms of appearance, it’s not the most glamorous piece ever made. But there are several options for the finish, so you can select the one that fits your existing color scheme best. The Waucoba would be ideal in the bedroom in place of a desk lamp, but it could also fit well in a living room or home office.

7. Glenshane 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Tropical

Design: Aluminum fixture with fabric shade and pineapple embellishment.

This piece personifies elegance without being gaudy. The pineapple embellishment under the shade is pure class and tasteful in any setting. The Surrey shade only adds to that. On top of that, the finish is a choice among pearl bronze, antique nickel, and burnished bronze, and at least one of them is bound to take your breath away.

With a fixture this elegant yet casual, the possibilities are endless. It would work well in a bedroom, living room, or even a vanity in the bathroom. This fixture will add a touch of class to any room.

8. Bendooragh 2-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Mid-Century Modern

Design: Simple two-light wall fixture with modern design.

This is just a simple yet chic wall sconce with two lights to give you plenty of illumination. It’s easy to hang on the wall either horizontally or vertically, so it offers some flexibility as well. The large glass globes will help to add plenty of brightness and a cool, modern look to any room.

9. Edenvale 1-Light Armed Sconces

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Style: Coastal

Design: Small but stylish wall fixture.

There’s nothing particularly special about this chic item, and that’s why it’s the perfect fit for any room. It doesn’t take up too much space, and with the choice of antique bronze, antique nickel, or legacy brass for the finish, it’ll be easy to find a home for this fixture.

The quality is unquestionable; it’s just a matter of where you want it. Over the kitchen sink, above the bathroom mirror, and even outside on the deck are all great choices; you can’t go wrong!

10. Bozeman 1-Light Wall Sconce

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Style: Rustic

Design: Wall sconce with shade depicting a scene from nature.

Obviously, this piece isn’t going to work in every house. But for a cabin or any wilderness themed room, it’s a must-have item. No, it’s not classy or elegant in the traditional sense, but you can’t deny that it’s a beautiful fixture. The quality is also second to none. Anywhere in your cabin is a great place for the Bozeman, but placing it right by the fireplace would be absolutely perfect.