10+ Foyer Designs with Pendant Lights (Photos)

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Of course if you include chandeliers in foyers, many foyers and entry halls have pendant lights (chandeliers are technically pendant lights, but usually placed in their own category within ceiling lights).

When we set out to create this gallery without chandeliers and instead include only the more narrow definition of pendant lights, the number of examples and photos is a lot less.  In fact, it’s surprising how few we could come up with.

After all, in my view a foyer is a great candidate for pendants because often the ceiling is higher up so dropping them down a bit still leaves plenty of overhead space.

To that end, here is our gallery.  FYI, we add to our galleries every day so in time this too will grow with more examples.

Photo Gallery

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Rustic brown foyer featuring stone brick walls, wooden vintage furniture and a twisted tree trunk for a column.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

Rustic foyer with beam ceiling, wooden front door, stone brick accent wall, small windows and a pair of built-in bench seating facing each other.

Large Rustic foyer with stone brick walls, wooden double front doors and tile flooring.

Source: Zillow DigsTM

White Midcentury foyer with shed ceiling, pendant lighting, a large mirror and black ceramic tile flooring.


by First Lamp - More

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Elegant large Midcentury foyer with beam ceiling, paper lantern pendant lighting and glazed walls and front door.

Photo by - More

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Midcentury foyer with beam ceiling, white walls and built-in shelving on gray brick accent wall for display and storage.

Photo by Lume Photography - Search

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Midcentury foyer with 2-story ceiling and glazed walls where the straight staircase can be easily seen from the outside.

Photo by building Lab, inc. - Look

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Small Scandinavian foyer with white walls, black front doors, a bench and ceramic tile flooring.


by Homegirl Renovation Management + Design - Discover entryway design ideas

Scandinavian foyer with white walls and pendant lighting.

Photo by Mailen Design - Look

for entryway design inspiration

Scandinavian foyer with white walls, black front door, wall lights and ceramic tile flooring.


by Homegirl Renovation Management + Design - More

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Small Scandinavian foyer with white walls, pendant lighting and black hardwood flooring.

Photo by Alexander White - Look

for entryway design inspiration

Large Industrial white foyer with shed ceiling, skylights, pendant lighting and concrete flooring.

Photo by Alexis Pichot

Photographe - Browse

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Industrial foyer with dark rust beam ceiling, pendant lighting, white walls and medium tone hardwood flooring.

Photo by - Browse

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Gray Asian foyer with crown molding, ornate table lamps and console table and a terracotta soldier sculptural display standing on terracotta tile flooring.
Asian foyer with wood double front doors, a dresser cabinet with mirror beside a high back chair and terracotta flooring.

Where to Buy Pendant Lights for Your Bathroom

Here’s a good selection of online retailers.

Are pendant lights good for foyers?

Yes, they are fantastic, especially if the ceiling is tall, which is pretty typical for entry areas in two story homes.  And I’m not talking about the chandelier style either.  In fact, in there are specific “foyer style” pendant lights.

Why are they so good?  Because they need only illuminate a small area, which a foyer typically is and the space usually benefits from decorative light fixtures that fills the tall, open space.  There’s something nice about entering the home and being welcomed by a gorgeous lighting element in what is otherwise a typically fairly bare space.

If, however, you have a regular height ceiling, flush-mount ceiling light or recessed lights may be best.  Wall mounts can also look great too… in fact you can always add one or two wall mounts regardless of which type of ceiling lights you have.

What types of pendant lights are best for foyers?

While you can get a “foyer pendant” light, many types, materials and styles will work.  For instance, cluster pendants are one of my favorites because it’s a dynamic looking fixture and when the cluster is suspended a slightly different heights it creates an interesting look.  Clusters aren’t great when a linear lighting solution is needed such as along an island in the kitchen.  But when illuminating a single space, the cluster look is terrific.

However, the best option really boils down to the style of your home and fortunately you can find a pendant light style for almost any interior design style.

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