25+ Master Bedrooms with Flush & Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights (Photos)

Photo gallery featuring master bedroom designs with ceiling flush and semi-flush mount lights. All bedroom styles shown as example with many light fixture designs.
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Master bedroom with flushmount ceiling light.

If pendant lights or a chandelier doesn’t work in your master bedroom due to ceiling height, flush and semi-flush mount ceiling lights are a good option.

These can be nicely complemented with recessed lighting.

It’s important not to undermine your choice of ceiling lights in all rooms.  The light fixture makes a huge a difference to the room.  In fact, your light fixture choice can dramatically enhance a room’s design, especially your master bedroom.

Photo Gallery

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Where to buy flush mount lights

Here’s a good list of online retailers that sell a wide array of these types of ceiling lights:

Semi-Flush mount vs. Ceiling Fan Lights

Technically, a ceiling fan light is also a semi-flush mount light by way of design except it has a fan attached to it, but generally accepted ceiling light categorization separates these two ceiling light types.  I think distinguishing the two makes sense because a person looking for a ceiling fan light is really looking for something different than a simple ceiling light.

Likewise, someone looking for a semi-flush mount light may not want a fan attached to it.

Semi-flush mount vs. Flush mount Ceiling Lights

The difference is pretty obvious.  A pure flush mount’s light shade is flush to the ceiling, whereas a semi-flush mount’s shade edge has space between it and the ceiling surface.

Semi-flush vs. Pendant

Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish these two types of ceiling lights.  However, a pendant suspends from the ceiling with a cord or chain so it can swing, whereas a semi-flush mount light cannot swing.  Usually pendant drop down further than a semi-flush mount light.

Are flush mount lights popular in master bedrooms?

They aren’t terribly popular.  Recessed lights and lamps are more popular.  That said, flush mounts are common in guest and kids’ bedrooms.

The reason is that flush mount lights aren’t the most sophisticated light fixture. They’re generally pretty simple, although semi-flush mounts can be a bit more elegant.  The more common options in master bedrooms are recessed lights, table lamps and wall lights.

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